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  1. http://i.imgur.com/GC36sd4.png
    I…I just…Anime-Koi, how do you fail that hard? There’s a couple ways you could make that sentence correct English, but it’s so stilted and awful you’d be better off scrapping the whole thing. Go with “That’s hilarious, oh God my sides!” or something a high school girl might actually say instead of that steaming pile of a line they think is English.

    • When a man and a woman love each other very much or at least get very drunk, they sometimes take off their clothes and do the sex. This can result in a disease called “pregnancy” in women. The only known acceptable cure is called “going into labor” and the side effect is that a baby is born at the end, nine months later.

    • 1. Experiment with Aegisub. I taught myself karaoke and typesetting by fooling around with styles and tags.

      2. Learn how to time. Yes, there are a lot of timers, but learning how to time makes you more effective at QC. People nowadays put so much stress on the English that they forget to check for scene bleeds. You’ll become much more sensitive to them if you actually have timed before. Not to say you won’t spot them otherwise, of course.

      3. Communicate. When I was learning how to use mocha, I bugged Xythar so many times even though we weren’t technically in the same fansubbing groups. (We are now.) If you can make connections with the people in your groups or even not in your groups, you’ll have a range of opinions. I asked lyger at the beginning of last season “what do you usually use for padding on the default style?” It was a random question, but an important one.

      • Woah, that was quite the extensive reply. Thank you. Just curious: What did you experiment on? Did you mess around with certain releases? Or did you just try to start from scratch again?

        • I just tried random tag combinations, to be honest. I did karaoke styling and effects first, which meant typesetting came pretty easily. Demuxing releases didn’t help me much, because a lot of fancy karaoke is hardsubbed. There’s a lot of great stuff on YouTube that really helped me read through tag combinations and lua.

    • I don’t believe .moe domains are available for purchase yet. I’ll consider grabbing that domain for the lulz if available, but I don’t think I’ll freak out about saving $20 if someone else grabs it.

  2. I have a question for the technically inclined out there. I use Avidemux to cut anime clips like this one. Unfortunately, the subs are often far off from the proper timing, which is especially evident in the typesetting seen here. I suspect this is because Avidemux uses libass, whereas most fansubbers optimize for xy-VSFilter. Does anyone know of a way to make Avidemux use xy-VSFilter, a similar program that uses it, or at the least some way to edit the subs so that they work correctly with libass?

      • Yeah, for some reason, Avidemux seems to be layering libass’s output 0.75 seconds earlier than when it should appear. It isn’t libass’s fault, it’s Avidemux’s.

        That being said, shifting the subtitles 0.75 seconds forward will solve the problem, but a better solution is to not use Avidemux.

        • Yeah, I looked for some option to set the delay on subs, but the only thing I could find was audio. And do you have any suggestions for other programs? The only reason I’m using this was because someone else said this would be a good option; I don’t know much about video editors.

          • I don’t know much either, though I’d end up using Avisynth myself.

            Also, you could load the .ass in Aegisub and shift there as another option.

  3. Does anyone else feel the urge to punch out the screen when seeing the funimation logo appear at the beginning of an episode?

    Being terrible is one thing, but they act like they’re PROUD of what they do…

    • I don’t know about you, but I love the minute and a half of intro that accompanies my officially subbed anime. It’s a whole ‘nother 1.5 minutes I don’t have to think about how my father’s going to beat me when he gets back home from the bar~

  4. Whimsical translations for shows I’ll never sub anyway, Part III of ∞
    I lost myself chasing my dreams deep in the forest of my heart
    A spring clearer than any mirror just reflects my twisted smile
    The tears I shed aren’t gold or silver
    Not even a goddess would care for my ordinary tears
    Chasing chasing dreams that come true
    Keep chasing chasing to break your own record best yet again
    Yeah, become your ideal self and let the fire in your heart burn!
    Run straight through it all, you hero!
    Let the fire in your heart burn!

  5. Can you generally use a non-American style guide when you write in American English or does it only apply to quotation mark placements?

    • Not 100% on what you’re asking, but there are a few things that nobody cares about mixing and matching. Obviously, most spelling should be standardized to its dominant form in whatever variant of English you’re using… and you should make sure the idioms you use are consistent with the English style you’re aiming for… but you can mix grammar up pretty easily, especially since quotation marks are about the only difference.

      I’d really need to see examples of what you’re talking about. I can tell you whether or not they’d be acceptable/tolerated by an American audience.

  6. Does anyone know how much money it actually costs to make an anime series? The budget is never the same and each series has its own production costs. Does anyone know the figures or pipeline of work? Any websites or links?

    • Well, obviously the cost varies, and the prices have changed with the years (as you might expect), but the general range is probably between $100k and $300k per episode, seen in the link below:


      You go below $100k an episode, and you’ve got a bare bones production on your hands. Go the other way, above $300k an episode, and that’s quite a hefty series you’re putting together. For example, look at this Kickstarter for Trigger’s second episode of Little Witch Academia:


      The amount they wanted to raise was $150k, but that wasn’t for the the full production of the episode. They already had a 20-minute episode planned (as can be seen on that page). That $150k was for an additional 15 minutes added to the episode. At that general rate, you can roughly figure the cost of that episode to be $350k (although I’m sure it’s not a perfect example). The original episode of LWA was budgeted at $370k, as can be seen in this link:


      So yeah, that’s the general cost of anime on a per episode basis. As for the pipeline of work and all that, well, that’s a decent-sized breakdown, and one that’s not all that easy to find in English. There’s part of a breakdown of the cost to produce Bamboo Blade floating around on the internet in Japanese:


      Crunchyroll also did a breakdown in 2011, which you’ll be able to see once they stop doing maintenance:


      Also, here’s a bunch of shows (both anime and not, localized and not) in Japanese, the cost listed as the price to either make the first episode or OVA (in the first list only). The second and third lists are the entire production costs/budget. The lists after that… idk, they don’t seem relevant and I don’t feel like trying to translate them, lol.

      Also, it should be noted that all budgets are given to the studio to produce a work. The funds don’t come from the studio itself in most cases. Originally, series were funded by TV stations for the most part. Now (post-2000s), they are funded by production committees comprised of various potential benefactors that all contribute to the collective budget for any given series.

  7. For anyone who thought Mahouka’s plot sucks but the magic effects are pretty cool, I recommend watching the second arc. IIRC it has the best action:holy-god-they-don’t-stop-talking ratio and if they don’t run out of budget there should be some cool stuff.

    -Fair Warning- The plot might be worse than the first arc…

  8. If you had to include internet slang (lol/wtf/rofl/etc.) in dialogue, how would you write it?
    If you can, take into consideration cases where the word is spelled out (e.g. double-you tee eff) and cases where the word is pronounced (e.g. lawl, roffle).

    And I’m addressing anybody who cares enough to think about this. The more opinions, the better.

    • Oh, no. He didn’t get a permaban. He can still visit the site, and he can post. I just put him in akismet’s database as a spammer, so anything he posts gets auto-deleted on Crymore (and potentially other sites). The wasted effort on his part is so much more satisfying than an IP ban.

  9. Do you plan to review the persona 3 movie subs? Wanted to know if it was worth it to buy the Aniplex release or not. Posted this here b/c I don’t know where else it should go.

  10. Obviously Dark_Sage isn’t going to review it, so I’ll ask everyone else: Is anyone worth checking out doing Date Alive season 2? My main prerequisite is being better than funi.

    • I’ve been watching FFF for Date a Live 2. I think they are doing an original translation and it has been good enough so far. Definitely better than the one episode of Funimation subs that I watched. I guess the only downside is that they can be a bit slow on releases but I think they are pretty much on track with releases now.

      • I don’t mind slow since I’ll pick up batches of all the season’s anime I want to watch after the season ends. Only anime I’m watching as it airs are NGNL and Nanana.


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