Fansub Review: [IB] Hen Zemi (Episode 01)

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Good English means nothing when a show is poorly translated. Hina-Wasurenai’s version may have better English (as expected of Sunny and crew), but Interrobang’s version actually makes sense, and that’s the bottom line.

More like “I won’t stop you, but…”

showing them out of the kindness of my heart.

Please don’t understimate my work.

Yes, I get that he’s being indirect, but you can say they’re panties he’s talking about. Indirectness doesn’t always add value to a script.

Nice TLNote. Capitalize Chinese and learn how to semicolon.

do you think that you’re a cute and pure girl, just like some heroine from a manga?

Capitalize “professor” for sure. It’s being used in place of the dude’s name.

I was told to pretend like this never happened because “lol, Aegisub”

lol, thinking I would leave this screenshot alone.

than Mizukoshi-senpai is.

Oh my.

underboob. One word. I know from having searched this on Google many times.

<&Amanatsu> if there are alrights in my scripts, its cuz im being lazy

Why capitalize it once and not the other time? I don’t understand the logic.


Overall grade: C+

This is the version to get so far, even if the English is wonky. (Even the Hina-Wasurenai staff couldn’t understand their own version.)

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Nitemare says:

It makes me happy to see you recommending the version that makes more sense over the version with better English, since I know I would feel the same way about that. Thanks again for these reviews. They save me time, and I enjoy the time I spend on your site as well.

Chevy787 says:

“underboob. One word. I know from having searched this on Google many times.”
That is why you’re a sage.

Sean says:

Tiny quibble: the Mizukoshi line really ought to be “… different level from Mizukoshi-senpai’s.” Or, if you’re British, “different … to” (though like a handful of Britishisms, that’s really an abomination in the eyes of the FSM).

skullking123 says:

Must not have enough perverts in HiNA since they can’t understand a perverted show :/

Revy-chan says:

Nothing about pervertedness, it’s more that the way they speak is really fcuked up.

Sunny says:

I’m a pure child.

Wintereise says:

>Pure Child

The whole of HiNA staff would like to apologize for their lying leader.

Sunny says:

Disregard Wintereise, he’s a Barbie doll.

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