Summer 2011 Fansub Review Wrap-Up [7/10/11]

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All right. Let’s take a look at what I’ve done so far.

My picks are all based solely on the reviews I’ve done so far and not based on speculation as to quality of other releases.


Baka to Test Season 2

Commie [Review Here]

FFFpeeps [Review Here]

Hatsuyuki [Review Incoming]

My pick: FFFpeeps



Midnight-Sons [Review Here]



Doki [Review Here]

Underwater [Review Incoming]



Hiryuu [Review Here]


Ikoku Meiro no Croisee

Ahodomo [Review Here] (Dropped)

Ayako [Review Here]

IB [Review Here]

My pick: IB


Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi

AFFTW [Review Incoming]

Chiki-Subs [Will Not Review] (Their releases are so bad they cannot be qualified as anything but troll releases.)

Derp [Review Here]


Kamisama Dolls

Chihiro [Review Incoming]

CTSS [Review Here]

Doki [Review Incoming]

HorribleSubs [Review Here]

My pick: HorribleSubs


Kamisama no Memochou

Chihiro [Review Incoming]

EveTaku [Review Here] [Re-Review Incoming]

gg [Review Here] (Dropped)

UTW [Review Incoming]


Mawaru Penguindrum

gg [Review Here]

Nutbladder [Review Here]

My pick: Nutbladder

Pick your poison. gg has good translations, but bad English and Nutbladder has bad translations, but good English. (Comments on translation accuracy are provided by those in the comments section of each review.) Personally, I can’t tell how good the Japanese is or not, so I went with Nutbladder.


Mayo Chiki

Ayako [Review Here]

Chiki-Subs [Review Here]

Doki [Review Incoming]

IB [Review Incoming]

WhyNot? [Review Incoming]

My pick: Ayako


Morita-san wa Mukuchi

AFFTW [Review Here]

Hadena [Review Here]

HiNA [Review Here]

SHiN-gx [Review Here]

My pick: HiNA or SHiN-gx

Just get the release of whichever one releases first. They’re both quite similar in terms of quality.


No. 6

Doki [Review Here]

gg [Review Incoming]


Nurarihyon no Mago Season 2

Hatsuyuki [Review Here]

WhyNot? [Review Here]

My pick: WhyNot?



AonE [Review Incoming]

Nutbladder [Review Here]

WhyNot? [Review Here]

My pick: WhyNot?



Chiki-Subs [Will Not Review] (Their releases are so bad they cannot be qualified as anything but troll releases.)

Commie [Review Incoming]

HorribleSubs [May Review] (Commie primarily does HS rips that end up better than the HS release, so there may be no reason to bother with this.)



Aho-Taku [Review Incoming]

Doki [Review Here]

Hiryuu [Review Incoming]

Shikkaku [Review Here]

My pick: Doki


Sacred Seven

gg [Review Here]

HorribleSubs [Review Incoming]

Kagayaki-Hadena [Review Here]

My pick: gg


The [email protected]

Chibiki [Review Here]

Doki [Review Incoming]


Twin Angel

Chiki-Subs [Review Here] (Dropped)

HorribleSubs [Review Incoming]


Usagi Drop

Commie [Review Here]

Doki [Review Here]

Oyatsu [Review Incoming]

My pick: Doki


Uta no Prince-sama

HorribleSubs [Review Incoming]

Vyrsalia [Review Incoming]



HorribleSubs [Review Here]

SHiN-gx [Review Incoming]

Tonde [Review Here]

My pick: HorribleSubs

0 thoughts on “Summer 2011 Fansub Review Wrap-Up [7/10/11]”

  1. Chihiro did Memochou as well. Though they seperated the OP & ED from the main file which I haven’t seen in a long time. Not saying it’s bad but I’m not too keen on it either.

      • Well in the past when this happened-since other groups did it too like 3-ish years ago-they’d just release the episode without the OP & ED since you already had them and link the episode to them.

        I guess unless there’s an update, we’ll only find out by removing those two files which result in less time, or turning the option off in Halli Media Splitter.

          • Ordered/linked chapters, to be specific. Although I’m still of the opinion that anyone who can’t afford ~500mb per episode should probably just time travel back to 1998 where they came from, so they can get all the 50MB RealVideo encodes they want. And I say this as someone who lives in Australia, land of the worst internet connections ever.

  2. I only noticed one problem, though it is their fault.

    Ikoku Meiro no Croisee was dropped by Ahodomo and IB which is see was still your recommendation out of the three choices. I guess Ayako is tolerable, but I do agree with your choice of IB.

  3. gg will do a V2 of Mawaru Penguindrum, I heared rumors about change in the edition too, re-review EP2 or EP1 V2? About No.6, exist the Horriblesubs version too (but don’t have sense review that I guess). And AFFTW (Itsuka Tenma) only grabbed the NicoNico video and subs and reencoded (or at least that I heared).

  4. Hey Dark_Sage, SGKK is doing Baka to Test also. We should be releasing today (just got a tl sat night). Hope you enjoy my edit more than the twisted abortion that was Toriko. :)

  5. AFFTW Translator here… Yes it seems that some of you don’t really like our subs but what can I say? Everything is up to you. We may not do well on certain episodes because of some problems but the main reason we didn’t do so well on the first episodes is because we weren’t familiar with the story yet. And so, and the episodes go by, things are bound to get better with our subs.

    • I think the issue is your group lacks a REAL editor or your editor lacks that degree of passion towards their work. No offense.

  6. Oh, we get a re-review for KamiMemo?

    Makes me wonder if it’s worth releasing the v3 script I have on my computer… seems I was a bit hasty with the v2 and there were still a good deal of things I wanted to change.

    Unless it’s for ep 2, which I won’t be around for anyway.

  7. You should review WoodBridge’s Usagi Drop when we release it. I’m the new editor for it and I’ve read your fansub reviews. I’ll be too scared to make mistakes. Haha :D

    • Of course I will. I’m the editor for WoodBridge’s Ao no Exorcist, after all. You may not have seen me in the staff chan, I guess.

      However, since I value my objectivity, I won’t go easy on you just because we’re in the same group. Prepare yourself.

  8. For “Baka to Test Season 2”, Doki&SGKK are subbing that anime as well, could you review their release as well?

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