Fansub Review: [gg] Ben-to (Episode 01)

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If  you download gg’s subs with any expectation of quality, you’re an moron.

Yes, that was intentional.

Release Format: MKV (10-bit, 404 MB)

Japanesiness: Western name order. No honorifics. Extremely localized language (I don’t usually make note of this, but they handled it very poorly).



Opening. Faux-cursive: For when you want the benefits of appearing smart, but don’t want to appear too pretentious. I dunno, I’m kinda just bitching here. It works fine.

Insert song. What effort they put into this.



Though this is an unflattering screenshot, it actually worked pretty well.


Some things they did.

Some they didn’t.

It’s not like the name of the store the anime revolves around is important.

You know, when it takes up the entire screen, that’s a good indicator of when you should typeset it.




Moving it down a bit would take up valuable seconds. Can’t have that.

When gg comma splices, they make sure to do it in the most annoying ways possible.

“You know, I wish you could be just a bit more attentive.”


Well, this is a stupid line. I bet they just forgot something and meant to make it “Leave that store alone from now on.” or “Leave that store alone now.” Surely they don’t think this line is actually right.

I… stand corrected.

Drop the “it”.

Come on. These lines are only five seconds apart.

What is this line supposed to say? It’s not proper English, but that’s all I’m certain of.

This is just phrased poorly. You could make it so much better if you just…

“I find it hard to come up with an answer when you ask me out of the blue like that.”

This is a great example of how gg tries so hard to make their subs seem natural but fails it. They literally just shoehorn swear words in like it’s going out of style. “Pathetic” is really the only word to describe it.

It’s funny how this group can suck so much shit yet be unaware of what a colon is.

“I’m the president and only member of the Half-Priced Food Lovers Club.”


Watchability: Watchable… I guess.

Overall grade: C-

I cannot recommend this release.

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Insemination says:

>don’t make girls tear up the moment you enter high school, you playboy
Current hymen count: 0

Jintan says:

I think I am beginning to understand how this grading works.

F is actually the best while A is the worst.

How could I not see this?

skullking123 says:

oh u

Rubedo says:

With how gg subs things, I’m surprised they didn’t release it as “Lunch-Box”. Fucking horrible shitsub group.

puddizzle says:

Dude, you didn’t even mention the chapters.

Johnyboi says:

“You know, I wish you could be just a bit more attentive.”

You know, the idea is to improve the original, not make it worse.

janice says:

“It’s funny how this group can suck so much shit yet be unaware of what a colon is.”

i lolled

Anonymous says:

It’s okay. Koda’s hot.

Shitty says:

No, she is not.

MahaiOne says:

He’s right. She isn’t.

WsE says:

He’s right. He isn’t.

ChobitsChi says:

I concur, she really isn’t hot. But at least she’s not ugly, so 5/10 does it.

jammer says:

Guess you haven’t seen Hidan no Aria episode 7 yet… lol, Google-speak makes it near impossible to watch

Xythar says:

I am so disappointed they never finished off their subs of that. They were awesome.

Sean says:

Those two sentences are excellent examples of acceptable comma splices. Even Strunk & White (which everyone pretentious enough to judge other people’s writing had fucking well better have a copy of; for Chrysler’s sake, the Third Edition is only 92 pages, including index) states that comma splices are sometimes okay.

The relevant bit is short, so here it is:

An exception to the semicolon rule is worth noting here. A comma is preferable when the clauses are very short and alike in form, or when the tone of the sentence is easy and conversational.
I hardly knew him, he was so changed.

Both of the lines you ding fully qualify both on shortness and on being “easy and conversational”.

Anglisc says:

Strunk and White doesn’t even MATTER in this situation (it’s a horrible “style guide”, but that’s another thing). What we have are people speaking, and in speech people use comma splices all the time since there’s no actual, non-prescriptive grammatical rule against them. It makes sense to use comma splices in rendering dialogue that would have them in English.

Haruya says:

This is probably completely unrelated, but…

Would you be so kind as to elaborate more on what a “comma splice” is? I’m not a native english speaker so I’d like to know more about that (and by that I mean I’m completely clueless).

Dark_Sage says:

A comma splice is when you link together two sentences with a comma when they should be separated by a period instead. It’s not bad all the time, but it can get pretty annoying when groups throw them in haphazardly.

Haruya says:

Thanks for the reply. As hard to believe as it might sound, I’m actually learning lots of stuff around here that I don’t get to learn anywhere else.

Keep it up D_S. I’ll definitely make sure to check your next reviews. :)

skullking123 says:

Please try not to increase his epeen.

HatXiRA says:

there are two others:EveTaku and Shinkkaku.
I am a bit confused about which subs I should chose.Their scripts is sometimes different.EveTaky’s typesetting is the the best but I wonder their script is accurate??
P/S:Shinkkaku have just released v2.So I dunno they fixed their sucked font or not.
Can you check them for me,Dark_Sage.Thanks.By the way,this anime is awesome

Marche says:

EveTaku has been proven reliable in the past. No reason to wait, just go with them if you don’t want gg.

lygerzero0zero says:

D_S can’t speak for translation accuracy, as he doesn’t know Japanese. You can ask around, or wait for 8thSin to review our releases.

Beckett says:

No, the font still sucks, I just downloaded and watched the V2. There were a couple of noob spelling errors but overall Shikkaku’s release seemed decent (although their translation could be way off, I don’t speak enough Japanese to tell the difference) but goddamn that font is terrible. It’s like my eyes were being raped for 20 minutes. I’d have to say if Evetaku’s font is better go with them, watching the show with Shikkaku’s font is painful.

blargh says:

Shikkaku is at times blatantly wrong.

As the name suggests, I guess.

skullking123 says:

>As the name suggests


blargh says:


Look it up.

Hells_Finest says:

You actually know Japanese to say that? `-` Hurr…

Akarui Ame says:

It’s 「糞格」 get it right

blargh says:

I have to admit I lol’ed.

anon says:

gg’s v2 release fixed most of the stuff listed here, except for the subs-overlapping-station-message, lack of typesetting and that situation eruption line (except with “the” removed).

puddizzle says:


Well duh says:

The point is that they fixed it?

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