Fansub Review: [Hadena] C3: Cube x Cursed x Curious (Episode 01v2)

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Oh, Hadena. What am I going to do with you?

Release Format: MKV (363 MB)

Japanesiness: Japanese name order. Honorifics.

Font: Will someone explain to me why the font is so small and so… green? It gets better later on, but still…

Chapters: None. That shit’s too advanced for Hadena’s staff.

Note: Apparently the v1 was the worst thing ever created. Of course, it was TL’d by one of Ayako’s TLs, so that goes without saying.


Yeah, this is the only sign they typeset. There were more that needed typesetting, but I guess they figured this was good enough.


Ending only. No OP this episode.

The karaoke qualifies as decent if you don’t read the English translation at the bottom.


It took me a second to understand what they were trying to say here.

“I whisper while I’m awake.”

At this point, however, I knew I was in for a very special release from a very special group.

Much like “Huh?” “Eh?” is a question. Not a statement.

Or “houjicha”, as you call it the rest of the time in the show.

If “houjicha” means “green tea”, why the fuck didn’t you TL it as “green tea”?

You’re missing the full idiom. “Well, I know your past isn’t all fun and games.”

That sure is a mouthful of bad tenses.

This line was given half a second of timing. Even I’m not that fast.

You mean “takes on a human shape.”

More bad tenses and we’re only five minutes in. Tell you what, I’m just ignore these from here on out, much like how my father ignored me. :(

Oh wow. I struggle to i
magine how bad the v1 must be if the v2 is like this.

You mean “stay”.

I can’t remember which of the “theirs” was wrong here and I’m certainly not going to go back to the script to check. Let’s assume it was the first.

An excerpt from How to Kill a Language – a novel by Hadena.

Way to capitalize your sentences, guys. What QUALITY, back to back.

Lets play “Find the Error!”

A valid question.

This is not the meaning of “brown-nose”. The actual nose-related idiom here is “Why are you sticking your noses into my affairs?!”

Indeed, that’ what you’ supposed to do.

At this point in the show I realized something. A human being cannot sigh deep enough to reflect the disappointment of this release.


What trials? There wasn’t one goddamn trial mentioned in the show prior to this.

No, I’m here on working.

The word you were looking for is “watch”; not “see”. And yeah, I think I’ll take my chances with the curse.


Watchability: Unwatchable.

Overall Grade: F

As a whole, this is a prime example of bad, bad English.

These were not all the errors I found in this release. About halfway through I just stopped caring. The fa
il overwhelmed me. As for what I didn’t mention? You know the drill for subs as bad as these. There were tons of puns/jokes missing. Like most shitty releases, I don’t have time to focus on many of the aspects of poor phrasing/shit grammar. Capitalization errors, missing punctuation, etc. all featured prominently through the release.

I would compare Hadena’s release to Mexican street food – it might look tempting, just sitting out there in the sun. Hell, you wouldn’t even need to enter an actual restaurant; you could have it right now. But I warn you. You eat that Hadena taco and you’re going to get diarrhea and syphilis.

For the sake of your genitals, don’t get Hadena’s C3.

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Anon says:

rise crackers!

kokujin-kun says:

Now, now. To their credit, they actually fixed that fail Engrish in their v2.

puddizzle says:


kokujin-kun says:

V2’s: they are doing it wrong ಠ_ಠ

This is not the meaning of “brown-nose”. The actual nose-related idiom here is “Why are you sticking your noses into my affairs?!”

If the original meaning behind the word “brown-nosing” is to stick one’s nose up someone’s rectum, then I for one approve of this mangling of the English language.

kokujin-kun says:

Just to continue the pile-on:

It took me a second to understand what they were trying to say here.

“I whisper while I’m awake.”

Actually, they had it as “I whisper while awake..[sic]” in their v1.

So… yeah.

lygerzero0zero says:


lygerzero0zero says:

Aw man, combo broken before I had the chance. :

Well, I was hoping you’d do this for the lulz. And lulz were had. *thumbs up*

8thSin says:

My eyes were bleeding from watching their v1, which I endured for 10 whole minutes.

Seriously, they had something like “grave/casket” in the script.

kokujin-kun says:

Seriously, they had something like “grave/casket” in the script.

Sadly enough, that’s the only part they got right in that line -_-#

alex says:

I stopped watching right there. I’d never seen a Hadena release before but I had a bad feeling when I saw that grave/casket business.

Not even a minute in and they’re already confused? God help me if I watch their release.

Actar says:

Wow… Complicated grammar mistakes like wrong comma placement or the inaccurate usage of ‘who’ and ‘whom’ is one thing. Missing out prepositions and letters is another.

shirayuki75 says:

Oh god. Thank you. It’s too funny.

w0lf says:

I’ giong to say that thsi rilease is abut as gr8 as a 5year old’ attmpt ar righting an essai.

lygerzero0zero says:

Hey, don’t be rude. Let me tell you, when my sister was that old, her writing was much better. Her handwriting was so cute, too. :3

w0lf says:

Nice job rubbing that salty alcohol into the wound :3

Klownzie says:


I managed to make a better script even though I had to guess what each sentence meant. Too bad they rushed v2 as well and couldn’t use mine.

Sorry to everyone I offended with this post! :(

kyonyUU says:


ObsidianTK says:

You eat them and then you’re stunned and somehow electricity and you’re dead.

MahaiOne says:

You would’ve needed to make a new grade if you reviewed their V1.

skullking123 says:

HEY! There are good Mexican street vendors that don’t give you the shits!

SamRavster says:

Dearie dearie me…did they just pull this from Google Translate?

I’m just going to pile on more hate for Hadena…maybe I should say Hatedena? Oh god, that was terrible; but still better than their overall release.

-piles hate-

Rei-Sama says:

For a V2 to do this bad?
I were so close to get this release, but when i saw this, damn!
Thanks for avoiding me getting bad stuff :D

Anon says:

They did a good job on Ao no Exorcist… Only because they had a joint with Hatsuyuki.
They failed with this one. Even with a v2… Grats, Chiki Era just ended, the Hadena Era begins…

Anon says:

I miss you Chiki :(

Chiki says:

Do you want me to sub again since my English is somewhat more readable?

fgghjjkll says:

Yes, please. Liquid-Snake will gladly v2 your releases. :)

Chiki says:

There will be no v2 from your troll group whatever your name is. Plus this mistake that you made ruined the whole script.

Assasin_Cross says:

I want you to sub again

XiThau says:

I really enjoy reading F-tier reviews, since I get a good lol out of them.
And every time you mention Ayako, you make it quite hysterical.

I’m looking forward to a review of a good C3.

Des says:

The anime was so boring for the most part that I was barely paying attention to it.
I was watching v1.
The panty shots woke me up. :P
I`ll wait awhile with that Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere, to see if someone else dares to sub it. Or maybe rip it. :P

This is some ol’ bullshit.

Croos says:


rokushou says:

all according to keikaku

wkk says:


I think you’ve edited funnier script, probably from the same translator.

Dark_Sage says:

Don’t remind me of my joint with Ayako. Worst period of my life.

Travo says:

This is why I quit editing fansubs. The translator for this group shattered my desire to do anything.

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