Fansub Review: [Ryuumaru] Sekaiichi Hatsukoi (Episode 01)

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Good bye, manhood. Hello, shounen-ai ;_;

OP/ED. Yes, the ED is super fucking blurry and it’s hard to read.


Direct-ascent? The fuck is that? I looked it up, and they clearly just invented the term. ._.

This is just one example of the many inconsistencies. For example, they don’t know whether to call it Editing Department or editing department. It doesn’t matter, just pick one and stick with it.


“higher sales than the other departments”

flows much nicer.

Because just calling him “the new employee” would make way too much sense.

What is this………………..?

Wayyyy too long for the character’s voice.

If this happened to a younger me, I would have been completely devastated.

Romantic love? Howsabout just “romance”?

Two independent clauses connected by a comma can only lead to failure! Semicolon or period, thanks.

They basically have a 20-day window to put the volume together.

This is not timed right.

and and


Overall grade: B-

Kyonyuu, you ditched us to translate this?


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corocoro says:

“Direct-ascent” should most likely be “elevator.” The term is usually used for a Japanese school were you go through all the grades (instead of just, say, middle school). At least that’s what various TL notes in other releases taught me. ;)

convexity says:


john says:

I wish fansubbers each had their very own dark_sage for QC.

kyonyUU says:

You liked the show. Admit it.

skullking123 says:

heh, sage using yyh workraws to grab reaction imgs.

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