Vidya Subs Review: How to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon – Infinite Covfefe Edition

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I know that I’m immature, but at least I’m not a goddamn failure.

It’s not like PQube knows what the title is either.

Shit, they don’t even know the characters’ names…

Lill -> Lili
Crozzon -> Crozzo
Reveria -> Riveria
Bell’s -> Bell’s Two Hearted

I was piss drunk while taking most of these screenshots, which makes me curious as to how far gone this editor must have been to fuck up so bad. If an ICU wasn’t involved, I fear for their base state.



“More Fucking Vidya, D_S?”

Wind it down a bit. You can’t eat steak every fucking day, but beefaroni is just as good, right?

Besides, it’s gonna take me a while to sift through this.



I don’t wanna talk about it

Let’s ignore the broken menus, shitty combat, and miserable gameplay loop in this offensively lazy adaptation of an isekai masterwork.

Legitimately, the game itself is trash garbage.

I mean, its scene transitions have more artifacts than a museum.

But the real crime against Hestia and Bell’s Excellent Adventure is the miserable translation effort, courtesy of the retards at British localization firm PQube.

Ladies, this is why you don’t take only half of the abortion pill.

Yes, the Brits are at it again. Uncontent with having ruined their own society, the gap-toothed bastards have moved their discomforting gaze to ruining the world of weebery.

If you don’t stand against these subs, you’ll fall for anything.

Maybe learning English would be a better time investment.

Tis always a sad moment when you realize someone was paid real money to rape lines like this.

These subs got me in a daze, and not the kind I’d pay for.


Unfortunately, the horror you just witnessed is only scratching the surface. At any point PQube forgets that Google Translate exists, they put their collective brain cell together and enter guesslation mode. Shit gets bad.


I mean…






I need a fucking moment.





I may have just broken my wrist, but I can still put a bitch in their place. Let’s finish strong.



Definitively Inarticulate

When you’re dealing with a group that makes so many basic errors that even the illiterate avoid, it gets exhausting. But there’s nothing like an old friend to perk you back up. That’s right, it’s time for whiskey and MSPaint.

Yeah, I hate these subtitles, but more importantly, fuck my liquor guy for forcing another bottle of “limited edition” Elijah Craig onto me. Not sure whether I hate that sewer water or Four Roses more.

Jack Daniel’s, however, I unironically fuck with.



It’s Hard Not to Feel Good About Yourself When This Is the Competition

I live for the smug.

Here’s 20 more stupid-simple mistakes to peruse if you’re bored. I did take around 200 screenshots for this review, but I suppose I’ll spare you the entirety of the eyerot and leave you with those that entertained my hate the most.

Spoiler for

I was honestly planning to provide commentary for each of these, but god I’m so fucking drunk and tired that I’d rather avoid the delay of another day that’d require. In exchange, I can offer an awful weebtrash filler post before the weekend’s over. That works, right?

If you’re actually confused why any of these are wrong, let me know in the comments and I’ll provide you with a free English lesson, but I posted like this under the assumption that most of these are self-evident. Elementary school dropouts tend to have a better command of the language than whoever edited this game did.


Oh, and half the lines with apostrophes in them are broken up like so:

0 fucking QC. I bet even if you gave them both letters, they still wouldn’t be able to spell it.



En Conclusión

This shit’s about to make me commit a thot crime.

If I can persuade just one of you to avoid purchasing this game when you otherwise would have, my time will not have been wasted.

Alternatively, I’ll simply accept your eternal love and devotion for providing you with another blessing of my superior sagacity.

Either works. <3

Game/Subtitle Rating: F

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  1. While I may not take pride in my work, I do try not to be a total fuck up. Do the translators just hate their lives more than their customers attempting to fill the empty void in their lives with cute anime girls?

    • I actually went to the PQube discord to find out what was going on, and they just got mad when I linked this post. Apparently I’m “threatening their staff’s lives” by handing them their first experience with criticism. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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