Code Geass: A Nunnally in Wonderland

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Despite having only dropped this OVA 5 minutes ago, I am 100% convinced it is the greatest example of cardboard cutouts slowly pushed across a screen since I did the same thing for a project in fifth grade.



Nunnally finds herself in a budget world of Alice in Wonderland or something. I’m not sure there’s much more to it.

Other than the homosex. But this is Geass so that almost goes without saying.




Proving that even cripples deserve love if they are anime girls, Nunnally takes center stage in this tale as her older brother’s precious 14-year-old cum rag.

And what a jizz mop she is~


Despite the title and Japan’s focus on ever-more-progressive fetishism, not just Nunnally appears in this Aesopian fable. Indeed, more series standbys receive prominent roles as whatever other Wonderland characters there are.

Such as Miss Pink Muffett.

See: whoever that girl is in the above picture. True, I may not remember her name, and may have thought at first that she was just a shitty C.C. recolor. But then I remembered that all female characters in Geass are just palette-swapped C.C. + irreconcilable emotional problems and worse haircuts. My memory ain’t shot just yet!




As everyone knows, a good anime must be dark, because maturity is directly tied to teenage angst. How else could a 27-year-old man justify tattooing a sharingan on his dick?

That is not a rhetorical question. I am legitimately asking you.


A Nunnally in Wonderland certainly fits the bill. Suffering existential crisis…

…after existential crisis…

…after actual crisis…

…Nunnally is put through the Carrollian ringer, as only a Brit could dream up. Or at least I assume, cuz it’s around this point I stopped paying attention and browsed Gamefaqs in another window to see if I could find any information that would justify purchasing a Nintendo Switch in my lifetime. (I couldn’t.)



Natural Progression

Like any red-blooded anime fan, as soon as I got to the point where I saw Karen’s fat ass raised smugly and angrily into the air like a European ojou-sama…


…my dick woke me up from the sleep-mode my body had coma’d me into for the past 3 minutes, and I immediately clicked from gfaqs over to nhentai to sate the tsukumogami in my cock.

Here’s a fact that you can tuck away in your brainbox: Hitler and I share more than just a (75%-ish) pure Aryan bloodline, we also both love Hugo Boss designs. So when I saw the cover on this one doujin, I was way down for some fashion frenzy:

Yet much to my surprise, C.C. did not spend the entire doujin in artisanal baking classes, and she never once espoused the ideals of design purity one would expect. Rather, she sucked the gay out of a morally conflicted Lelouch (redundant, I know) while Karen was tied up to a chair and forced to watch.

It was pretty hot.



Parting Notes

Anime is about more than just anime. It’s about the journeys they send you on through life. And I have to say, it felt like this OVA took me on a 10-minute trip to a hotel room in Thailand. Thus, I am excited to announce that Code Geass: A Nunnally in Wonderland has entered the hallowed ranks of Dark_Sage’s MyAnimeList-dot-com Top 5 List.


And no, there was no bamboozling in the intro.

You don’t need to complete an anime for it to complete you.

14 thoughts on “Code Geass: A Nunnally in Wonderland”

    • Yup, I judge series pretty heavily on their endings. Harmonie’s was perfect(ly fucked). Taking the movie solely as a vehicle to deliver that story, it was also the most “complete” anime I’ve ever seen.

      I would be sincerely surprised if I can find another movie that even comes close to it. I mean, I have Tales of Vesperia as my #2 and Colorful as my #3. Japan kinda sucks at film.

    • Uh… I mean, the interesting part was already adapted in S1. The manga sorta went to hell after that.

      Shit’s basically a guaranteed 9/10 for me, but I can’t be sure if I’ll even watch it.

  1. Oh man, I remember this OVA in particular, it was the reason I stopped watching OVAs for about 99% of the shows I watched, they hardly ever offer much.

    The cross-dressing OVA on the other hand, now that was some in-character acting I’ll never forget. For extra enjoyment you should watch it dubbed.


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