Fansub Review: [Hatsuyuki] Maken-ki (Episode 06)

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Maken-ki is maken-komplete!

… I’m so sorry for that pun.

Release format: MKV (350 MB, 8-bit), AVI (190 MB)

Japanesiness: Honorifics.



Opening. I think you should’ve saved this karaoke for a more suitable opening. Flying rainbows aren’t particularly impressive here.

Ending. A bouncing ball for karaoke is NEVER a good choice. Whoever’s responsible for this needs their genitals held over a file until they’ve been kicked out of the gene pool.





“a third person”? My initial laughter turned into a facepalm.

Dark_Sage says “third party” != “third person”


Redundumb. Take out “otherwise”.

I think I showed remarkable restraint by not making an “I can has” joke here.

“I bought some new snacks too, so I’m really happy.”

Sure, no problem.

      _N##N@@""  ""9NN##Np_
     d###P            N####p
     "^^"              T####
                    [email protected]
                 [email protected]


Wow, just wow. This is a seriously retarded translation mistake.

If someone was stupid enough to believe that how you translated this is accurate, you just ruined the entire fucking episode for them.

She’s not saying it would be boring. She’s saying it would be sad. There’s a big fucking difference.

A memory is a… promise? No. No, no, no.

“because that memory is of my…

precious promise.”

Yeah, umm. What?

This is not how you use “I’ve”! Rage!

“Sorry that I forgot such an important thing.”


Watchability: Watchable.

Overall grade: C

There’s a lot of stupid here. I recommend Hiryuu’s release for Maken-ki if you want to ruin your brain on this show.

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Firebird says:

Hey hey! A bouncing ball for kara works sometimes… on certain songs… and if the anime is ball-game themed!

corocoro says:

Just be happy I screwed up so bad on ST he didn’t mention it then. :P

xninja says:

Lordy be, guess we fucked up bad here.

I’m pretty sure that I did not QC this episode, so therefore, more errors.

Come bitch about it in #hatsutuki on rizon; no haters allowed.

HeavenlyArmed says:

The people watching it won’t care how good the subs are for this show anyway. Though I can’t help but feel it’s my fault for refusing to work on this show.

ScarletDevil says:

Heaven, you sound pretty confident in your abilities there. xP
I started editing this show at episode 9? Too bad I won’t get to see how I did. xP

HeavenlyArmed says:

Same here with Nurarihyon S2,that started airing last season and I only edited the last 10 episodes of it.

uSalt2 says:

You messed up on the ASCII question mark. Put the last dancing question mark on a new line.

Dark_Sage says:

It looks better this way. Fills up more space. Otherwise the last gif just shows up to the left, which is very boring.

uSalt2 says:

You could add a line break, then add 16 spaces in Courier New on the new line to have the same effect (albeit not very professional-looking…).

Dark_Sage says:

Ah, screw it. Went with just one.

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