Some Fall 17 Shows I Quickly Watched Before Youmacon In Hopes I’d Catch Some Cutting-Edge Cosplay But Realized I Was SOL Cuz Everyone Here Only Likes Maid Dragon

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So now I’m wasting time writing in my hotel room cuz the good shit doesn’t even start until 5.


Hot Takes – 1 Episode In

This means I’m acknowledging the low, low amount of effort that went into this outdated post, so you can’t call me out on it. Checkmate.

Also: hot cakes – 1 layer in



Kino’s Journey (2017)

I don’t really know what’s going on in this remake. Kino’s morphed into a talkative girl and now goes by “Yuu”, and Hermes has been replaced by a tank. There’s also some freeloader who I think is a cannibal.

Never read the novels, so perhaps this is more true to the source? The basics are still there: slow drifts through worlds run-down by humanity’s various sins. But it doesn’t feel as honest or compelling as the original did. Perhaps that’s just cuz we’re in the shitty, generic “war is bad amirite fellow intellectuals” arc. Surely it will get better.



UQ Holder!

Oh, this is that Negima spin-off that’s ten years too late. Dropped. Love Hina was better anyway.



Black Clover

Someone needs to run the seiyuu’s throat through with a pick-ax.



Net-juu no Susume

Gimme another Toradora, Japan. I cannot deal with this low-effort romcom shit that’s pathetic on both ends. There’s nothing believable or intriguing about two hot people falling in love with each other through some garbage MMO.

…Well, unless it’s Sword Art, which had a 10/10 first arc, and I will fight anyone who says different.




Who wants to watch a show about old dudes? At least I can get off to MC-kun’s daughter though:

Hot, plus she’s down with the Royal Host so you know her expectations are low. What more could you ask? H-Her age? No, uhh, let’s not ask that.



Blend S


I only watched one episode, but I feel like I’ve seen them all. High school girl slice-of-life comedy is the worst.

I’ll jack off to S-chan anytime though:



Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Utau

RIP waifu-chan

Though they killed the hottest girl off in the first minute and replaced her with some limp-wristed writer, I highly recommend not immediately dropping the show. Cuz even better than a hot girl is a hot guy.

No homo, of course.

Apocalyptic fantasy worlds are always fun, and with a little dystopian mystery thrown in, you got me sold. Adding in bishie-kun just seals the deal.

All in all, first ep shows potential, but we know what Japan does when it gets its hands on that.



Mahoutsukai no Yome

Smuglord x sexy slave girl is indeed a good canon OTP, Japan. Ya done good for once.



Ousama Game

This show makes no sense. Here have a play-by-play from the first ep:

MC-kun gets a text about a King’s Game he and his class have to play. Based on previous experience, he knows that if you reject the orders, you are brutally punished. King’s orders this time are for him to kiss a girl crushing on him. So what does he do?

Spazzes out at his class about how the game is super important and they can’t take it lightly or ignore the orders. Right after the girl tells him she’s totally down for a kissu. Didn’t make for a great mood. The kiss doesn’t happen.

Following that freak-out, the girl’s friend (friend-chan) tells MC-kun that the girl is still totes up for that kiss. Friend-chan further offers to help facilitate the mouthfuck. To this, MC-kun spazzes out and tells her to fuck off. The kiss doesn’t happen.

Cut to 5 minutes before the King’s deadline, and MC-kun is standing on a roof being all mopey as fuck. Somehow the girl finds him and straight up tells MC-kun that she is down to spread any part of her body for him that he wants. To which we are treated to another spazz-out. The kiss doesn’t happen.

…okay, it did that time, thanks to deus-ex-slut. And so the plot gets to move forward. God how I wish the anime had ended before it even aired.

They can’t even get the characters’ names right.

Fuck it, I’m done with anime for the day. Time to stand in the badge line at an… anime con? FUCK



To Summarize: So Far So…


  • Mahoutsukai no Yome
  • Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Utau
  • Kino’s Journey (2017)


  • Inuyashiki
  • Net-juu no Susume
  • Black Clover
  • Ousama Game


  • Blend S
  • UQ Holder

16 thoughts on “Some Fall 17 Shows I Quickly Watched Before Youmacon In Hopes I’d Catch Some Cutting-Edge Cosplay But Realized I Was SOL Cuz Everyone Here Only Likes Maid Dragon”

  1. >Ousama game
    Ousama game is so bad it’s good. I believe that to be the only reason it ever got popular to begin with. I wouldn’t call it bad on that alone. The non-linear storytelling is probably the best decision they could’ve made.

    >Black Clover
    Asta’s VA is great and I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise, you’re just trying to blame the overall shittiness of the show on the VA. I’m on to you.

    You should’ve just watched Miraculous Ladybug Season 02 if you wanted to properly prepare for Youmacon.

      • You refuse to think something popular is popular? Why do you think it got an anime to begin with? certainly because it was popular?

        And stop pretending to hate Asta’s VA. Be a bit more contrarian ffs.

        • You seem to believe that a manga has to be popular to get an anime adaptation. This is false.
          The popularity of the original manga does have some significance in the probability of getting an adaptation, but it could very well be an attempt to relaunch interest in a series that lost its momentum. Case in point, Keijo!!!!!! tried and failed. Point is, getting an anime is not proof of popularity.

          Anyway, unless you provide irrefutable proof in the form of sale figures that Ousama Game is popular, refusing to believe is a very valid point and the truth and there is no way Ousama Game is, has been or ever will be popular ever.


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