Site Status: Upgrades & More Promises to Break

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I normally do this meta bullshit at the start of the season, but since I skipped out then, now seems like a good alternative.

Rebel Up

Apparently fully integrating webms into the polldays caused Crymore to run slower than a paraplegic without a wheelchair. So I had two options: use Youtube videos or upgrade.

…I chose the more sustainable, less ugly path.

Servers for the server god

Site’s now SSD-based with specs up 25%-50% across the board. I’m expecting a noticeable improvement for y’all, so let me know if things are still dragging and I’ll throw money at the issue until it goes away. The only performance issues on Crymore should be my own.




My 2hu avvy was only ever a placeholder for this season — I bet you feel so tricked. Welcome to best girl of a show I hope you never watched.

Mushibugyo - Hibachi



State of the Whiners

If you took State of the Crymore v2 seriously, I’m a bit worried about what you’ve been getting out of this site. No, I haven’t canceled my fansub review plans; in fact this post is partly about them.

Nue is literally my favorite anime

Enough of you got the post that I’m not worried about any literary failings on my end, but those of you who were like “oh my wow isn’t this the same post as last time and why are you so mean now screw you dark-jerk” set off alarm bells.

Protip: I put jokes/explanations in the image URLs and the tags. Beyond those hints, if a post ever throws you for a loop, I’m probably just being extremely sarcastic. Never assume the worst, as I’m the best.



A Note About Comparisons


Now that I’ve posted DanMachi’s, it makes sense to give y’all a brief overview of what they’re all about. Though I think they’re pretty self-explanatory, so I won’t be giving them any particular attention beyond this post, unless I get feedback otherwise.

Expect to see these for releases with 3+ real options. Note that if a release really bombs, it will still be in-scope for my standard fansub reviews.



  • Should allow me to put out the equivalent of more reviews faster (not notably though, since we’re still talking about me here).
  • Allows for a slightly more detailed look at official releases.
  • One-stop shop — no need to read 2+ full reviews when you’re just looking for what release to watch for a show, since they’ll all be covered in one post.



  • Less of a detailed look at the releases. There’s only so much time I can expect you to spend on a post, so my insights will have to be more broad than usual.
  • I may miss one-off mistakes (e.g. timing or encode-related) because I won’t be watching each release fully. Rather, I’ll be watching one or two all the way through, doing a few minutes of the other releases, then comparing the scripts — heavily.
  • Timestamps will no longer be included in the images. But since some of you apparently don’t even read the tags, I don’t imagine this will be a huge issue.


Since these are going to be a staple for this season at least, I am going to be relying on you to make them as useful as possible. So if you’ve got any feedback, I would absolutely love to hear it. (“Fix the text” is about all I’ve got on the list for now.)



+2:30 AM Hype

That’s all I’ve got. Time to break all those promises I said I would~

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  1. Now i am curious, what anime is the girl in your new avatar?
    Not been following the seasons for a while, just going through a giant backlog.

      • Oddly, I don’t seem to get the alt tags here. I get them on other sites, so I’m not sure why they’re missing here. There seems to be some scripting effect instead that underlines them like the text links, going away on mouseover. Until I figure it out, I guess I’ll have to remember to check the URLs.


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