Good Music Video Animes (Not Anime Music Videos)

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I watched a few MyAnimeList-recognized music videos, ranked them, and now you get a post.

Specifically, I watched 1,370.

And hated most.

We can get into MAL in another post, or in the comments if you want. But for the casual person reading this, all you need to know about that statistic is that even if I had only ever watched music videos, I would still be the greatest anime fan of all time.

Objective weeb royalty.



Dangerously Based Taste

Music videos and commentary, what more could you want from a post? We’ll skip the stats & analysis cuz that shit’s for nerds. This time the content’s in the curation.


Note 1: Turn the CCs on if you want, most of these have subs, although they are -across the board- fucking awful.

Note 2: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: Parallel Works 1 & 2, and Macross F Music Clip Shuu: Nyankuri were a bit too lengthy to be included in this post, but they are worthy of endorsement. Take a trip to your local Nyaa if you’ve got the time.



Nine Outta Tens

My girl

If you fuck with these, then you can fuck with me.

And if you wanna fuck with me, but don’t fuck with these vids, then feel free to lie to my face about it. <3

Spoiler for

[2020] – Zetsubou Funsai Shoujo ∞ Amida

This had a better step-sequence than Eva did. Don’t trust over 30, indeed.



[2018] – Out Of My Head

This is the one music video I’ll give a high score primarily for the music. The animation itself reminds me what you get at (good) raves like at Sakuracon where there’s weeb video to distract you from the sight of other weebs.

Plus the aesthetic? Yeah. Speaking of, I got some sick threads at San Japan’s artist alley from apocalyssart. Figured I’d plug some good stuff while I got the memory for it.


One guy in line at her booth asked her if she was from Canada (because that’s where Asians come from these days?), which I think she took quite a bit of offense at. No worries, girl, I can tell a California railworker’s daughter when I see one. 😉



[2019] – Ring no Seraph

I’ve had enough valentina in my life for my love of wrestling to be considered pure-blooded. This is the only good thing to come out of a Vocaloid video, other than Scott.



[2015] – Ainone

Evaluate this as a trailer for the live-action movie Swallowtail Butterfly (1996). Then, don’t bother watching the source material cuz it’s too old.



[2020] – Mister Jewel Box

The theme of this vid hit deep. Kinda like how I play a pretty boy on the internet so people will take me seriously, when I’m really just a 16-year-old girl with wrist scars and an Instagram account. I just want someone to treat me like an adult. :(

(DMs on Discord open, daddies.)



[2021] – Shin Gengou Nyankogelion

It’s the Eva OP but they’re all cats, and the chick who sang the original OP only says “nya”. Literally what the fuck else could you want?



[2014] – Spunky Afro Tiger Jet

I heard Elliot Rodger watched this before he committed jihad.



[2019] – Watashi no Tenshi

It cannot be overstated how much I fucking love Cloverworks. Like yeah, the video is just pretty cut-outs being danced across the screen like babby’s first stop motion… But look at that fucking art.

If you don’t wanna smile, then don’t watch this. But if you *really* didn’t want to smile, then why’d you click on a D_S post? Gotcha. Press play.



[2020] – Yummy Yummy Yummy

It ends before it gets bad, which is more than I can say for Shokugeki no Soma.



Eight Outta Tens

For the sake of giving the people what they want (which is more of my opinions) I’ll also comment on the 8/10’s.

Maybe you just need something to distract you from the sunrise guillotine~

Spoiler for

[2020] – Magic

Pretty. Good.



[2019] – Kirameki Inokori Daisensou

I chose to interpret this as a shoujo-ai.



[2020] – Ruru-chan no Jisatsu Haishin

Makes you wanna bomb a bluetooth tower.



[2012] – Nosferatu

How’s your evening going?



[2020] – Muteki-kyuu*Believer / Mirai Harmony

I think I hate this chick, but credit’s due where it’s due. Nicely done.



[2020] – Sakugasaku

I am so easy to be pandered to.



[2021] – Gunjou Sanka

Mediocre comf, but those KnK glasses are a triumph <3



[2021] – Heikousen

This is an effective commercial for chocolate. In America, the closest we have is the Hershey’s “she’s your daughter, not your date” campaign.



[2017] – Ikezu

It’s 51 seconds. Watch it start to finish. (Volume warning.)



[2021] – Unison

Marine is everything r/femaledatingstrategy/ isn’t. What a blessed MV.



[2017] – Kawaiku Naritai

Same vibes as “Watashi no Tenshi”, but pretty girls with boyfriends are worse than pretty girls with little sisters.



[2021] – Mune no Kemuri

Yeah, there’s furries in this, and yeah, they have theatrical sex performances on Kindergarten Wednesdays at your local library. So what, bigot?



[2017] – Cobalt Memories

I’m surprised Jun Maeda didn’t direct this, on account of how paint-by-numbers the drama is.

That being said, it’s healthy to clean out your tear ducts every now and again, so fuck the haters.




And that’s the post. Enjoy the +1’s. Might have another one this week to officially kick off Spookymore.

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  1. Woah. That first one deserves a series or at least a movie. Interesting premise (tho probably done a thousand times before, but idk, my knowledge about weeb cartoons is hardly encyclopedic), at least more interesting than anything currently or recently airing. And don’t get me started about the original depression-but-in-cartoons series, Evangelion – the last 2 movies were horrifying. As in, horrifying that they actually released that mess.

    • I consider Shinji a mainstay in my top 10. I’ve honestly been holding off on the Eva movies for a marathon – planning for this Christmas holiday. You telling me it’ll disappoint harder than the past decade?

  2. it would be insanely hilarious to compare all 3 of the cross channel translations because all of them are shit with 1 being translated by a schizo


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