Translation Review: [Chyuu-PAS] Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight – 03

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Finally, I can drop this shit show.

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Release Information


Other Observations

Final Grade

Release Information

Episode details.

Translation: Original fan translation

Wap Level: Full wap

English style: American English.

Speed: Slow (three days late)


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OP: Once again, this group didn’t stray very far from the other releases. I did like how they translated iroaseta (faded) here into “long ago.”

Insert: Pretty much every English lyric was on point as far as I can tell. Only real issue is that I heard hikari misete here (show me your light).

ED: Saw no problems, lyrics expertly translated.


Main Script.


I heard, “They will never achieve their dream.”


Translating gakkyuuiin as “class president” grants what is mostly clerical position more prestige than it really deserves, and it may be confused with “student body president.” I usually just go with “class officer” or “class rep.”


Viewed in a vacuum, this adaptation of agureshibu (look it up) could be interpreted as a compliment, when it’s clearly a criticism.


I always die a little inside when people indiscriminately translate tensai as “genius” instead of “prodigy” or “talented” as needed.


That’s their rendition of “Kuro-chan.”


Futaba calls Claudine “Kuroko,” so the group dubbed her “Claudie.”

Also, a bit of a lost-in-translation issue since kuroko could mean “backstage assistant” which would solidify Claudine’s position as the second-banana.


I like how they are forced to typeset something that’s already in Roman lettering.


A bunch of Kaoruko’s practice signatures, if you’re wondering.


Failed to translate the stuff on the chalkboard, though I doubt the scene lasted long enough to justify typesetting it.


Some information is missing from this line that could be major (original line is B組とともに脚本段階から舞台づくりを勉強してもらう). Sensei is saying Banana will be studying the backstage process with Class B, which is a different track from Class A, where she is currently enrolled. This implies that she might be changing classes entirely and leaving her friends.


I’d go with, “‘Buying her off’ is a vulgar way of putting it.”


This group went with “remake” instead of “reborn” for saiseisan.


Looks like they’re the only group to fully typeset this sequence.


Yes, I like this translation of minna wo starlight shichaimasu. Like the original Japanese line, it’s vague enough for people to make their own interpretation, especially mine in which Karen wants to make everyone into stars.


Other Observations

Even the Japanese anime studios aren’t gay for honorifics.

Okay, I was fooled. It was just the subbers being inconsistent.

Faito is translated to “break a leg.” Me likey.

Final Grade: A

Looks like the memecartel wins this season’s Oversub Bowl. Despite all the nitpicks, the script was accurate, readable, and despite the material enjoyable enough. The only thing keeping me from giving them an A+ were some places where I felt they could have gone over and beyond.

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