Sakura-Con 2016 Hype – Meme Crew Reveal + Press Leaks

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Oh baby, it’s hype time!


Yeah, it starts tomorrow. I sorta left this till last minute.
Yeah, it starts tomorrow. I sorta left this till last minute.


The (Initial) Meme Crew


Like Katamari, once we start rolling we’re liable to pick others up.


And speaking of, if you wanna hang with us (okay, let’s be honest — hang with me), feel free to reach out on Twitter. Or, if you want something more intimate, you can also catch me @ darksagerk at gmail dot com. I promise you far more than you’ve ever dreamed of.



The Schedule


We’ll be doing the standard conventure: AMVs, Karaoke Contest, asking Undertale cosplayers what anime they’re from, and getting drunk on pocky highballs… Most of you should know the process by now.

But if you’re bored and wanna check the schedule, I will take any coverage suggestions/recommendations into account.



Press Status

It’s journalism time.

In the latest email from the Sakuracon press account, the top press dev forgot that bcc and cc were different, so the entire list of 95 approved press members was released.


Here’s some fun pulls of sites that qualified for press, managing to somehow escape Sakura-Con’s rigorous approval process.



Fever-Ent's latest update.
Fever-Ent’s latest update.

Fever-Ent claims to be a site conglomeration business, but if you look at the blogs they claim to be responsible for, each of them are defunct.


One can only imagine the quality of the coverage they’ll be providing.


Back Beat Seattle


Your #1 source for white people in failing Seattle bands. And, no, not much else.


Trout Manfalcon (fix’d)

With a name like that I guess you've got no choice but to call yourself an artist

This is just a guy’s fucking resume. What the fuck?


Geekly Gaming

L o L


Oh, and there’s more (if you like screencaps of spreadsheets)

Spoiler for


Makes you wonder when the Aniblog contest will resume, huh?


Other than AnimeNewsNetwork, Crymore is the only blog that has any comments on any article, or any fucking readership at all. Which is kind of pathetic considering the lack of effort I’ve been able to put into the site recently. Come on guys, try harder.

So I guess the takeaway is: create some shitty blog (it can apparently be about anything), email [email protected], and get on this gravy train. Nothing like a free pass to the best anime con in the world. (Please don’t let us down, 2016, my sagey heart couldn’t handle it.)

15 thoughts on “Sakura-Con 2016 Hype – Meme Crew Reveal + Press Leaks”

  1. I’m surprised none of these sites are covering the superiority of vegan food. It’s about as anime related as 70% of the other press members…

  2. Just noticed my Twitter is wrong there.
    @shcboomer -> @shcboomer instead of @schboomer

    I actually talked to some of these people at the con. Let’s just say I wasn’t impressed with the stuff I heard.

    Things like:
    “I haven’t written in years, but getting a free pass is sweet.”
    “Yeah, Sakura-con doesn’t check anymore. I haven’t written in years.”
    “I get a pass every year even though my site no longer works.”

    I wish I was making this up.

  3. where is part 2 of season preview at?

    how can i decide what to watch without you ds

    cheers from the future (australia)


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