Translation Review: Real Girl 02 [Sentai]

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Release Information

Episode details.

Translation: Streaming site

Wap Level: 20% – reverses name order, no honorifics, but keeps Japanese nicknames

English style: American English.


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Main Script.


Yes, this is real, and I can’t believe I had to become a (*shudder*) paying subscriber to verify that screenshot.


Tsutsui says asobi no tsukiai meaning they’re not a serious couple — he’s just a boytoy to her.


自分が今違うと思ったらしたくない Not sure where the hell this translation came from. Maybe they would have gotten the line right if Tsutsui said “omotta kara” instead. Anywho, the line is supposed to be “I don’t want to do it because I think it’s wrong.”


This is just wrong on a basic translation level (受付 means “reception”) and on the common-sense level. Why would anyone drop off prescriptions? Aren’t prescriptions always picked up?

Edit: Apparently there was some confusion, of which I mostly caused. When I say “prescriptions” I meant “prescription drugs.” Yes, you can “drop off” a written prescription from a doctor, but that’s not the fucking point of a pharmacy. You go there to get prescription drugs. Just translate the sign to “Prescription Window” puriizu.


Line should be “You’ll never be able to be with her.” (そんなんじゃ、彼女の側にいられない)


“Explode” (bakuhatsu shiro) is actually an old net lingo that basically means “DIAF.”


He says aitsu ni asobareteiru, using the passive tense of the verb asobu and identifying the causative subject (aitsu, or “he”). The line is supposed to be the other way around: “He’s messing around with you!”


I’d use “worried” instead of “curious” for ki ni naru.


That was clearly a late-night anime he watched, not a movie. The word eizou (footage) points to that.


I’m 90% sure that minaosu (translated here as “update”) simply means “reviewing” her medical records.


Hikareru means “weirding people out” meaning the latter part of the line should be “I’m used to people being weirded out.”


Effeminate otaku on the right was trying to say onnanoko no tanjoubi, meaning he was talking about girls’ birthday parties in general, of which he has obviously never taken part of. So the line should be “A girl’s (birthday party)? I would wonder what to do too.”


The last major line of this episode ends with an error. Line is 俺にはこんな場所、きっと未来永劫縁がなっかたんだ and the translator fucked up on the 縁がない part. Hint, it’s the first definition, not the second.


Other Observations

Grammar nazis worth a shit will have a field day with this script.

That is exactly how I pronounce the first part of “manga” all the time—on purpose.

Final Grade: C+

Too many errors on top of a script that is already awkward and unpolished to begin with. I gave them a “plus” because seven demonstrable errors out of a 300-line script isn’t that bad, I guess? Anyways, Sentai is clearly not using their B team for this series.

To be honest, I have been lazy with the reviews because so many of the subscriber-based releases I’ve seen turned in competent scripts, so I figured what the use of grading them? Hopefully this piss-poor effort will get me motivated again.


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15 thoughts on “Translation Review: Real Girl 02 [Sentai]”

  1. Damn. I had a feeling something was wrong from the episode 1, but don’t know Japanese, can only tell that it was a very unreadable English and I had to guess what they meant most of the time. Thanks for the review!
    I hope someday some fansubbers will fix the script and I’ll finally understand what was going on (or I’ll go read the _mange_ hoping that it was translated better).

    Are you going to do a WotaKoi review? It got a rare case of fansubs this season, although I suppose it’s pretty much identical to the Koi wa Ameagari no You ni situation.

  2. You should try watching Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai. Every sign and title card is done similar first screenshot but somehow even worse. Is laziness evolving at crunchyroll since there’s nothing competing against them anymore?

    • Crunchyroll? Both shows are HIDIVE/Sentai exclusives, and a few others spring shows too, instantly recognizable by jaw-droppingly bad typesetting in the rips. Judging by that screen that looks like it was taken from the service itself it’s still bad but at least all letters are fully visible on screen.

      I suppose the typesetting of the rips is SO bad cause it’s made by robots. Nobody bothers to waste their time to watch and fix it beforehand, cause it worked no problem with Crunchy almost all the time. Both Horrible and Erai have bad positioning, but different. I guess it’s harder to rip subtitles text styles from HIDIVE than from Crunchyroll. Maybe they use some proprietary formatting or something.

      • Not quite. HIDIVE simply has weird typesetting. Actually, even their method of timing is kinda mindblowing. Been ages since I saw bs like this:

        Dialogue: 0,0:06:10.50,0:06:13.16,Default,,0,0,0,,Stab wounds were found in\Nmultiple places on the victim’s body,
        Dialogue: 0,0:06:13.16,0:06:13.62,Default,,0,0,0,,{\an5}Could be the work of a devil.\NStab wounds were found in\Nmultiple places on the victim’s body,
        Dialogue: 0,0:06:13.62,0:06:15.33,Default,,0,0,0,,{\an5}Could be the work of a devil.\Nand it is believed that loss of blood\Nwas the direct cause of death.
        Dialogue: 0,0:06:15.33,0:06:16.20,Default,,0,0,0,,and it is believed that loss of blood\Nwas the direct cause of death.
        And don’t forget about their CRF22 encode. It’s probably the worst video quality I ever saw on legal streaming.


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