Fansub Review: [FFFpeeps] Yondemasu yo Azazel-san (Episode 02)

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Yup, catching up on my review backlog.

OP/Typesetting. No ED this episode.

This is a question, so use a question mark. Also, learn to place lines ABOVE the scrolling text at the bottom.

Too long for the line.

“An eminent professor wants us to find his puppy, eh?”

Again, too long.

“It’s not like I have any worth.” works just fine.

“won’t you” means this sentence needs a question mark.


This line doesn’t make too much sense. If I had to guess, the meaning would be “Demons can hide their appearances at will!” which would additionally lend comedy, because he just got the disguise smacked right off his face.


Overall grade: B-

I think they mostly need to work on making lines that are readable within the given time. The ones I pointed out were only a few out of ~six. That’s not acceptable.

There were some extremely clever lines, though. I wanted to say I’d be sticking with IB’s, due to their portrayal of Azazel as a Mexican (why would they do this? fuck if I know, but the lulz are there), but with lines such as

“He’s right fucking there” (trust me, you had to be there for this one) or calling someone a “dung diablo”, they’ve solidly earned my recommendation.

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kojika says:

“Feces is singular.”

Not true. Faeces (feces) is the plural form of faex, and there is no equivalent singular form in English. It is what is known as a plurale tantum; i.e., a noun that is plural only.

Dark_Sage says:

Legit. I was under the impression it was a mass noun, but I guess it does follow some shitty plurale tantum rule.

awza says:

i rather have the line fully translated than cut some words so that it would read easier. i’ll be sticking with FFFpeeps since i like it more literal. since you’re a more liberal person, you would favor a more liberal translation like IB’s version.

kyonyUU says:

> “more liberal person”

awza says:


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