Fansub Review: [Hatsuyuki] Baka to Test S2 (Episode 03)

B-Tier, Fansub Review — By on August 3, 2011 6:42 am

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Hey, Hatsuyuki. Pay attention to your fucking typesetting.

On a mostly-unrelated note, we’ll be fixing the review list tomorrow to display more pertinent info. And I might need to change a few scores around to make them in line with the rest. Read: grades are going to be adjusted down.

File size: 185 MB (AVI), 422 MB (MKV)

Japanesiness: Honorifics. Japanese name order. Muttsurini as Muttsurini rather than Voyeur/Pervert/etc., but Tetsujin is translated as Ironman. It works.

Karaoke. Shiny, but hard to read.

Typesetting. I’m gonna come out and say it. The typesetting is shit and wasn’t edited.

Learn how to title. “That” should be capitalized.

Book or item. Pick one. Actually, fuck that. It’s a doujin, so call it a fucking doujin.

If you’re going to try and curry favor with the audience, at least spell the fucking meme right.

Terribly off. It should be “we haven’t talked since.”


Watchability: Watchable. If typesetting/kara don’t mean much to you, you’ll be fine with this release.

Overall grade: B

The typesetting is shit and the karaoke is meh. There were also a number of errors in the English of the most prominent typesetting. For an anime that has a significant focus on typesetting, this is a significant drawback.

Hatsuyuki’s script and FFFpeeps’s script were both about the same in terms of English quality. FFF had better typesetting/karaoke on their release. So, I’ll still recommend FFFpeeps for this anime.

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Baka_Saru says:

He rushed Typesetting that ep.
I did Ep.4

Should be better then this.

But I still watch FFFpeeps version, they started with the previous season. And did a o.k. job in my opinion. XD

kud says:

Was that just my imagination…? Several hours ago, I read your writing about FFFPeeps’ 4-lines in ep 02. But now, that’s gone. O.o

Dark_Sage says:

That’s because EienShouko, FFF’s leader reached out to me to explain the line. His explanation was legitimate, which meant my complaint had been properly addressed.

If you see me point out mistakes in one review and you come back and they aren’t there, it’s probably because there were legitimate reasons to have those lines in there.

Deyes says:

What was the explanation?

Anon says:

Some say he never got an explanation to this day…

Dark_Sage says:

You wouldn’t look too deep into this if you knew what was good for ya, Detective Anon. Deyes didn’t know when to quit, and, well… ain’t nobody seen sight of him for years now.

Baka says:

DARK_SAGE in my opinion you have a carrot in your ass!

diskkjockey says:

What…does that even mean?

Dark_Sage says:

I think he wants to eat a carrot out of my ass or something. I’m kinda creeped out, to be honest.

Nyara♥ says:

Carrots… I don’t like carrots. :(

diskkjockey says:

…and certainly not anal carrots.

Janice says:

> That’s because EienShouko, FFF’s leader reached out to me to explain the line.

> reached out to me

I fucking hate this phrase.

kliqIMB says:

Cool story girl-bro, tell it again.

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