Top 5 Animes of Winter 2017 / Ikkicon 2017

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A yearly wrap top X list because these posts are fucking easy.


#1-5 Nyanko Days

It’s the only anime of that season I finished other than One Room (which sucks, sry puddi) and Youjo Senki (which I enjoyed, but I dunno, seems like this post would be kinda creepy if it was just that + Nyanko).

catgirls are so hngh, their taste in food a bit less so

Let me sell you on this shit:

  • There’s catgirls
  • There’s lots of catgirls
  • It’ll take you like 20 minutes to finish

This is the kinda show you make your family watch to show you aren’t gay — just a pedophile.

Make Grandpa proud again.

(No irony here tbh, I fucking loved this show.)


Shit. Uhh, this post took two minutes fewer than expected. Surprise Ikkicon announcement time?


That’s right, I’m gonna be headlining Ikkicon, but it’s a secret or something, so if you check the site all you’re gonna get are washed-up never-weres who think they can cobble together a career from anime fans anywhere outside of clickbait Youtub camwhore bullshit for the fuckboy masses.

Pic totes not related. Don’t ban me, Ikkicon.

And what’ll I be doing there?



Oh baby.


The Idol Festival

You wish.

I’ll leave it at the link.


Amazing Panels

  • The Trial of Rick Sanchez: Game show Extravaganza (18+)
  • Race: Does It Truly Matter?
  • Geek Who Drink RAMUNE* (All Ages)
  • Lolita for Curvy Gals
  • Nerdy Bellydance Workshop
  • Life in Japan: Otaku in Osaka

Thank god for hip flasks.


Austin? More like ASStin! ZING

Now why would I spend what amounts to a couple grand on some random no-name hotel con?

Cuz it’s legit colder than Antarctica here in Minnesota and all we have is hotdish and I want some fucking comfy-ass Texas BBQ and Katy Perry to suck my dick. I’m not asking for much.


As usual, if you’re hitting the con up anyway, come get blitzed with us and make cosplayers re-evaluate their life choices. We’re bringing some stupid drinks.

Unless you’re the guy who drives this car. Then you can’t hang with us. Ever.
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