Fansub Review: [gg] Moshidora (Episode 01v2)

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A baseball anime? Fuck everything about this.


Typesetting because people keep bitching about how I don’t spend time on typesetting in my reviews. “OMG IT’S SO IMPORTANT!”

Fuck you, no it’s not. But I’ll include it anyway, because I love you. <3

She says “ie” here. How the fuck did you get “I’m sorry?” This is entirely irrelevant to the context. You can use it like that when the gist is “I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you. Could you repeat that?” but that’s not at all what’s happening here. ._.

Okay, I don’t watch baseball. I don’t give a shit about baseball or any of the other fucking sports that people consistently orgasm over. But I at least know how people speak when they talk about. Inning is not necessary. It’s already implied, so go with the more natural phrasing.

We went into the top of the 7th with a two-run lead.

Again, you don’t need “base” here. It’s already implied and less natural to include it.

Back in grade school,

By the time we entered junior high,

We used to play baseball together,



For the first time in my life, {assuming this line is even right, which it’s not}

Spot the theme here.

I’m sure this was intentional, but you don’t get bonus points for trying to fail.

Yes, I realize “Oh hell” is a phrase. That’s not the problem. It’s a phrase no one would ever use like this unless they were a 40-year-old housewife living in the country.

What the hell is this line? You know, I thought she was talking about an actual fucking bat here until I watched the flashback.

“Do you remember {back in elementary school }when you made the game-winning hit in the city tournament finals?”

It was the first time in my life I felt such a rush.

I missed the first pitch to make the pitcher think I was easy.

Again, let’s go with natural language. Not “the nationals”. Just “nationals”.


Overall grade: B-

gg did well enough for a show of this quality.

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Jukey says:

Are you calling me a 40 year old housewife?

Dark_Sage says:

Yes. Yes, I am.

SlySpy says:

Are you implying that I’m retarded because I’m an avid Baseball fan?(the orgasm bit is true)Also, if by any chance bhowrath asks you to review this week’s release, don’t. Unless we do a v2.

quixotic says:

Who’s on first base?

King says:

“Inning is not necessary. It’s already implied, so go with the more natural phrasing.”

“Again, you don’t need “base” here. It’s already implied and less natural to include it.”

Lmao you really just didnt say that you’ve obviously never watched a lick of baseball. Turn on a game and listen to the broadcast commentary sometime. Gg got it right. Announcers are always repeating what inning it is and how many on base exct..

Dark_Sage says:



You can repeat this all you want. It’s natural, sure. I didn’t hold it against them, I just felt it needed to be pointed out that’s it not as good as it could be. You’re looking at a line that’s used and another that’s used 28 times as much. You tell me which is best.

wat says:

Baseball sucks.

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