Fansub Review: [Six Awful Options] Boku no My Hero Academia the Movie 2: Heroes:Rising

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I could’ve made a full six reviews out of this, but I wanted to find out what the WordPress image limit was.


As If Life Wasn’t Bad Enough…

It gets worse.

For the second time in human history, Boku no My Hero Academia has spread its westaboo sickness to the big screen, rivaling bat-fucking as the worst carryover from 2019.

The gimmick for this iteration of idiocy is “this is how author-sama originally planned to end the manga”, so you know ending yourself would be a better option.

Official promo art for the movie, smdh

But with a limited theatrical debut in America, and only a shaky camrip of the dub to satisfy those with enough wit to avoid pissing away $15 on another Funimation hack job, there weren’t many opportunities to validate just how diseased this series can get.

Since then, the Japanese blu-rays have released, resulting in a torrent of… torrents. But are any of them good?

If you aren’t picking up on the theme already, this is gonna be one wild ride.



Your Options

Funimation base, PrinceDvl666-edited

The what now?
  • [TTGA] – “BD Rip” version (Subtitle track #2)
  • [TTGA] – “BD Remux” version (Subtitle track #1)
  • [EMBER] (Subtitle track #2)
  • [Absolute Fansub] (Subtitle track #2)
  • [Rikudou]


Funimation base, Slimshot-edited

Sadly, however bad these subs are (and they are bad), this is the best option. Fansubbing is dead.

  • [SlimSubs] (script only lmao)
  • [TTGA] – “BDRip” version (Subtitle track #1)
  • [EMBER] (Subtitle track #1)


Funimation base, “Anime Time-edited”

Watching these subs is about as enjoyable as trying to fuck a sandcastle.
  • [Anime Land] (Subtitle track #2… track #1 is in Japanese lmao)
  • [TTGA] – “BD Remux” version (Subtitle track #2)


Funimation base, Kaizoku-edited

Death cannot come soon enough. ;_;
  • [Kaizoku]
  • [Raze] (60fps)


Funimation base, Rare-edited (My seedbox won’t let me download this, so I’m just throwing their subs on the [Edge] release for the screens.)

  • [Rare] (They v2’d the script, but only as a separate DDL. Still, I’m reviewing the v2 here. Lucky for them… right?)
    • Also, they branded the v2 as [Rarev2]. Without any comedic twist, I will hate them for this forever.


Funimation base, Rare-edited, then sekuza009-edited

  • [Edge]


Of these choices, [EMBER] is the “best”, but that isn’t high praise. I suppose it’s watchable if you’re desperate, but you’d be much better served by waiting for the official rips when Funimation launches their handbrake-encoded BD at the end of October.

If you’ve ever wanted to see a language decompose in real time, however, you’ve got the pick of the litter.




How Bad Could It Get?

Do you think Japan stays an ocean away because it, too, lives in fear of what it has created?

Keep in mind as you read through these crimes against humanity that each group was working off a functional English dub as their base. As in, all they had to do was write down approximately what was being said, and they’d be able to muster a passing grade.

Granted, Funi’s voice actors aren’t the most eloquent – on account of all the clumpy diabetic jizz they’ve got clogging their syphilitic throats – but they’re at least somewhat intelligible.


Funimation base, PrinceDvl666-edited

But who’s counting?
Spoiler for

More like number 2 cuz that line was shit #got’em

Black elf face? Yeah, that’s cause for concern. Better nip that in the bud before he becomes Prime Minister.

Nowhere land isn’t actually a place, you dumbasses.

Bitch, what?

Whoever is responsible for keeping this group’s members from playing in traffic: you’re doing too good of a job.

Instructions for the editor: try getting a mirror, shattering that mirror, and rolling your veins in the result.

Is this a japing joke?

It’s as if every line was written in a vacuum. And said vacuum was the editor’s life partner.

Is that a pokemon or something?

Ah yes, “beach people”. The legendary cousins of the crab people.

Fair, but what about the twos heroes?


Only 35 minutes into the 1.5-hour movie and I think we’re done here. Onto the next miscarriage.


Rating: F-


Funimation base, Slimshot-edited

Moreso the opposite.
Spoiler for

Typos like these are one thing (on->onto & out->up), because anime’s barely literate fandom “automatically fills in the missing words, so it’s not a problem”. At least, that’s the excuse everyone gives for why they watch the unwatchable with a shit-eating grin.

Well, try and fill this in without using a shovel:

Nonsense fucking garbage.

I understand that not everyone can remember every single grammatical rule in our bastardized language, but that’s not an excuse for failure of this magnitude. I mean, whenever I hit up my local massage parlor, they can at least halfway barter with me over how much it’s gonna cost to get my salad tossed.


Seizure salad.

Sure is one way to lose weight, but not quite what the doctor ordered, slim. :(


I don’t know what punctuation did to Slimshot when he was a kid, but I bet it wasn’t legal. The apostrophes alone clearly violated the Geneva Conventions:


But the cream of the shit pie is this group’s attempt at translation without an English dub crutch.

This whole ED is miserable to experience. It reminds me of back in the day when groups who were hurting for translators ended up using Chinese->English TLs because “eh, it’s close enough”.

If you want to hate the existence of language itself, have yourself a read:

Come, it’s time to begin,
I’m gonna say goodbye, to the nights i cried.
What a good time to begin,
As a flag, started to be shown to the world,

Even if you leave,
The wind will always come near you,
Its time to let go of the flag today now…

Wow, it’s nice to meet you,
This story just started,
Don’t get lost so easily,
Just start walking to the story of the rise of dawn!
There’s so much outside!

‘I can’t walk for more longer’
There were so many flags in front of him!
They were all so different,
With so much beautiful intent in each flags!

Even if it breaks, we’re not playing with each other.
We’re just traveling the same way.
Hey, let’s start looking
At the shiny glory.
Let’s go together,
It’s time for higher grounds, just like a big parade,
There’s so much outside!

In the morning, I was a shadow of hope,
The only thing i believe is ‘now’.
It’s time to shine all over the place,
With all of the flags in hand.

Hey, it’s time to create
A true free story,
I don’t get lost anymore.
Such a big change, like a dawn to a parade.

Lets go together,
Toward’s the end of the world.
Hold on for awhile,
It’s time to light it up! That goes beyond Destiny,

There’s so much outside!
We’re waiting outside!
At the higher grounds!

Hard to believe in the just-world hypothesis when whoever was responsible for the above survived long enough to write it.


Rating: F


Funimation base, “Anime Time-edited” (it’s very French)


This review was brought to you by tequila and spite~

Making friends. ^_^
Spoiler for

I hope this sets the stage for you. These kids went Full Retard: 100%.

Slow down, Epstein.

Yes, violation. ;_;

The word the editor’s looking for is “safe”, but I hope they never have the chance to experience what it means.

They literally say “Plus Ultra” in English here. You’re not supposed to hear it from right to left just because it’s Japanese.

I dunno, learn how to count?

I might be the only person who isn’t shocked by this turn of events.

However this group got to “flying” from stealing would likely rule definitively in favor of eugenics. Kaiser Rudolf did nothing wrong.

I get where you’re coming from, but the chick on the right is a dude.

Since when does Bakugo speak coward?

This translation is so wrong, but I gotta say my time investment paid off in meme dividends. Guess the French are good for something besides contributing to other nations’ speedruns.

Hello! You talk to the deaf.

Me, realizing I’m only a third into this release.

Oh, are those kids as blind as this group’s editor?

Say what you will about [Anime Land], but they are committed.

To what end? Hopefully a painful one.

Some lives don’t matter.

Nancy Drew meets Brendon Urie.


All right, I’ve gotta stop. This is too easy, and if I blow my load too early, who else is gonna cockslap these sub-human slumdregs into place? Let’s go.


Rating: F-


Funimation base, Kaizoku-edited

The saddest part of this release is how tryhard it is. Kaizoku went out of their way to change the lines into something resembling a fansub, and threw their all into the typesetting.

If only they had invested a second of thought into having an editor who speaks English natively… What a shame. :(

This is a heavy edit of Funimation’s subs from the camrip

Funimation subs are garbage.

I ended up fixing a lot of TL errors and rephrasing almost every line.

I had the time to go over the subs multiple times and polish it, plus ultra.

I borrowed some lines from the dub since it had a lot better phrasing.

I looked up SlimShot’s transcription too for the few parts that I had doubts about.

I also went back to some of the older episodes from kBaraka’s releases to maintain consistency.

So proud, yet so fucking stupid. But that makes this all the more fun, doesn’t it?

Spoiler for

Become, and not the kind the editor’s mother should have drank.

For a group called kaizoku, they sure can’t handle their fucking r’s.

Literally the easiest shit to understand.

it’s = it is

its = the possessive version

All there is to it. Please don’t be stupid in the future.

What, you gonna read them a comic?

Synonym is more than just a spice.

Worse now.

This group deserves kudos for being able to so effortlessly turn a W into an L.

Allergic to bees, huh?

Were you even trying?

I choose you! Cyanide!


Rating: F


Funimation base, Rare-edited

If these are the “fixed” subs, I can only imagine how bad the v1 was…

Spoiler for

These subs are the definition of stupid.

Oh no, indeed.

You’re complicit in crimes against vowels.

Boku no My Hero Academia: Indentured Servitude Edition

Guess the Chinese can farm more than just gold.

As if you needed any more evidence that bathing in mercury is a mistake.

It reminds me of a lightweight gun.

(Okay, that pun was awful, but my brain’s entered self-defense mode at this point.)


Obviously, these are not the only errors, but they are the only ones unique to this particular release. Let’s end this with a bang. :)


Rating: F-


Funimation base, Rare-edited, then sekuza009-edited

Half the changes sezuka made improved the script. And half made it worse. Not that the needle had the ability to move in either direction, since what we have here is suffering incarnate.

Can’t blame the media player on this one.
Spoiler for

Yeah, Hawks. Why didn’t you?

Then perhaps we should be looking in the editor’s basement?

Is it, now?

These subs make me wish child abuse was legal again.

What is this, American Pie?

So much to unpack you’d need a copy of 7zip.

On the table.

*at Nijima-san’s fields.

Close, though!

She say is, huh?

What I’m aiming for is no less than the eradication of anyone stupid enough to write a sentence that fucking bad.

This would be sweet if it wasn’t so stupid.

When I asked for a stroke, this isn’t what I meant.

You’re gonna, what, tell them that villains are bad dudes?

Do you think that’s because they killed themselves after watching this garbage?

Well thank god.

Agreed. It’s hard to understand what’s going on when you need a fucking decoder ring every other line.

Easy to feel invincible when you wear a helmet all the time.

Maybe they closed their eyes. A task I should have set myself to the second I hit play.

Thought had no part in this release.

Drink radiation.


Rating: F-





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11 thoughts on “Fansub Review: [Six Awful Options] Boku no My Hero Academia the Movie 2: Heroes:Rising”

  1. Watched the first season by mistake and had to suffer through 3 more seasons and 2 movies in vain hope that this shit might get good at some point.
    Alas, this fuck-fest of an anime disabused me of that notion quite comprehensively.

    • Without getting too deep into the process:

      I downloaded every release, checked the scripts, got pissed off, watched the one with the most punctuation, got more pissed off, remembered I had a blog for my special breed of autism, burned my silver sobriety chip, and set to work.

      To actually answer your question, I watched one, and then just compared all the scripts and figured out what the most representative screenshots would be. I don’t like to do that normally, because I would miss most encoding/timing errors, but when each release is 90 minutes long and they’re all abject failures anyway…

      • Remember to only use your autism powers for good…
        or for the luz…
        or for money…
        or to awkwardly humiliate yourself.

  2. Are kids “translating” (by which i mean, running it thru Google Translate) these things on their phones now, or what’s going on here?

    Or is it a bunch of slavic fuckers in their adidas shitting out whatever fits the scene?

    I can’t even finish the scripts in the screenshots, it’s that terrible.

    • Is case you missed the memery in comments sections, apparently someone found a camrip of the it on pornhub which had spanish subs (i think), which was then Google TL’ed and then ***edited*** by some random guys who’ve probably never even opened aegisub before in their life.


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