Anime Weekend Atlanta 2016 – Day 1 – Thursday

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Fall 2016 preview post up next. Then off to the con for Friday shenanigans.


Day 1 Guests of Honor:





Normally, Thursdays qualify as con events. But AWA is officially a four-day con, so they had shit going all day. Thus, it’s totes in-scope for dragging out into a full post. Lucky~


6:00 Annual AMV Editor Feast at the Cheesecake Factory


Absolutely in. The prospect of meeting a bunch of AMV editors was… Well, I’m gonna be straight, it wasn’t terribly enticing.

But you give me an offer to hang with 50 random nerds from a scene I have no interest in being a part of, and… boy, what reasonable gambler could say no to that shit?

Time to roll the dice~


For how the dinner went… Look, I’m a goddamn reporter, and the truth must get out. AMV editors are fucking weird.


  • Everyone was friendly and smiling, almost like there weren’t any deep-seated regrets or grudges that had torn away at the core of their moral beings for years
  • None of them appeared to care how popular Crymore was 10 years ago
  • I was the only person who took a picture of their food
These people…

Think I’m gonna stick to the ever-dwindling fansub scene after this. Never knowing whether I’m gonna get blown or blown away keeps things interesting.

Special shoutout to top nee-san Celia for downing two Long Islands over the course of ten minutes. If I ain’t coughing up blood & wine on Friday night, I’m gonna say you won alcoholic of the con. (gl with that, though.)


8:30 Badge pickup

Said goodbye to Celia & crew, and met up with my boy Darais. Since I apparently missed the press pass registration deadline, I had to register for the con like a pleb.

Dirty normal badge. Had to take a shower after this.
Dirty normal badge. Had to take a shower after this.


9:00 Walkcon/Explorecon


After I got my badge, I asked Darais what most people did on Thursday night. He then dejectedly pointed me toward a large gathering area with anorexic 17-year-olds in 10-dollar dresses standing around while fat guys with giant cameras made their ancestors cry.

Since we fit neither core con demographic, it was exploration time. Darais and I hit up pretty much every door that could possibly lead to an adventure.

Hell, we found a portal to the past while we were at it.
Hell, we found a portal to the past while we were at it.

Surprisingly we only got yelled at by staff once, when we tried going into a dimly lit, sketch-as-fuck corridor. If I had to take a guess, I’d say that’s where the annual orgy is. Either way, Darais, we are 100% going back there sometime this weekend. As a true detective, I owe it to the readers.


10:00 The Roast of Celia Phantomhive

Hot fire
Hot fire

I went because I said I would. As it is with every nerd-run comedy effort, when your social circle is twice as inbred as the royal family, the audience is likely in for some cringe. Know why good standup routines don’t consist entirely of in-jokes that apply to maybe 10 people in the audience?

Yeah, uhh… Boy. Sorry Celia, but I feel less shame jerking off to Love Live gifs than I did watching your pals’ standup comedy.


So I did. A lot.



Con impressions so far:

  • Branding is on point.
    • awacon_2016_-_banner
  • Gaming room, less so
    • awacon_2016_-_gaming_room
  • This may be the most casual clientele I’ve ever seen at an anime con, and I went to fucking Momocon.


Look, I’ll give the con a chance, but with panels like this getting approved


I am reasonably certain it’ll be enough for me to write Atlanta off forever. And I ain’t saying that’s a bad thing.

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