Why Bother With [FFF]’s Shokugeki no Souma S3?

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Takes a lot of fucking stupid to ruin a script you were handed on a platter. But boy did these tards have that in spades.

Wanting to catch up on my weeb backlog this weekend, I opted for a Shokugeki no Souma marathon.

We both know why.

The options presented to me were HorribleSubs, a couple Crunchyrip dupes, and… FFF. Recovering from my daily hangover, I went with FFF. After all, how could a group even more bland and stale than a saltine cracker possibly manage to mire me in a migraine worse than that cheap whiskey already did?

God, fuck my naivety.


Yes, the patron saints of settling for less settled into a dumpster for this run.

FFF: cheaper than ipecac, but I wouldn’t recommend either.


Avoiding any more script samples (I’d rather not deal with the shit re-writes they had), let’s look at the visuals. FFF’s kara is at least tolerably unimpressive, but that’s kind of their brand.

The translation? Well, it’s an original TL.

How does one “look up” from their head?


To the surprise of no one, FFF’s typesetting is shit too.


And their encoding is strictly worse than HorribleSubs’s automated rip. Then again, encoding’s never been something FFF’s been good at.



Cherry on the shit sundae, it took FFF a full five months to release their latest episode. How much effort do you imagine that took?

Hard work, folks.


tl;dr: If you’re gonna archive this series, just stick with HorribleSubs. Advice as timely as FFF is, I’m sure.


Time for a Digestif

There’s just something about sexy child abusers <3

You can ask me what’s the point of this post when there’s about a hundred more interesting things than FFF I could’ve written instead. And yeah, I guess there really isn’t much of one. Have a good Sunday.


4 thoughts on “Why Bother With [FFF]’s Shokugeki no Souma S3?”

  1. This is pretty fucking depressing, especially considering how much time I spent QCing* the first season.

    *In reality editing in all but name, because barely anything was changed in the edited script. Admittedly I spent so much time and energy on that that I ended up missing some pretty basic errors ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  2. Damn, this is what fansubbing has come to? Shit sucks.
    I actually liked FFF for Ika Musume, but I guess those days are long gone now.


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