Fansub Review: [JC-SHiN-gx] Zero no Tsukaima F (Episode 01)

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Oh, this is the joint that released a speedsub version… with only their .ass script because they couldn’t figure out how to mux? Fantastic.

Also, holy shit. I only watched the first season, but was this show ALWAYS this retarded?

Release format: MKV (378 MB, 8-bit)

Japanesiness: Up to you. They offer two scripts — one with honorifics, one without. I like this a lot. (I reviewed the one without.)

Group website:

8thsin’s translation critique: N/A

Ji-hi’s screenshot comparisons: N/A



None. They did promise to have an OP/ED for their episode 2, but I don’t review on promises; I review on what groups release.





Missed an overlap here.

Uhh… what? I think you a word.

“I even told her that I was just looking out for Tiffa in addition to her.”

But this is somewhat clumsy with the pronouns. Let’s make a quick fix.

“I even said I was just looking out for Tiffa in addition to her.”

What the fuck is this hideous shit?


Watchability: Quite watchable.

Overall grade: B+

If you’re willing to roll the dice on whatever the karaoke looks like or even if they’ll do it, I don’t think you’re going to be disappointed with this ZnT release. The script is pretty fucking good with only minor QC mistakes.

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DJNotNice says:

>>“I even said I was just looking looking out for Tiffa in addition to her.”

Not sure if you’re being sarcastic or this is a genuine mistake.

Dark_Sage says:

Genuine mistake. Will fix later.

Uichan says:

Still not fixed. If you’re criticizing the script I made, I’d appreciate if you follow up on the typos you made. Thank you. ^^

Dark_Sage says:

Fixed. (>_O)b

Ner0 says:

Great review, will you be doing Commie’s ZnT?

Dark_Sage says:


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