Tales of Arise AKA Roots: Weeb Edition

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George Floyd died for this? :/


God Bless Pepsi

While we’re on the subject of me being horny for fake women, apparently I forgot to finish my Berseria review the other year. Game’s a 10/10.

As you probably inferred, I did not, in fact, protest my boredom by capitulating to the allure of the write. We went to a casino instead.

Although shit was very much picrel, it was far less degenerate than hobnobbing with anime con hobgoblins.


Here’s several other (recent!) drafts I never finished:

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    • It’s like an 8 out 10, but I’m ashamed of my Sankaku search history, so I’ve gotta give it a 1.
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I’ve got over 200 of these fucking things, so maybe I’ll go through and see what’s postable as an Archives version. I know you’re starving for my sagacity, but Salaryman x Pandemic was not a productive collaboration. Also, I’m lazy as fuck.

Come sleep away with me~




Racism Is Bad the Anime

I’m gonna spoil the story here cuz if you play the game and get your hopes up, it’s only gonna hurt more than knowing what to expect.

If you don’t want spoilers, because you want to preserve the “narrational purity” of the game, then just think of the plot as dollar-store Star Wars and you’ll be about 95% of the way there.

Spoiler for

The game takes place on a planet called Dahna. Another planet’s (Rena’s) life force became sentient and decided to mind control a bunch of shapeshifting super sentai grunts in order to implement its grand plan to eat Dahna’s life force. This is accomplished by:

  1. Kidnapping the humans on Dahna who are most likely to be able to use magical powers
  2. Making these kidnapped humans believe they’re inherently superior to the other humans (which they, objectively, are)
  3. Creating institutional racism on Dahna and enslaving the normal human race so the superior humans can like… harvest spirit energy from the pain and suffering of their newfound slaves?
    • It’s dumb, I know.

With that backdrop in place, Arise’s plot involves you going from uninspired backdrop to uninspired backdrop, freeing the slaves and teaching them that not all of their former captors are evil, so maybe don’t lynch every single one of them.

I get it didn’t work for Haiti, but come on. No fun allowed.





All the standard stereotypes are here, but they’re better than normal cuz the characters are older so there’s less chuuni cringe. That being said, I was not terribly impressed.


The Mascot: Hururu

Hururu is great, but his name is localized to Hootle so whenever he hururu~‘s the subtitles say “hoot”. This is problematic because it annoys me.


The Beach Volleyball Autist: Kisara

Kisara is an onee-san type with obvious yandere potential that the game then goes out of its way to deny. Boo.

Her most interesting characteristic is that she only has armor on her front half so you have incentive to put her on the front line.

It’s official art in my heart.

Normally I would appreciate this design, but I was able to augment her personality with the bikini DLC, so it kinda fell by the wayside.


“Cheer Up, Emo Kid”: Shionne

Shionne likes to eat, but she’s skinny, and that makes up about 90% of the comedy in the game.


She’s also immortal, but that plays 0 part in the story so I’m not even marking it as a spoiler. Wasted_potential.exe


The Rest

IDK, they exist, I suppose?




(Poor) Game Design

Some of the most heated discussions around this game concern the predatory DLC practices. While previous Tales of games had similar DLC, Tales of Arise is a bit different in that the gameplay highly encourages you to throw your hands up in frustration and buy the assist. It’s only $12 for 40 levels! Do you really want to spend 15 hours grinding to that point naturally, or does an hour of wagie work sound better?

I could go into a rant about exactly why developing your game under the assumption that everyone is using the pay-to-win DLC could lead to gameplay imbalances that negatively affect the player experience…

Just use Cheat Engine or FLiNG Trainer tbh

But that’s not nearly the worst part of this game. The fish-gating is.



Yup, Tales of Arise has a fishing mini-game.

And it sucks.

Why the fuck are the Japanese so fucking obsessed with fish? Every goddamn fucking RPG I come across this bullshit.

This haunts my dreams.

In Arise, two achievements and two titles are gated behind this hobbyist hackery. For the record, those are the only cheevs I didn’t get, other than the one that you get for knowing how to fucking dodge counter.

Only cowards block or dodge.

Worse, it’s play-to-win. Under Bamco’s normal business model, I would be able to just throw $5 at my screen to get the dopamine mines running again.

But here, if you want to catch the best fish, you’ll need the best rods, and you can only get the best rods by catching other fish. It’s a vicious cycle where you are rewarded for how well you do in the minigame, and literal gameplay content is locked behind the fishwall. Unacceptable.

Okay the mine’s are running again, damn this pic’s cute.




A shit lolcalization from the retards at Keywords Studios

Here are some of the dumbest lines I captured when I was awake enough to click the screenshot button in time:

Spoiler for

There’s a fuckton more I didn’t bother including above, but you can trust this is an objectively awful effort. The pronouns are more screwed up than a zoomer’s twitter profile, translations often make no sense, and the grammar is about as consistent as a soggy graham cracker. Garbage.




Other Stuff

Sidequests are an afterthought

Nothing in the game is missable, which is nice, but there’s no real point to tracking anything down, whether it be sidequests or hidden items. At its core, the game only cares about its main story, which makes everything else feel lifeless.


Mob battles get too grindy to be fun

Maybe learning the battle system would have made my experience better, but when I play J-RPGs I just wanna sit back, mash buttons, and admire the assthetics I paid extra $ for.

Making every battle a mini-boss you gotta punch on for a couple minutes is tedious, and in order to get good drops you have to constantly be fighting battles and ignoring overworld chatter (which can be lengthy commentary on story events) cuz otherwise you’ll “drop the combo”.


Feels like there’s 20 hours worth of game missing.

The game keeps hyping up this second world that you’ll get to explore. So when you finally lift off your home planet, it’s reasonable to assume that you’re at the halfway point, rather than right before the final fucking boss. Based on character interactions and how one-note they are, it feels like quite a bit of content was cut in the name of “streamlining”.

It took me 40 hours to finish everything, although when I reached the final dungeon I did say “fuck it” and blitzed that shit with a cheat table. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


The game starts off with a bang – slavery! murder! and dare we hope for… rape?!

Yet it ends with a whimper. Imagine ending things with a fucking spirit bomb of all things. Also, there was 0 rape, rendering an entire girlboss’s existence pointless.

RIP, you red-headed nutcracker~


Speaking of Almeidra…

There’s this entire sequence of the game where our girl gets captured and an angry mob tries to burn her alive.

But trick’s on them, she played Mirror Force right as they were getting super racist, so their racism backfired and liquefied them.

This is apparently the worst thing ever (?) and one of the characters (Rinwell) attempts to kill her, but then another party member (Law) stops her cuz “violence won’t solve anything!”

The party then proceeds to slaughter their way through a ship of pacifists (they literally just want to chill in the ocean till they can return to Space Berlin) and beat Almeidra within an inch of her life. Then she gets stabbed and dumped in the ocean.

Rip ;_;7


On a positive note, at least the headpats are nice.




tl;dr – 7/10

Never bring a carrot to a sword fight.

The game starts off by insisting it’s a hard-8, but it ends up being a soft-7. No penis jokes here, Crymore is a family-friendly website.

Someone needs to tell that to all those rude Boku no My Hero Academia fans. (((゜Д゜;)))


Updated Tales rankings, good taste edition:

  1. Tales of Berseria [10/10]
  2. Tales of Vesperia [10/10]
  3. Tales of Symphonia [9/10]
  4. Tales of Xillia [8/10]
  5. Tales of Xillia 2 [8/10… I think? I forgot where I rank this tbh]
  6. Tales of Arise [7/10]
  7. Tales of Graces [6/10]
  8. Tales of the Abyss [5/10]
  9. Tales of Zestiria [2/10]
  10. Tales of Hearts [1/10]

If you get nothing else out of this post, then get this: Tales of Berseria is a good game for bad people. So play that instead and shower me with praise for my great recommendation. <3


11 thoughts on “Tales of Arise AKA Roots: Weeb Edition”

  1. I take it I’m not far enough to be able to open that spoiler tag, right? (I just filled out all six members of my party.)

    I don’t have fishing yet. Am I missing it?

    You seriously played the entire game with swimsuits. Of course you did. I prefer to put Noble Ash on Shionne, personally.

    Also, I saw that Nier screenshot. Good taste. Did you ever finish getting the rest of the endings in Replicant?

    • You’ll know when you’re far enough in because you’re gonna throw your hands up like “really, that’s what I played this fucking game for?”

      Fishing comes up later, yes. Unmissable. The game wants you to complete the mini-game, but you can give up if you have no shame.

      Honestly, the male bathwear comes from an end-game sidequest, so it’s less that I played the entire game with it on than I actually played the game through twice, because I barely grabbed any screens from my first playthrough and I realized I wanted to make a post about it lol.

      For Nier, I wanted to get all the endings, but then I realized I hated the game, so I didn’t. Maybe if Nier was a cute girl and Yoko Taro wasn’t a shit director, things coulda been different. ;_;

  2. Cheat Engine? I’m more of a Trainer guy myself. Gotta use that second monitor for something. Also it has insta-fishing (https://flingtrainer.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/1-15.png), which beats your shitty Table.
    Story? Never has there even been a good story. I can imagine one myself and have more fun doing so. Do you even roleplay bro? It’s the genre of the game for crying out lewd!
    Localization? I skip the cutscenes and just put on an early episode of Lucky Star as substitute.
    Pepsi is disgusting, can’t even taste it (or anything else) after the first sip. Go to your fridge cabinet and take a little nibble of butter. Taste it. Good, probably. Like on a pancake. Now, drink a pepsi, probably with ice. Drink at least half, as long as that takes, so that you have the pepsi mouthfeel. Now take another nibble of butter. You’ll taste nothing.
    What are the political implications of supposedly “diet” softdrinks actually containing compounds that block the taste of fat, so that you can eat egregious amounts of fast food grease and get fat, thus consooming more of their other corporate products?
    Casinos are degenerate.
    I just skip straight ahead to the boss battles in these games. Got a good 10-20 hours out of it. Pirate the DLC. Pirate the OST. Support the game on Epic. No zits given.

    • J-RPGs (ex: Berseria) can have good stories, though I will grant most are just vehicles for tits & blood. Not that that’s a problem.

      My header wasn’t referring to Pepsi itself as much as the Weerd Science song by the same name. That being said, it’s not like I don’t embrace degeneracy – 50’s the cutoff and I don’t have kids; why shouldn’t I have a drink while we circle the drain?

  3. “Nothing in the game is missable, which is nice”

    Technically there is an owl on the ship and if you don’t find it before beating the boss, you miss it.


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