Cutie Panther: A Grim Yet Catchy Parable for the Rape of Nanking

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Designed primarily to parallel the atrocities visited upon the Chinese in the city of Nanjing, the musical stylings of Bibi put the groove back in groovy.

They may not have tails, but they definitely have a tale to tell.



Popping the Nanking Cherry

As hard as it may be for the Japanese to assume moral responsibility for the horrors their nation’s soldiers inflicted upon the Chinese during World War 2, it may be even harder for them to forget the trendy tunes of 2013’s breakout anime cd-original hit, Cutie Panther.

^ 2dsugoi edition



A Lyrical Analysis – Verse by Verse

These lines are meant to hook you. Much as the soldiers of the 10th drove hooks into the innocent civilians of the Republic of China’s then-capital. Someone call a fireman, amirite?


Verse 1:

(I’m gonna getcha)

Where are you going? There’s no point in trying to escape

Wherever you run, it won’t be far enough

Who are you taking with you?

Anyone but me simply will not do

As the residents of the city fled rape and murder, the Japanese army was not far behind. Razing the surrounding forests, and eventually the bodies of their victims, Japanese soldiers boldly redefined the definition of arson. #trendsetting


Verse 2:

So naive; with tools like that you will never escape

With the sneakiness of a ninja, I will set upon you from behind

I love you, so why won’t you love me back?

I love you, so loving me back is the right thing to do

Half-a-million unarmed children were slaughtered at the hands of a vicious Japanese army bent on corpse rape and other such bad things. But the noble Japanese didn’t forget the history of their samurai ancestors, so it’s not all bad.


Verse 3:

How many times must I say it? (Oh my, oh my)

If you’re going to resist, I will gladly watch you struggle (Que sorpresa)

I may be selfish, but my skillset justifies it

Cold words, yet a kind gaze, my prey is decidedly you

I’m a cutie panther, following you wherever you may go

I’ll steal your heart, just you watch

You will find yourself in love with my cutie panther swatch

While the actions of Unit 731 may be unforgivable, so too is rejecting a kouhai’s (Japan’s) pure love for her senpai (China-san). So, like, maybe history isn’t so cut-and-dry. Y’know?


Verse 4:


Eh… this is as far as I’ve analyzed the song. I’ve got srs bzns work in the morning. :<



Recurring Themes

Maneki neko.

In Japan, an o-panther-san is often worshipped as a bringer of good luck. Ironically, the bloodthirsty and inhumane actions brought upon the Chinese non-combatants of Nanjing by Geneva Convention-ignoring brutes were decidedly unlucky for said residents.



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Final Takeaway

There is, apparently, such a thing as too much liquor. RIP Morning_Sage.




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