DAE Le Anime Died in 1999?

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Anime in the 21st century is so problematic.


Great Post, Great Opinions

As a true hardcore anime fan, I get all my cultural enrichment from Cartoon Network, Disney XD, and grocery store bargain-bin DVDs. So it triggers me when I see people talking about series I haven’t seen. I mean it’s basically an attack on my quirky character and I did not die my hair purple to deal with this shit.

Yeah I am, deal with it

But as an intellectual, smart, cool, & hilarious yet-somehow-always-fucking-friendzoned redditor, it is my duty to overwrite any given group’s thoughts with groupthink. And as such, here are The Best Animes of All Time.


The Best Animes of All Time:

Heh, these aren't your grandma's cartoons. Get it?
Heh, these aren’t your grandma’s cartoons. Am I right??
  1. Ghost in the Shell
    • What a masterpiece
  2. All movies made by Mr. Ghibli-san
    • What masterpieces
  3. Akira
    • A masterpiece of subtle allegory
  4. Ninjas Scrolls
    • Nothing like that kiddie ninja anime One Piece, Ninjas Scrolls is deep and adult, like me
    • Also it is a masterpiece

You want more information on why these are good? Trite, fallacious appeals not doing it for ya? Well I’m not fucking here to educate you, okay? Take your dose of approved thought and move on.


Not quite masterpiece tier:

if it doesn't look like this, it isn't good
if it doesn’t look like this, it isn’t good

Anything Satoshi Kon, Hosoda Mamoru, or Makoto Shinkai has done. No I can’t think of any titles at this moment but I sincerely love all their almost-masterpieces. Just wish they had made these movies in the right fucking century, the fucking shitlords.




If you see anyone telling you to watch films like Colorful, Sword of the Stranger, or Little Witch Academia instead of shit that stopped being relevant two decades ago, just remember I’m more popular online so they’re wrong.

Kiki x Totoro 4 Life *^_^*
Kiki x Totoro 4 Life *^_^*

Now, what about anime series, you ask? Oh you silly, those are called mangas. (And the best one is Cowboy Bebop.)

11 thoughts on “DAE Le Anime Died in 1999?”

  1. >If you see anyone telling you to watch films like Colorful

    The 90s TV series is a classic, however. I’m sure the 2010 film remake is a poor imitation.

  2. Why did you pick 1999? Why not another year such as 2000, the actual last year of the 20th century.
    Why the fuck doesn’t anyone realize this?

    Apart from that great post.


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