HMux is a GUI for mkvmerge that allows the user to be super lazy. It’s designed specifically for my needs as part of Hiryuu, but some features should be fairly useful to other people too. Info: Separate fields for each input, as to help the forgetful. Drag & drop ready. Automatically names tracks and gives … Read more

Nisemonogatari Episode 3 – Script and How to Not Edit Like a Fuckwit (Part 1/2)

One of Commie’s editors, whose editing I disparaged in my Nisemonogatari review, took great offense to my implication that editing a Crunchyroll script wasn’t hard. So I decided to see if he was right. This is the result.

Note that it’s really long, but if you care about editing, it won’t be a valueless read.

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How to QC

What you need to be a QC: Rudimentary understanding of English Eyes Enough anti-depressants to kill a horse As quality checker, you might think that you have an easy job ahead of you. After all, this is pretty much the last step in the process* and your co-fansubbers all put a good amount of effort … Read more