Fansub Review: [m.3.3.w] Working’!! (Episode 01)

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Sorry, m.3.3.w. I’ve had this in the pipeline for a while, but I never got around to it. Let’s rectify that.

Release Format: MKV (8-bit, 200 MB), LQ MKV (?-bit 115 MB)

Japanesiness: Honorifics. Senpai.



Ending. I liked the karaoke. It was bouncy and fun, which matched the song.

No opening this episode.


Both arrows come in from the side and the typesets flow right along with them. Nice.

I don’t recall seeing this in the other groups’ releases. Nice job, m.3.3.w.



They aren’t on the table. They’re at it. Here, let me explain the difference.

At a table.

On a (pool) table.

In a table.

Egh. No, no. This is not a good line.

“If you can avoid punching me just once, you’ll have made an improvement!” Still not feeling it, but this is better.

Man, what’s with these lines?

“I think it would be better if you apologized to her.” But fuck simple rephrasing. Heart of the matter is…

“I think you should apologize to her.”

I could see someone saying this, but I can’t see myself liking that person. You don’t “do” a fair. You can “hold” one though. Or “host” it even.

“Oh, it’s a prize for a fair we’re going to hold.”

Pervert has sexual connotations. The word you’re looking for is “weirdo”. Punching men does not make one a pervert, nor does liking cute things. Jesus Christ, m.3.3.w, what the hell happened to you?

C’mon, guys. You should be rocking this with a question mark.

This is coming off “Hold it in…”

I’d rather have each “Not” capitalized because they each signal their own separate, incomplete thoughts. This isn’t all part of the same sentence.

Oh come the fuck on. How the hell am I supposed to read this?

You have no idea how hard these lines are for me to read. I am literally trying to find ways to stall this review because I simply do not want see what abortion of tenses next appears. I’ve been writing this for two hours. Reviews should not take this long.

we’re -> we were

Accent on the “am”. Tch.

Wanting to grow taller is not a habit. The fuck am I reading?

Questionable facts? …

This release is literally sapping away my soul.


Watchability: Watchable.

Overall grade: C

m.3.3.w I am disappoint. This isn’t a “haha, I’m disappointed.” I’m quite honestly not very happy about this.

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random says:

>Season 3

I think you mean season 2.

Dark_Sage says:

I have no idea what you’re talking about.

/me walks away, whistling

D_P says:

I see what you did there.

uSalt2 says:

MVK… is that a new container format?
“LQ MVK (?-bit 115 MB)”

Horo says:

If you had seen the first season you’d know they call him a pervert because they assume he’s a lolicon since he only likes small and cute things. >_>

Dark_Sage says:

But the line comes off them talking about the punching girl’s habit of punching dudes, which basically says that she’s perverted for doing that.

It’s so wrong I don’t know where to begin.

lygerzero0zero says:

Hmmmm… “deviant” perhaps?

Dark_Sage says:

Not feeling deviant. Is a girl who punches guys a deviant? Maybe in an archaic sense of the term. Is she weird, though? Yeah. That’s why I’d wanna use “weirdo” there.

lygerzero0zero says:

A girl who compulsively punches any man she sees, perhaps. *shrug* Just thinking out loud.

Jintan says:

Anyway, Dark_Sage, hurry up. You stayed up the entire night and this is all you can manage?

MOAR reviews!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wakuwaku says:

ok this was made of fail, there was nothing wrong with some of the above at all…oh well.

Haylias says:

Poplar’s “habit” is constantly trying to find new methods to become taller, not becoming taller itself.

Habit still isn’t the best word, but it isn’t as bad as you make out.

zeffy says:

well coming from kyouko, i see it as an attempt to tease inami. by using the word pervert, she could be refering to SM where inami is the saddist and takanashi being the masochist.

zeffy says:

another note regarding the fair we’re going to do. hell it’s kyouko again, don’t expect her to be interested an earnest in holding a fair.

i don’t quite get the point of how dare you deceive an innocent girl! i would think that ! and ? works but i’m not sure since it wasn’t supposed to be a question but more of a yell. i’ve seen cases were both ? and ! were used though.

pardon my poor english if you’re able to understand what i’m saying lol.

Gary says:

> Pervert has sexual connotations. The word you’re looking for is “weirdo”. Punching men does not make one a pervert, nor does liking cute things. Jesus Christ, m.3.3.w, what the hell happened to you?

Are you dumb? She clearly said “hentai”. Sage, plz…

Dark_Sage says:

Edit: rip

Anon says:

They weren’t being serious.

Gary says:


Next line:
“What’s perverted about liking small things?”

D_S is dense as fuck. ;/

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