Fansub Review: [Bakemono] Trickster (Episode 02)

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The real monster is fansubbing itself.


A lesson in how not to edit.

It’s gotta take a lot of effort to make a script this much worse than the official release, but these guys make it look so easy.

And I’ll look down and whisper “no”.




What is love?


“A charge”? Yeah, can’t imagine bake’s editor will ever find out.



I doubt they ever went


In the image of the Bakemono devs themselves, all meaning has been stripped away.



Yeah, I want it, but no I don’t need it


If the grammar police existed, I’d hope this editor really liked Skittles.



Pretty sure last episode had the guy in question investigating, Bakemono


This release is the perfect example of how some people need to swallow gravel till it corrects the mistake of their existence.



Papers please


Papers? They’re death threats. Just because they’re on paper doesn’t mean they’re “papers” anymore than being on welfare makes the bakemono staff “wellfarers”.



God helps those who don’t download bakemono


You know bakemono, I’ve heard your cries for help both on your site and in your subs. Since you apparently can’t afford it, I will buy you that bottle of bleach you’ve been looking for. Go and fulfill the only purpose your life ever had.

Oh, and livestream it so I can finally jerk off to something 3d. It’s been about two years since even Iiniku could do anything for me.



I’m getting a raging clue myself right now


Bakemono’s editor must have Hillary-tier Parkinson’s cuz this shit is all over the place. Hope they join a bomb defusal squad soon.



Highschool of the Retarded


Protip, shitnuts: Aegisub has a spellcheck function.




This is an even more context-barren failure of English than JK Rowling


At this point, they’ve gotta just be making shit up for attention. I like to believe the best of people, and the alternative would just be too sad.



“really not” right about sums up this release



I mean, it’s close. Good try, TLC. You just have to do it correctly next time. Or take a cement bath up to your neck. I would accept either of those.



Revolutionary change, huh? Like removing hereditary chronic illnesses from the picture?


When Mr. Rogers said everyone was special, he was clearly just hedging his bets for these sperglords.



Clean-hands Sage


May look like it reads bad here, but it’s even worse when you’re watching the show.



/r/ TLC


If neither your editor nor your TLC speaks English, maybe you shouldn’t have either of them on your fucking project.



That An-chan~


Come the fuck on now. We’re reaching levels of retard that shouldn’t be possible outside of reddit.



A fitting end


Christvomit. I think Jesus himself would return to Earth to perform abortions on the genetically unfit if he saw this was what laissez faire breeding has wrought.

Honestly, I have to half-blame this release on whatever crackwhore forgot to smother her kid when she saw how fucking deformed it was. Apparently not every hunchback ends up in a Disney film.






Watchability: Not quite there.

Visual grade: Script was so bad I didn’t even grab screenshots for this. (Other than the above.)

Script grade: Disq’d desu.

Overall grade: Straight Fail. These fuckers didn’t even earn a letter grade.

w e w

Essentially insatiable in their desire to somehow be worse at the English language than your standard fansub failstays such as Commie or WhyNot, I wouldn’t trust these guys to edit a fucking coloring book.

There is no timeline in which the dregs who staffed this release are not deserving of a painful, drawn-out death. My only regret is that I can’t drop in on every world thread in which justice is done.

tl;dr: Don’t watch this release. (Or this show, cuz that sucks too.)


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45 thoughts on “Fansub Review: [Bakemono] Trickster (Episode 02)”

  1. Well, I dropped this show because it sucks ass, so whatever. Those guys totally deserve 35$ :^).

    They were thinking of Highschool of the Dead, amirite?

    Fucking fansubs, can’t even improve an official translation. A lot of people are saying that commie’s Fune wo Amu release this season does not have meeemz, but I don’t care since I don’t trust those fuckers.

  2. After seeing the guy who pity QC’d their release on their site, I can’t wait for your Drifters review. At least, they seem like they are trying to improve themselves.

  3. But if u can tell this much why dont u join and help them as a editor?
    Dont u have time or u dont want to help them.
    Shall i tell u why.
    Because u r cartel fuckers. atleast they r TLins their own for some shows.
    U r mentioning commie, which commie always does TLC CR.
    and which u and ur commie cartel suckers. If u dont like them doing just shut ur eggs and pen and fuk urself.
    But i also agree that there r editing mistakes.
    Show also the other mistakes done by other team.
    Just giving green status to teams who just started and who suck like for example torn 1234 EG Commie etc.,
    u and u cartel suckers
    Ofufakku dark mage
    Ofufakku nyaa
    Ofufakku cartel group

  4. “High school” is a single lexical unit though, and if not for convention dictating it be written with a space, it would be universally regarded as a single word. The best proof of this is that people who have Canadian raising (which is most Americans and Canadians) will raise the vowel in “high” in “high school” so that it sounds like vowel sound in “price” and not the one in “pry”. When the /aɪ/ diphthong is followed by an unvoiced consonant, it turns into /ʌɪ/, but only if it doesn’t cross word boundaries. Compare “high school” to “high-priced”, which doesn’t have the raising.

    Basically, Bakemono is just being progressive with their orthographic style and it’s all y’all who need to get with the times.

  5. I thought DS was drunk but apparently it’s the shitty CR licensing limitations.
    Thou DS might also be drunk, just not as much as I thought.


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