Fansub Review: [Hatsuyuki] Nurarihyon no Mago S2 (Episode 01)

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Skullking123 said I wouldn’t have to edit Nurarihyon for Nishishi if there was a decent group for the show. WhyNot failed the test, but how will Hatsuyuki do? Are they enough to save me?


No. Both groups kinda sucked it, but I don’t wanna edit, so tell skull that they both get an ‘A’, okay?

File size: 174 MB (AVI), 350 MB (MKV)

Japanesiness: Honorifics. Japanese name order. Lots of Japanese words. Phrases quite literal.

Typesetting. It’s really, really fucking good.

“Freely” doesn’t work here. You mean “eat for free”.

delicious, even though

Pretty sure that in this whole exchange, Hatsuyuki was unable to decide whether Nurarihyon was a type of youkai or just the name of Rikuo’s grandpa. Can’t have both at once, guys.

Sure must be.

Seems acceptable to me. Bring in the QCs and give them a round of applause.

This is an example of their “OMG JAPAN IS AMAZING” attitude. The meaning of this phrase is supposed to be “What’s wrong, Gagoze?” but they just made it awkward as fuck.

A bit off on the timing, huh?

Wayyyy too long to read in the time we’re given.

A… route bus? Try “school bus”.

Youkai blood, not youkai’s blood.

More annoying “But it’s hyakko percent correct!” translations.

Sounds like fun.

Yeah, no.

You can’t refer to a youkai as both who and it in the same sentence. Choose one, please.


Overall grade: D+

I’m inclined toward WhyNot’s release. The typesetting and karaoke are better in Hatsuyuki’s release. But when it comes to the script, I prefer to read English that doesn’t read like a stale “100% Japanese Only. Banzai, Nippon!” translation. Because of this, I give the nod to WhyNot. But if you can handle less-natural speech and you REALLY like the typesetting/karaoke that Hatsuyuki provides, go with them.

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corocoro says:

Commie also released an episode – you might yet be saved!

corocoro says:

Ignore my comment, I must’ve been half-asleep. They only did season one, not season two.

Pilot-kun says:

Anything under a B- is shit. Let me tell these kids to fix this garbage. For whatever reason, we’re using 2 editors per show. What a terrible idea.

ichihollow says:

I’m not going back, don’t care if the grade has fallen this much, not doing it.

Pilot-kun says:

(# `₎へ₍´) Go back and fix this. This is complete and utter shit. Don’t you have any sense of puriido?

ichihollow says:

lol, yes i have my puraido, but I didn’t edit this ep, and maybe my statement came off this way, I mean, I’m not going back to hatsuyuki. Don’t think I’m the direct cause, but when Ben and I were Edit/QC whiners did a review of our sketdance and received a Bsomething. Now both of us have left the group and there’s a D grade… have no idea how that happened. So I’m not going back to the group just because their grade has fallen this far.

k says:

You call that typesetting GOOD? What the FUCK are you smoking and where can I get some?

Dark_Sage says:

Good relative to the standards that other subs have set.

skullking123 says:

You know I never said you had to edit it…. But if you really feel so inclined to do it, I don’t mind.

Guess I should decide if I will do this~

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