0 thoughts on “Playstation Vita: A Photojournal”

  1. If you don’t want it just give it to me. I’ll even send to you my PSP with a working UMD drive and 8gig MS. I very rarely took it out of its clear crystal case since i bought it so it never got a scratch and still as shiny as i bought it in ’07. The charger is not the original though since it died last Dec. 2010,

    • I’ll give you a half-eaten package of potato chips and a 10-year-old mousepad for that PSP. LMK but hurry up this shit’s in high demand.

    • I tried playing Monster Hunter and couldn’t get into it. Lord of Arcana is there for the nice box. God Eater is there because the game actually looks legitimately interesting. The character designs are sugoi. Haven’t played it yet, though.

  2. So you finally realized that the Vita can’t read UMDs? You should have done your research…

    But again, just pay $5 and you get a downloadable version for your Vita. A ripoff, but that’s your choice.

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