Sakuracon 2017 Get Hype

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Best con, best boys, how could it go wrong?


Sakuracon 2017 (Seattle, WA)

20 years and they still haven’t dropped the hyphen. Gotta respect the commitment.



The Meme Crew v.2017

It’ll be like Danganronpa, except good, and with slightly less murder.

Most of us’ll be there 4/13-4/17. Gotta commit to best con accordingly.


In order of importance:

  1. Dark_Sage, @feedmeyourtears


In no particular order:


Other cool kids going:

Hmu on twitter or email me at [email protected] if you wanna hang/get added to the list.


…Also, I know I have like 5 other people who told me they were going, but I didn’t really keep track anywhere and now my memory’s failed me. So uhh, yeah, my b. Plz shoot me a reminder. <3



Events & Activities


There is no crueler fate than sobriety at a con. So expect some clean-cut ever-clear shenanigans.

We have a suite, and Make Anime Great Again hats, so expect it to be twice as classy as this.



We always commit at least 20 seconds to the rave before realizing we’re too old to grind on high schoolers, and leave in shame. But for those 20 seconds? We own that floor.

Watch out for my signature move, the Usagi Drop.



us irl

Panels are a great way to kill time when you realize you shouldn’t play walkcon for more than an hour. Here are some options I saw from a cursory glance at Guidebook:

  • “Underappreciated Anime You Should All Watch”
    • You know the people who unironically visit reddit? Yeah, that’s what everyone presenting this panel’s gonna smell like.
  • “Autism/Asperger’s Meetup”
    • Usually we find this happening outside of the panel rooms. At every time of the day. And also in the panel rooms.
  • “Is This Feminist? Female Characters in Anime” / “Why All Shoujo is Problematic”
    • God I love SJWs — they have no place in the anime scene (or anywhere, really) but they’re so desperate to belong. Puddi got us front row in the Problematic panel last year by telling the presenter we were press and totally wanted to cover her amazing insights (which, uhh, is technically true) — unfortunately, the presenter saw our subtweets after the panel and freaked the fuck out on me in Twitter DMs. Think she even contacted staff to try and get us banned. Wonder if she’ll remember us. :3


Love Live S2 Marathon

If S-con 2017 ends up sucking like last year’s did, we’re gonna have to do another rabu raibu marathon. Gotta save the con somehow.

I like Nico’s dress the best.

And from everything I’ve seen on the schedule, it looks like we’re gonna be doing a marathon. RIP our dreams, hello to idol memes.


3 thoughts on “Sakuracon 2017 Get Hype”

    • Cons (and, really, most events in general) are best enjoyed as an excuse to hang out with your friends for a weekend. Especially when nearly all of them live in different states.

      Most of my friends are connected by anime in some fashion, so anime cons are great events to plan around. I’ll go to GPs too for example, but as I hammered home pretty clearly in this post, shit was just an excuse to hang out with my buddy for a weekend.

      For anime cons specifically, this site enables me to get in free as press, and since I’m a business traveler, airline & hotel points significantly reduce the impact on my pocketbook. Plus no matter which con I end up going to, I can usually find a reader or two there whom I’ve never had the chance to really get to know. A lot of the time we only hang out for a bit and say our goodbyes (half the time this ends up in burnt bridges tbh), but there are absolutely lasting friendships formed as a result. And I’ll roll those dice any day of the week.

      autistic tl;dr: good excuse to be social, and I have special considerations that make anime cons better events to go to than most would consider


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