Fansub Review: [Underwater-Commie] Astarotte no Omocha (Episode 02)

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Sorry to ILMNW or w/e the group’s name is. I was wrong for knocking you about the title translations. Apparently they’re just terrible Engrish.

OP/ED. Good stuff.

You don’t seem worried, nor do you seem surprised


You seem neither worried nor surprised

That’s how you do it, because this phrasing is shit and unnatural.

If you’re gonna herp and derp about how “queen” can’t be capitalized, then at least follow your own goddamn rules.

Olav the Butler, at your service.

I’m sure you can see why.

Edit: No, apparently you guys are blind. I made “Olav the Butler” into a super-awesome title because it fits the ballsiness of the show. If you want to be faggots about it, then try saying the current line out loud. It doesn’t sound good at all. Perhaps an “I’m” before Olav would make it sound better?


Overall grade: A-

So far, they’re the best subs I’ve seen on this show.

I heard SFW was good, so I’ll have to check theirs out.

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random says:

[pwq] is pretty good for this too.

anon says:

Unless you’re saying multiple resources and professional editors are wrong and can provide evidence to support that claim, “the princess” alone doesn’t need to be capitalized. You also don’t capitalize “the butler” because it isn’t a formal title. It’s a descriptor. Commas are fine.

Also, outside of 2-3 special cases, why do people put commas and periods outside of quotations for that matter? Not that I care if it’s for consistency, but it’s a little strange.

Dark_Sage says:

For the butler comment refer to my post to Brainchild. I made it a formal title on purpose.

etc. etc.

Marcomm doesn’t even argue your point. Did you even read your link?

Anyway, at this point it’s clear that it’s a stylistic difference. I don’t intend to be such a faggot about styles, so I’m changing my review and updating the post. Forgive my faggotry.

awza says:

what it comes down to are their translation’s accuracy and style such as literal or liberal. i hope you can get your tler to see which group has which.

Brainchild says:

My usage of “nor” is correct.

“The princess” is a common noun.

The comma after Olav may be omitted depending on the context and how he said the line. To be honest, I just saw ellipses in the CR script and replaced them with commas, but “butler” shouldn’t be capitalized.

Dark_Sage says:

The line sounds like shit. I fixed it. No more, no less.

It should be capitalized if you understand anything about good writing. It’s not Vlad the impaler, it’s Vlad the Impaler. I just spruced his name up because it reads like shit with your haphazard comma usage.

Sean says:

>My usage of “nor” is correct.

No it’s not. And Dark_Sage’s suggestions are both awkward. The line should be:

You don’t seem worried or surprised, Master Naoya.

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