Buyfaggery: Obnoxious Weeb T-Shirts

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Just cuz I’m 30 doesn’t mean I don’t have the best high school style.

Mission Statement

As far as I’ve been able to find, there’s no consolidated listing of what I’d call “weebcore” apparel. So here ya go, my life’s work.

Note that all of these rotate designs, some more frequently than others, so it’s valuable to check back time and again to see what the new stuff is. There’s also places that pretty much only do limited drops, where a design is announced and you have a given amount of time to buy it, but that’s too much to keep up with, so let’s not bother.






Only $100 to be that guy. Que fucking ganga.

Pair it with some $10 jeans from Wal-Mart and some skechers, and you’ve got “the look”. This is the kinda shit that makes me wanna find out what 10 pints really looks like.




N/A – I’m not linking to the Wonderbread x Anime collab. ($1.5 billion valuation? What a fucking joke.)

Look… Academia + Hello Kitty? My life’s regret will forever be arguing in favor of officialsubs. If you gave me one go at a time machine, I’d make shinji wish End of Eva was a fucking documentary.




I’ll Bite

Sentai Filmworks

This is the only official merch I won’t shit on. Looks like they don’t stock much old designs anymore, but their Hestia shirt will forever hold my heart.





If you don’t have your brand’s tags on your shirt, I know I’m dealing with Gildan garbage.

That being said, there are some good designs if you’re willing to sift.

(Note it’s pretty much impossible for me to go through everything on bigcartel/etsy/depop/redbubble/rageon/paom/etc., so I won’t.)


Happy Monday

All their designs are stolen, but like… the original artists weren’t selling ’em as apparel in the first place. So who cares? Welcome to capitalism.



Jelly Momo Shop

This is the same minimally busy shit you can find in 30 other stores (and 5 in this post), but I’m a sucker for it.




I said I wasn’t gonna fuck with etsy, but I like these guys, so…



Anti-Senpai Senpai Squad

According to popular incel forum, r/malefashionadvice/, there’s nothing douchier than wearing a hoddie or blazer over some cheap graphic tee. So do that with these.





Cherry Cheezy

This chick is fucking nuts, in a “feeling cute, might delete my entire online presence and then shoot your dog later” kinda way. I wish her shit wasn’t so fucking fire tho.

In case she ever gets back on her meds, I’m leaving the link up, but it might be a bit.



Kinwa Monster

These guys are great, but they play up the “we’re not degenerates” angle too much, by also providing products that don’t wanna make nuns spit on you.

And who could really say no to this?




Omocat technically belongs in the group below, but they’re mainstream, which makes them boring.







Boomslank is as good as it gets. It’s not for everyone, but neither is happiness.

…What I’m saying is, open up your wallets; these kids deserve love.



Ocean In Space

If there’s anything that screams “only someone who wants to be a cute girl would wear this, because a cute girl would never wear this”, it’s Ocean In Space. Fucking love this eyesore nonsense.




A collab-focused outfit, Bibisama is more miss than hit. It also misvalues its audience, since the only time this attention-whoring apparel has any import is when its wearer has been deemed to not be worthy of attention at all.

Model-chan, gain about 200 pounds and let’s talk. Till then, I’m gonna have to ask you to give up your right to that shirt. (It is a good shirt, though.)




Call Me the Louie Vuitton Con

That’s all I’ve got in my bookmarks on this computer. LMK if I missed anything important.

Maybe I’ll do a real post next, lmao.

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  1. This is the content I crave.
    Agreed, you really should have models that are at lest the same size as the audience that is going to wear the item.


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