Translation Review: [HorribleSubs] Kantai Collection – 01

Yes, you are probably all wondering why I’ve been absent for so long. The truth is I have gotten into some legal trouble:


They got me for tax evasion.

But I struck a deal with the feds, and hopefully they won’t discover my other flashdrive.

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Translation Party: [AsukaSubs vs Commie vs HorribleSubs vs Kantai] Kantai Collection – KanColle (Episode 01)

Special thanks to Darais for fixing my fuck-ups on this party, and to puddi, ofc, for having made the parties possible in the first place. Have some KanColle.

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Winter 2015 Anime Preview: Part 3, Originality is Relative

As the “cute girls doing cute things” epidemic rages unchecked across Japan’s TV screens, those of us with me-tier taste will have to bide our time until anime gets good again. There are a few decent hold-overs this season, though.

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