Fansub Review: [HiNA-Wasurenai] Hen Zemi (Episode 01)

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This is the most confusing show I’ve ever seen.

The OP was instrumental. The ED was a regular ED but it was not TL’d. So, uhh, no screenshots for y’all. I was told the ED will be in their v2. I’m assuming my suggestions will make it into their v2 as well?

Um, no.

That’s right. That stairway is Black Panty Shooter Ichikawa’s experimental grounds.

I’m not really a fan of “experimental grounds”, but I’m going with that because it sounds better.

This, quite frankly, did not make too much sense in the show.

Most people watching this are going to associate hentai with porn. How about you translate it to the context in which it’s used by the show?

Repetition. Repetition.

I’m sorry Professor, but the submission date

That’s how you comma.

I’m tilting my head, still trying to make sense of this.

alright -> all right

It’s coming off the first scene, so the second line should be uncapped.

This is a question.

That you were wearing what? Oh, what. Yeah, maybe that’s the word you were looking for.

Overall grade: ?

Perhaps more important than the English errors I pointed out is the over brain rape I received from the show. I may just be stupid, but this shit confused me, hardcore. Grade is subject to change based on IB’s release of this show. If I get as confused there as I did here, I’ll take it to mean that I’m just stupid.

Also, this is another one of those 12-minute shows.

Edit: Like three people on Hina-Wasu’s staff have talked to me, mentioning that it was indeed a confusing script. Take my review with a grain of salt until you see my review for [IB], is about the best advice I can give.

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Sunny says:


Isn’t it obvious why I used that?

Also, isn’t alright a word?

>I’m tilting my head, still trying to make sense of this.

Allow me to break it down. ‘Even if I skip all the other lectures and sacrifice the time I spend on going home, aren’t I still present for this lecture?’

>Last error


Might as well fix them in the v2 :3

In addition, I’d like to reiterate that the show makes very little sense to begin with, and the Japanese isn’t quite natural either, thus it’s pretty easy to make translation mistakes.

Dark_Sage says:

Yeah, I know the reason. I’m just running out of taglines. ;_;

All right is favored over alright because “all right” is universally accepted, but “alright” is looked down upon as nonstandard in a number of circles. So your choice is between “always right” and “sometimes wrong”. You don’t lose anything by using “all right” as your standard, so it’s preferable to go with that.

My confusion lies with “and sacrifice the time I spend on going home”. Does this mean he stays at school so he doesn’t go back home? Does it mean he stays at home so he doesn’t have to back home from school? I’m not all that smart, so I’m still confused about this.

I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who was confused by the show.

Sean says:

Of course I haven’t a clue what the Japanese is, but I think what he’s saying is: “Even if I skip all the other lectures and go home instead, aren’t I still here for this seminar?” I can’t really make sense of it any other way. Wait, is he saying he’s spending all his time drawing manga in the seminar room? Then maybe: “Even if I skip all the other lectures and spend all my time here, aren’t I still here for this seminar?” Or “… lectures and stay here after hours, ….” Even if the word “home” is in the Japanese, that doesn’t mean the translation has to include the English word; the important thing is the meaning.

Repetitionrepetition could be fixed with an ellipsis, given the halting nature of her speech:

“… it’s because I … probably because I …”

Pretty much everything else Dark_Sage is on target. Especially “alright”.

Sunny says:

Spot on.

I’m not very sure about the ‘Professor’ comma, but I’ll just shut up for now.

Sean says:

Professor: *definitely* no comma after “but”. Actually there should also be a comma *before* “Professor”:

I’m sorry, Professor, but the submission date…

corocoro says:

Dark_Sage is right about the comma.
It’s debatable whether there should be one before “Professor” – both are grammatically correct. I’d go with no comma personally.

Sean says:

Actually, corocoro, the word “Professor” acts as a parenthetical phrase (just like your name in this very sentence!), and needs commas both fore and aft. See

Sunny says:

Englis be srs bsns

Sean says:

And I’m not even an English teacher! (Though my mom was.)

Dark_Sage’s first mistake was when he didn’t ban me after my first post.

Sean says:

By the way, Sunny, I couldn’t get the BACON font working. The one included (along with the BAKE one) shows up as invisible or white-on-white or empty or something. So the episode title showed up as a row of little empty boxes. Opening the font itself in Font Book (on a Mac), it appears to be all white or something.

Maybe next time you could try a different font, perhaps something slightly more standard. (As a friend of mine who works in a university art school says, you don’t have to use every crayon in the box ;-) )

Sunny says:

I have a thing for exotic stuff…

I’ll look into it :3

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