Translation Review: [StarlightSubs] Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight – 02

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Another down, one more to go.

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Release Information

Episode details.

Translation: Original translation

Wap Level: Full wap

English style: American English.

Speed: Quick (<48 hours)


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OP: It’s fine, nothing I see that was out of place.

Insert: Once again, this group did it by ear. Some places were questionable, like here I heard honnou wo okure (give me the fire) and nothing about lotus flowers.

Main Script.


Bakkin means “a fine,” which adds to the surrealism of the whole situation.


“I will definitely petition to invalidate [last night’s auditions].”

That makes it three out of four groups that got this line wrong (Chyu-Pas and its late subs was the only one that got it right).


Personal preference, but if all other options of bakaren sound too weird, then you might as well play it safe. Of course, your mileage may vary.


For some reason, this group is allergic to just saying “rumba cross.”


Sensei actually says toward the end “Do you remember your steps?”


Like I said before, haiyuu just means “performer,” nothing to do with fame.


Guess this group is just fine with naming Claudine “Kuro-chan,” like some kind of Type-Moon character.


As I touched on in the Sentai review, if you’re going to go with honorifics, do it right. Claudine is not in the same league as Maya to be called a “sama.”


More like “What Hoshimi-san told me hit me like a ton of bricks.”


None of these were typeset for no good reason.


Just so we’re clear, Karen was literally describing the characters (華恋, flower-love) in her name.


I thought about ruling this rendering of minna wo starlight shichaimasu as an error, like I did with the ACSS review, but while the other line (“You will all gaze upon my Starlight!”) implies that Karen wants to make the revue all about her, or that she wants to be the sole star, StarlightSubs’ line is closer to the real intention (to make everyone into stars) of what is admittedly a vague pronouncement in the original Japanese.


More like “revenge match.”


Kyou kagiri means “as of this day” in this context.


Actually, she says “Jun-Jun, don’t say that!”


“Only one star can shine at the top.” (頂に煌めく星は 1つ). Translator got confused with 頂 (noun, summit) and 頂き(verb, to receive.)


Other Observations

Looks like somebody took their time on the typesetting.

I’m bad with awkward phrasings.

Same here.

They didn’t need to typeset the words at the bottom since the studio already translated that part further down.

>Looks at the labels at the top

Those are, uh, helpful.

Final Grade: B

The group had just one job to do (be better than Sentai) and they passed the test.

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25 thoughts on “Translation Review: [StarlightSubs] Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight – 02”

    • The ‘cartel’ is just an /a/ meme. Literally nobody else cares or believes in it. Please stop. You’re embarrassing yourself. Koku should know the staff working on ACSS’s release anyway. By /a/’s logic, ACSS is also ‘cartel’.

      • What’s embarassing is the amount of “trusted” users crapping on every release, in favor of chyuu’s version when it wasn’t even out

        • How is that ’embarrassing’? /a/ comes off chuuni as fuck with their ‘cartel’ meme. You guys go on and talk about this ‘cartel’ to people unrelated to /a/ and nobody knows what you’re talking about. That’s what I meant when I say ’embarrassing yourself.’ No fansubber and no one outside /a/ believes in your so-called ‘cartel’ and all the fansubbers laugh at you because we have no idea what you’re talking about. I thought the ‘cartel’ was a thing started by that Chihiro member, Kristin, back in the day and even they later on admitted they were wrong and that there was no such thing.

          I still don’t get why you and everyone else from /a/ act like other fansubbers discussing the release or another release to come in the comments of a torrent is the biggest sin on Earth. Why does it matter and what’s the significance? Why does it matter if the users were ‘trusted’? Does /a/ have some misconception of what it means to be ‘trusted’ on Nyaa? It’s really dumb and I don’t get it. It’s not an elitist secret club. Nyaa staff are in the process of finalizing/figuring out trusted requirements and a way for other users to apply to become trusted. All it means is that the user in question has a track record of releasing passable content that’s free of viruses, as far as I understand. When I applied for trusted, the only requirements were 10 torrents uploaded and 10k cumulative downloads. As long are you met those two reqs, anyone could’ve become ‘trusted’. Applications for trusted were shut down a little while after the tracker was up because they wanted to revamp the requirements and streamline the application process or something. It has nothing to do about keeping non-already-established fansubbers out or whatever the hell /a/’s come up with.

          This was a serious and long reply for what was probably a shitpost but it’s been bugging me for a while and I want to understand. Fuck me.

          • Kristin might have coined the term, but it is ultimately just the concept of an old boys’ club. Does that exist in fansubbing? I mean, let’s be honest here.

            As far as whether or not there is some insidious cabal of seele cosplayers whose grandest goal would be influencing the switch of a couple hundred downloads from one group to another… Fansubbers aren’t cool enough for that.

            Back when intra-group competition was a little more, let’s say, spicy, there was more room for shenanigans to have impact. I mean, on old Nyaa you had blanket bans on “undesirable” groups (Doki fucked up, sure, but come on), Trusted was the equivalent of a +v in #weebcirclejerk (but it also mattered to downloaders since there were a lot of fly-by-night groups), and rules were more than a little selectively enforced.

            Couple that with the friendships and favors that naturally form over the course of people working in teams and you start seeing distinct social circles. When you combine that with noticing some circles have more influence and resources (people, hardware, source access, disproportionate control over distribution systems, etc.)… well you gotta call it something, right? Envy and spite don’t quite have the same rings to ’em.

            Just trying to give some (mostly historical) context for this cartel concept. Though I think most of the time when you see people use the term, they’re fucking around.

            • Yeah, that sounds about right from what I remember. What I don’t get is that /a/ seems to take it seriously and they seem to think that every group in the ‘cartel’ puts unrelated memes in the subs and is a carbon copy of Commie. I can’t actually tell if they’re just meming anymore. I could see the stuff you’re talking about back then, but nowadays the scene is so dead, small and irrelevant, the remaining fansubbers are all open and super friendly to each other and have discord chats to get help, discuss stuff and hang out with other subbers (see: GJM’s discord’s fansub cave, eX’s discord’s rooms accessible with the subs role, and perhaps Motbob’s #mtbb on rizon)
              Making friends, getting connections for sources and getting active in the scene with more experienced subbers has never been easier imo
              What’s especially baffling to me is that PAS was founded by two former EveTaku staffers and EveTaku was never considered ‘cartel’ back then and neither was Chyuu iirc.

          • >It’s not an elitist secret club
            You literally can only join if you’re already part of certain clique. This group of people will shit all over anybody else who tries to do something by themselves without asking permission, or as that retarded germancuck encoder would say “ask for help”.
            But yeah, it’s not just an elitist club.
            Fuck you indeed

            • You haven’t made a single point. Yes, if you’re bad and don’t know what you’re doing, you should go to people who know what they’re doing before making your own group and then releasing garbage or people who actually know what they’re doing will call you out and say you suck. It’s been like that since at least when I started subbing in like 2012 or so. It’s the Internet. What did you expect? Why are you so concerned over comments people leave over the Internet? It’s really not a big deal.
              Make your own group when you at least understand the basics of what you’re doing imo. Nobody said you HAVE to, but it’s the smart thing to do and no one would be demonstrating how your release is bad, or as you call it “shit on it.” The fansub scene is really open these days. It’s really easy to get involved and learn from more experienced subbers. It really isn’t a secret elitist club. Check out some fansub guides, join eX’s server, join GJM’s server and ask for the fansubber role, join #mtbb on rizon, say you’re interested in fansubbing. People will point you in the right direction. Just because your release is free doesn’t mean it’s immune to critisism. That’s just the Internet. If you care that somebody called your release bad, I’d stay away from the Internet.

              • I forgot to add this but it isn’t about “having permission to sub something,” it’s just about putting out a bad release. If the release wasn’t bad, none of these ‘trusted’ (which btw, again, just means they have a track record of putting out passable subs without viruses and anyone could’ve gotten trusted so long as they had 10 uploads and 10k cumulative downloads) users would be shitting on your release.

                • this is not ture (and it’s not about cartel again)
                  nyaaC have bad stuff and this is not new for nyaa site anyway
                  but let’s talk about what you said “10 uploads and 10k cumulative downloads”
                  – there Plenty of user who deserve trusted like : Mori, HAS….and some few user
                  and on the other hand some user who have trusted tag without one upload and no one know who they are except nyaa stuff ofc and we have “DmonHiro”
                  and not here to start argument about this i just point how there no fair in nyaa website

                  • Nyaa staff actually went into #mtbb the other day and answered some questions some fansubbers had because we all thought it was unfair that cruelnoise got trusted before other groups did. Turns out, he had it on old nyaa so it was all good. They told us of future plans and answered some other concerns we had. They plan to reevaluate existing groups which other fansubbers all agree put consistently questionable releases, eg rh, dmonhiro.
                    Regarding Mori and HAS, they’d qualify for trusted under the rules I got trusted under but right now nobody gets trusted unless they had already had it on old nyaa. They’re still in the process of finalizing and streamlining the process of obtaining trusted status.

                    Regarding the users who have no uploads, that’s either because they had it on the old site and didn’t migrate their old torrents into their new account on, or it’s because their uploads are all done anonymously.
                    Apparently one nyaa staffer actually wanted to get rid of trusted and just have a “confirmed” status which just meant the user doesn’t upload viruses. I’m honestly all for that idea.

                    Fansubbers give dmonhiro shit all the time despite being trusted, for what it’s worth.
                    While I agree old nyaa was absolutely unfair, I believe the new staff at are really trying to do the right thing and be fair to everyone, especially after everything that was said when they went into #mtbb.

                    • i wish IRC have a history chat feature like Discord would please sand me Log of this discussion i’m curiosity to know what they said

      • All of the sub-par TS is my doing. I’m not an experienced TS, but Starlight was basically just a project for me to learn how to do tasks I have no experience with. Since Karen has hopped on they’ve been doing a lot of the signs, but a fair amount of it is still just me being bad and doing bad things.


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