Kainé’s Redesign: The Most Important Part of Nier Replicant

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I know, I know. I haven’t been around much lately. But that’s what happens when you get married and have a kid, you get me? I have a crawling dirt attractor now who loves to injure himself, so I don’t have time to be cool like all of you. Sorry.

But I did have time to play the Nier remake. You see, Dark_Sage and I have an agreement. He buys every game that comes out on Steam, and I play them for free. That’s our great agreement. I can even make requests!


You might not know this, but I really liked the original Nier. Back when Dark_Sage and I were dating, he would lend me all sorts of PS3 games from his physical collection, but held back on Nier, saying, “You wouldn’t like it. You’re too gay to like a game with a protag that looks like this.” But when Automata was coming out, I insisted on playing the original first to prepare myself, and I’m so glad I did.

My favorite character in Nier became my favorite character in any Yoko Taro masterpiece: Kainé. The foul-mouthed lingerie-wearing dual-wielding young lady was 100% my type. The US version glossed over the penis thing, but my wife likes to fuck me with a strap-on, so what’s the difference, amirite?

And this is where the remake lost me. You see, all of the characters got a glow-up. The problem?

Kainé now looks like Michael Jackson.

The nose. The cheekbones. The square, flat face.

Let’s compare the old Kainé to the new Kainé. Because I can’t be real, right? I’m totally not being fair, right?

Look she wasn’t amazing in the original, but she was at least not Michael Jackson!

The only thing that the new version did right with Kainé was by including the original Japanese dub. Or maybe that’s because I don’t need my 8 month old repeating lines like these:

Oh, and on an unrelated note…

Since I don’t have a lot of time to spend on gaming, it was an insult to not get ending C when I had fully expected it. Yes, Yoko Taro, I got all the weapons. Oh, no I didn’t? I ignored the ones that were DLC only because why would they matter? The DLC is utter garbage, so why would I want to play it? I mean, I guess it features Big Boy Daddy Nier, so it gets a pass there.

I guess some people find this attractive, but I wouldn’t turn straight for him.

Look, some of the changes make sense. The game did need to be updated, and it does play a lot more smoothly while still keeping enough of the jankiness that gives it its charm. Devola and Popola now look like their Automata counterparts, and grown-up Yonah is a joy. But the original title was my top game of the last decade, so there was a high bar that I — and other fans — had set for this remake. And I don’t think it quite made it there.

I guess I can find solace in that there are a lot of other great white haired hard-ass bitches in Yoko Taro games. There’s 2B and A2 from Automata, Snow White from SINoALICE, and my favorite, Zero from Drakengard 3.


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  1. After more than 6 months without a new article I was thinking D_S was done with posting new content. Turns out I’m still not wrong.

  2. Listen… children, married, D_S’s ex, etc etc. I don’t care.
    Do you think I take time out of my busy schedule to type in “crymore.net” in order to check for any spicy blogposts from literally-whos like you? NO, I FUCKING DON’T.

    Just put this site out of its misery.

    • Meh. I thought it was a funny take so I wrote it up. Texted D_S to ask if I could write it and he was all “lol”. I don’t have a platform myself so why not? Maybe 5 people could look at it if I posted it here.

      Also, nice job living in the 2000s. Heard of an RSS reader? Gets you notifications so you don’t have to type the URL in to check every day.

      • Or you could just leave it in a tab on your browser like I do. I have half read articles from over a year ago still still open in a tab.

  3. D_s is a useless tool who built a small platform on trolling when they spent what, the better part of what appears to be a decade just reviewing shitty panels or shows, wow how original and not at all embarrassing as hell.
    D_S also is a hack who watches shitty anime like one piece and feels the volume in their balls to give their dial tone opinion on how a con should be run.

  4. D_S, have you seen Link Click (Shiguang Dailiren)?

    It’s a Donghua (Chinese anime, so quite literally a Chinese cartoon) that’s shot up the rankings of MAL recently, all the way to #21. However, both the subs and encode are terrible. This is due to the encode and Western distribution being done by Funimation, with subtitles done by BilliBilli.
    Encode Example: https://slow.pics/c/wcqb3QnY

    Just a few of the issues with the subtitles include:
    Terminology and phrasing throughout the 11 episode series not being consistent, lines being mistimed by up to a full second, next to no typesetting, multiple typos, lines that aren’t translated, inserts that aren’t translated, and lines you can tell were not written by a native English speaker.

    It’s an absolute shit-show, especially coming from prosubs. If you want to check it out, download the Erai-Raws release, as SubsPlease used hardsubbed BilliBilli with Chinese and English both burned in for the first two episodes.

    • Subjecting myself to the combination of insect clicks and screeching metal that is Mandarin is not anywhere close to the top of my to-do list.

      That being said, I actually did download it earlier today, cuz it was ranked so highly. Might give it a shot after San Japan, but I am not looking forward to it.

      Are the errors somewhat entertaining, at least?

      • The show itself is pretty good and there’s a few entertaining errors, but the subtitles will affect your enjoyment of the show quite a bit imo.


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