Manga vs. Anime: Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry

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Another victory for literacy.


Oh, the Humanity~

Even though the basic story is stupid generic, you can tell with the manga that the author cared about this thing, cuz the characters actually interact with each other.


Whereas with the anime, you’re basically getting two cardboard cutouts that may happen to share dialogue in the same frame.

This is the same scene as the one I posted from the manga.
This is the same scene as the one I posted from the manga. Lot of fucking emotion there.

And don’t expect anything like the following in the anime:


No, anything that makes the characters somewhat endearing isn’t serious enough. Christ, the director for this shit was responsible for Watamote, Negima!?, and Baka to Test. What the fuck happened?



Characterization – MC-kun

It’s funny, cuz even though the MC became this buff, standard everyhero in the anime, he still comes out the worse for it by virtue of having any character nuance stripped away.

Here’s just a bit of the background given to him in the manga:


Rakudai-Never giving up

And what does the anime give us in regards to his motivation and history?

Give up

Four seconds of nothing, translated by an idiot.



Characterization – Onee-san


The onee-san chainsmokes like a construction worker in the manga. Even though smoking sucks or whatever, you have to admit it does look cool as fuck. Manga wins.



Characterization – Stella

Honestly, couldn’t even tell you what separates anime Stella from every other red-haired mega-bitch of the past few years.

You could tell me this screenshot wasn't from Rakudai and I'd believe you 100%.
You could tell me this screenshot wasn’t from Rakudai and I’d believe you 100%.

It seems her only purpose is to serve as a tsundere checkbox on the real hero‘s to-do list.

Vermillion plz
“Welp, guess I gotta suck his dick now.”

In the manga she actually serves as a main character, with personality and more consideration given to her background than a two-line flashback.

Stella's Background

Now, I don’t want to give the impression that the manga is some literary masterpiece with great characters and a lack of paint-by-numbers Japanese sexism, but it sure as fuck is 100x better at humanity than the anime is.



Fap/Schlick Material


Fine, anime. You can have this one.





While the scanlation is as shit as most scanlations are, it should take you significantly less time to read the manga than watch the anime. So by virtue of having less contact with the cancer, the scanlations win this round.




This is how the manga ended the introduction arc:


And here’s how it got animated:


Fuck everyone involved with the Rakudai anime, and may their families die terrible deaths.


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    • Yeah, but an LN vs Anime article would be boring.

      Not like it matters much anyway, since the manga was a straight adaptation and the anime just seems to be doing its own thing.

    • I may regret saying this, but LN->manga adaptions are usually better than LN->anime ones. (Exceptions may apply, i.e. Fullmetal Panic)

  1. Caught up on the manga several months ago, haven’t gotten around to watching the first episode yet. Should just I skip it?

  2. I’m afraid this is an apples and oranges comparison: the manga and LN are titled Rakudai Kishi no Chivalry, and the anime you compare it to, while similar in all its red-hair-tsundere-magic-school glory, is Rakudai Kishi no *Cavalry*…


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