Failsub Review: [P3] Berserk Golden Age Arc II – The Battle For Doldrey (Movie)

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Okay, let’s just get this little nugget out of the way first: There are no periods in this release. None. All right, onto the review!

Breaking Point

Pretty simple concept: I will watch this release until I can take no more. And I’ll do it from the perspective of your average, rosy-cheeked viewer. Ittekimasu~


[P3] Berserk Golden Age Arc II - The Battle For Doldrey [BD 816p x264 FLAC][Eng][Fre].mkv_snapshot_00.00.43_[2012.12.21_18.22.56]

For some reason, I don’t think that’s what the Japanese text says.

But whatever. I don’t know enough Japanese to refute it, so I’ll just have to put my faith in you, Ace971.

[P3] Berserk Golden Age Arc II - The Battle For Doldrey [BD 816p x264 FLAC][Eng][Fre].mkv_snapshot_00.00.58_[2012.12.21_18.23.54]

[P3] Berserk Golden Age Arc II - The Battle For Doldrey [BD 816p x264 FLAC][Eng][Fre].mkv_snapshot_00.00.59_[2012.12.21_18.24.00]

Okay, I guess that makes sense. It was a pretty short line in Japanese, so I’m sure that skipping the definite article was an acceptable decision. Way to reflect the script accurately, Ace. And periods are a thing of the past anyway :)

[P3] Berserk Golden Age Arc II - The Battle For Doldrey [BD 816p x264 FLAC][Eng][Fre].mkv_snapshot_00.01.30_[2012.12.21_18.24.44]

[P3] Berserk Golden Age Arc II - The Battle For Doldrey [BD 816p x264 FLAC][Eng][Fre].mkv_snapshot_00.01.33_[2012.12.21_18.24.54]

[P3] Berserk Golden Age Arc II - The Battle For Doldrey [BD 816p x264 FLAC][Eng][Fre].mkv_snapshot_00.01.35_[2012.12.21_18.25.01]

Well, this doesn’t seem like something one would traditionally call English. But hey, maybe Ace is just playing around. English is a pretty malleable language after all. Who am I to say whether this is right or wrong?

[P3] Berserk Golden Age Arc II - The Battle For Doldrey [BD 816p x264 FLAC][Eng][Fre].mkv_snapshot_00.02.15_[2012.12.21_18.28.04]

[P3] Berserk Golden Age Arc II - The Battle For Doldrey [BD 816p x264 FLAC][Eng][Fre].mkv_snapshot_00.02.16_[2012.12.21_18.29.03]

Seems like a legitimate mistake. Hey, just one issue 2 minutes into the release. Not bad!

[P3] Berserk Golden Age Arc II - The Battle For Doldrey [BD 816p x264 FLAC][Eng][Fre].mkv_snapshot_00.04.49_[2012.12.21_18.50.28]

Yeah, I don’t think that’s right, P3.

[P3] Berserk Golden Age Arc II - The Battle For Doldrey [BD 816p x264 FLAC][Eng][Fre].mkv_snapshot_00.05.57_[2012.12.21_18.52.46]

Well… you were probably close on this one. And it’s the thought that counts… right?

[P3] Berserk Golden Age Arc II - The Battle For Doldrey [BD 816p x264 FLAC][Eng][Fre].mkv_snapshot_00.06.07_[2012.12.21_18.53.21]

Okay, so maybe you really don’t know what you’re doing. But who am I to complain? These subs are free, after all!

Yup, free anime is never a bad thing! ^_^

[P3] Berserk Golden Age Arc II - The Battle For Doldrey [BD 816p x264 FLAC][Eng][Fre].mkv_snapshot_00.07.41_[2012.12.21_18.56.34]

Yup! Free anime…

[P3] Berserk Golden Age Arc II - The Battle For Doldrey [BD 816p x264 FLAC][Eng][Fre].mkv_snapshot_00.09.40_[2012.12.21_19.03.19]

free… anime…

[P3] Berserk Golden Age Arc II - The Battle For Doldrey [BD 816p x264 FLAC][Eng][Fre].mkv_snapshot_00.14.44_[2012.12.21_19.12.31]

[P3] Berserk Golden Age Arc II - The Battle For Doldrey [BD 816p x264 FLAC][Eng][Fre].mkv_snapshot_00.14.54_[2012.12.21_19.12.51]

Well, uhh, maybe I shouldn’t have to appreciate something just because it’s free. After all, free AIDS is still AIDS, just as free failsubs are still failsubs.

Hm. Guess I learned something today! And now I’m just a little smarter than I was before!

[P3] Berserk Golden Age Arc II - The Battle For Doldrey [BD 816p x264 FLAC][Eng][Fre].mkv_snapshot_00.16.21_[2012.12.21_19.14.44]

Though, the more I watch, the less smart I feel… But I’m sixteen minutes in so I’m sure I can tough this out!

[P3] Berserk Golden Age Arc II - The Battle For Doldrey [BD 816p x264 FLAC][Eng][Fre].mkv_snapshot_00.17.04_[2012.12.21_19.18.16]

Yup. Seventeen minutes so far. I can get through this.

[P3] Berserk Golden Age Arc II - The Battle For Doldrey [BD 816p x264 FLAC][Eng][Fre].mkv_snapshot_00.18.44_[2012.12.21_19.20.36]

After all, I don’t have to like these subs, but they’re still understandable. I mean, it’s just a bunch of silly typos, heh.

[P3] Berserk Golden Age Arc II - The Battle For Doldrey [BD 816p x264 FLAC][Eng][Fre].mkv_snapshot_00.19.57_[2012.12.21_19.22.01]


[P3] Berserk Golden Age Arc II - The Battle For Doldrey [BD 816p x264 FLAC][Eng][Fre].mkv_snapshot_00.26.20_[2012.12.21_19.32.11]

[P3] Berserk Golden Age Arc II - The Battle For Doldrey [BD 816p x264 FLAC][Eng][Fre].mkv_snapshot_00.27.26_[2012.12.21_19.33.27]


[P3] Berserk Golden Age Arc II - The Battle For Doldrey [BD 816p x264 FLAC][Eng][Fre].mkv_snapshot_00.18.28_[2012.12.21_19.20.07]

[P3] Berserk Golden Age Arc II - The Battle For Doldrey [BD 816p x264 FLAC][Eng][Fre].mkv_snapshot_00.18.30_[2012.12.21_19.20.16]

…okay, maybe these subs aren’t understandable.

But that’s okay. I mean, I pretty much understand Japanese anyway! I’ve seen at least 20 animes by now! I don’t even need subtitles!




[P3] Berserk Golden Age Arc II - The Battle For Doldrey [BD 816p x264 FLAC][Eng][Fre].mkv_snapshot_00.30.32_[2012.12.21_19.42.10]

Yeah, okay, I’m back to the subs. But don’t get me wrong! I can totally speak Japanese like a native, but I put the subs on just so I can enjoy the show without worrying too much about translating everything!

[P3] Berserk Golden Age Arc II - The Battle For Doldrey [BD 816p x264 FLAC][Eng][Fre].mkv_snapshot_00.42.33_[2012.12.21_20.16.01]

Yep, these subs sure are helping me confirm what I already know…

[P3] Berserk Golden Age Arc II - The Battle For Doldrey [BD 816p x264 FLAC][Eng][Fre].mkv_snapshot_00.43.47_[2012.12.21_20.17.37]

Okay, fine, I admit it. I really don’t know Japanese at all. I need these subs even if they don’t really help. :(

[P3] Berserk Golden Age Arc II - The Battle For Doldrey [BD 816p x264 FLAC][Eng][Fre].mkv_snapshot_00.44.46_[2012.12.21_20.44.58]

But why these subs?

I guess I’m basically just watching them because they were the first ones I found. That’s not bad, is it? I mean, it’s the way of things! It’s natural!

[P3] Berserk Golden Age Arc II - The Battle For Doldrey [BD 816p x264 FLAC][Eng][Fre].mkv_snapshot_00.44.54_[2012.12.21_20.46.20]

Yep yep, natural as nature!

[P3] Berserk Golden Age Arc II - The Battle For Doldrey [BD 816p x264 FLAC][Eng][Fre].mkv_snapshot_00.45.38_[2012.12.21_20.47.31]

And you can’t get more natural than–

W-Wait… Hold on. A thought just came into my head.

Are these subs bad because of me? No, that can’t be… But…

[P3] Berserk Golden Age Arc II - The Battle For Doldrey [BD 816p x264 FLAC][Eng][Fre].mkv_snapshot_00.48.53_[2012.12.21_20.51.17]

Maybe… Maybe by downloading shitsubs and feeding the egos of the shitsubbers with large download counts…

[P3] Berserk Golden Age Arc II - The Battle For Doldrey [BD 816p x264 FLAC][Eng][Fre].mkv_snapshot_00.48.29_[2012.12.21_20.50.31]

Yes. The P3s, the Ayakos, the Hadenas, and the Espadas of the world only exist because we let them. Because we indirectly let them know we appreciate what they’re doing.

[P3] Berserk Golden Age Arc II - The Battle For Doldrey [BD 816p x264 FLAC][Eng][Fre].mkv_snapshot_00.50.40_[2012.12.21_20.53.11]

I get it now. The real monster… is us. We, the leechers, are to blame.

[P3] Berserk Golden Age Arc II - The Battle For Doldrey [BD 816p x264 FLAC][Eng][Fre].mkv_snapshot_00.51.00_[2012.12.21_20.53.55]

[P3] Berserk Golden Age Arc II - The Battle For Doldrey [BD 816p x264 FLAC][Eng][Fre].mkv_snapshot_00.51.03_[2012.12.21_20.54.03]


[P3] Berserk Golden Age Arc II - The Battle For Doldrey [BD 816p x264 FLAC][Eng][Fre].mkv_snapshot_01.01.18_[2012.12.21_21.08.13]


[P3] Berserk Golden Age Arc II - The Battle For Doldrey [BD 816p x264 FLAC][Eng][Fre].mkv_snapshot_01.06.25_[2012.12.21_21.15.50]


[P3] Berserk Golden Age Arc II - The Battle For Doldrey [BD 816p x264 FLAC][Eng][Fre].mkv_snapshot_01.09.58_[2012.12.21_21.20.07]


[P3] Berserk Golden Age Arc II - The Battle For Doldrey [BD 816p x264 FLAC][Eng][Fre].mkv_snapshot_01.10.49_[2012.12.21_21.21.35]

[P3] Berserk Golden Age Arc II - The Battle For Doldrey [BD 816p x264 FLAC][Eng][Fre].mkv_snapshot_01.10.52_[2012.12.21_21.21.43]

But… I know what I must do now.

[P3] Berserk Golden Age Arc II - The Battle For Doldrey [BD 816p x264 FLAC][Eng][Fre].mkv_snapshot_01.13.29_[2012.12.21_21.24.33]

We are cancer.

[P3] Berserk Golden Age Arc II - The Battle For Doldrey [BD 816p x264 FLAC][Eng][Fre].mkv_snapshot_01.23.12_[2012.12.21_21.34.55]

And the only way to cure cancer…

Suicide - Anime Bishie Version

is to kill it.

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Humanity says:

I want to make a witty comment, but I can’t really think of anything that would be funnier than the subs right now.

sakagamitomoya says:

So… Xythar is cancer?

kokujin-kun says:

You actually dodged a bullet, because if you went by the original “unedited” subs, you’d get gems like these:

Dialogue: 0,0:01:12.96,0:01:15.88,Default,,0,0,0,,Gatts, I will tell you how to live and when to die

Dialogue: 0,0:16:24.62,0:16:26.96,Default,,0,0,0,,I want you Gatts

Yeah, that person in the opening credits kinda used “Guts” and “Gatts” interchangeably :^\

Dark_Sage says:

This was edited? My god…

Kamica says:

1 hour and 23 minutes according to the timestamp in the final screenshot. How is Dark_Sage even still breathing?

Dark_Sage says:

It’s not easy. ;_;

njd09 says:

I’m actually feeling bad for you right now. Dear god man, 1 hour and 23 minutes of this? I’m exhausted just looking at these screenshots. I think I’d go brain-dead if I had to sit through more than 10 minutes of this shit.

Kenshin_sama says:

I bet all those Hadena reviews really paid off with something like this.

Nyangoro says:

You know it’s bad when copy/pasting the lines from the early Berserk scanlations would have been a better strategy.

MisterX says:


Beelzebub says:

“But that’s okay. I mean, I pretty much understand Japanese anyway! I’ve seen at least 20 animes by now”

Funnily enough, that was the exact same answer Ace971 gave when he was asked about his qualifications as a translator.

Chickenhawk says:

Many thanks to the author of this article. I don’t get a lot of time outside of work and I’ve been really looking forward to the second Berserk movie.

It’s taking even longer than the first movie to sub and I was considering tracking down this version fansub. After looking at a couple of those screenshots I’m now content to wait for a group I know.

Again, much appreciated.

Shades says:

Considering that all of these subs are is a retranslation from French to help out the English speaking croud, I would say they are more than good enough.

The reason the guy did these subs was because no group was releasing anything for the movie.

Dark_Sage says:

What the fuck is wrong with you?

Shades says:

A great wealth of common sense I guess. I took into account that they guy that did this wasn’t very good at English, better at French, and had no Editors or QCs to help him out.

So I easily came to the realization that the subs were probably going to disappoint. Without having to even watch it to see if I was right.

Free is free though, right?

Nevreen says:

“It’s free so you can’t complain” is a pretty terrible and easily refutable argument.

Shades says:

It’s only pretty terrible when you have a choice in what you can watch free. Otherwise, it’s free and your only option, you can’t really complain.

njd09 says:

You can watch it raw though, because in my opinion, these subs would only serve to distract the viewer, making the experience worse. I’d much rather watch it raw than use these subs.

Kamica says:

Yes, watching RAW would definitely be the preferable option here.

There’s really no reason to not wait for competent subs. There are hundreds of other anime titles on nyaa. Why should you feel compelled to watch these subs when you could be watching something else instead?

In two weeks (maybe?), Commie subs will be out. The time that P3 leechers wasted on this release will never return. Sometimes a little patience can go a long way in life.

herkz says:

It’s being slowly translated because the chance of a decent uncensored raw (or god forbid the BD itself) showing up anytime soon is rather low.

FalseDawn says:

I’d rather not watch the film than watch this steaming pile of fresh horse manure.

El Huesudo II says:

Bad subs are intolerable even if they’re the only ones available. It’s like if you’re at a fancy dinner and the only wine available is corked and vinegary, I’m not gonna drink it just because it’s the only one available, I’ll just ask for a fucking glass of water.

Shades says:

In this situation it is better to say that you are at a soup kitchen and you either have this, tap water, or you can go outside and drink from a puddle.

You can wait for a sub group. They should all be finishing up by now considering this only has about 800 lines and the raws have been out there for a week or so and if they ordered their own Blu-Ray they should have had it for a while longer than that.

El Huesudo II says:

A soup kitchen? So apparently Berserk is the equivalent of a soup kitchen dish for you.

Nah. Downloading Berserk is like crashing a fancy-pants party. (Yes, crashing, because you’re not supposed to crash parties, much like you’re not supposed to download this shit illegally, but OH WELL~) And those subs are like when you grab a glass from one of those ambulatory dudes who carry wine glass trays (yes, I’m totally showing how I’d only get into one of those parties by crashing it) and then you taste the wine and you make a spit-take and everyone turns and looks at you. You can still enjoy the party without the wine, but it’s just not the same.

And yes, it’s always good to wait for the BD subbers.

herkz says:

No raws are out unless you want censored video or DVD quality.

Kira0802 says:

You might not know this, but French has periods too, by the way.

Kira0802 says:

*There are also periods in French.

(wtf brain)

sangofe says:

Is there a real fansub of this anywhere?

Toshika says:

Seems like waiting for Commie is your only option if you’d like to skip suicide.

jdp says:

If only we had the BD so we could put actually good subs out.

TheFallen says:

Hey guys, another Berserk fan here.

Hey Dark_Sage, I was waiting for English Subtitles for Berserk 2 and I had searched exhaustively some days ago with no results. And I found a sub today.

Can you please check how correct the below subs are if you wish?
According to expressions and movement the subs looks correct and accordingly to current expression.

Dark_Sage says:

Those look terrible as well. They look like a minimal edit of the shitsubs in this review.

TheFallen says:

Yeah, you are correct.

I searched a bit further and found out that they originated from here:

I just wanna watch the damn MOVIE without the need to learn Japanese!! Dammit!! ;)

Dark_Sage says:

It can’t be helped. :(

puddi says:

technically, you _can+ watch the movie without the need to learn Japanese, but you won’t understand a thing

P32L says:

I’ve never seen a sentence punctuated quite like that one. Kudos. Unrelatedly, nice avvy!

Anon says:

I now hate Berserk because of these shit subs.

Prepare toi!

Ace971 says:

Hey I see a lot of piece of shit worst than the subs I made.

At least I’ll know from now that you better be selfish, at least those who love to complain (and do nothing…) won’t have shit to say.

So DarkSage, if you had spent half of the time you spent on making fun of someone’s will to provide something for you guys, subbing it yourself, maybe we would have something absolutely perfect, as you seem to be really deep into it.

Well at least you all made me laugh, except for Shades who have common sense. Next time fuckers, sub it yourselves! :) and happy new year loosers

FalseDawn says:

Is this English? It looks familiar… but nah.

Ace971 says:

are you serious guys about being so frustrated that the only thing you can do is complaining about everything? If you’re not happy with something, make it better then!

FalseDawn says:

Are you asking me to give you English lessons? I charge $30 an hour. I think you’ll find that more than reasonable.

Ace971 says:

Whaou and I assume that was supposed to be fun :)
I don’t need your english lessons or whatever you have to offer dude. I’d love to hear you talk in my language, but unlike you, I don’t think that’s something funny… Anyway , life’s easier for guys like you I guess…Keep it up man ;)

Dark_Sage says:

What language is that? “Retard”? I doubt False has enough bleach on hand to converse with you in your native tongue.

Ace971 says:

Ha ha ha , you’re so full of s…
What have you done on your side?
… ?!
aaaah ok. So keep your mouth shut if you can’t do anything more than complaining you poor frustrated a..hole :)
If you’re not happy with subs man , which I did not for me, but as advertised firstly as non hundred percent accurate. You’re all native speakers, yet none of you did a shit apart from talking and being mad. What a bunch of stupid loosers!

I’m so waiting for your subs to be released man :D

FalseDawn says:

Tu veux que je parle en français? D’accord.

Ta traduction était merde.

Lisez pour plus d’informations:

sangofe says:

FalseDawn voulait dire: “tra traduction était de la merde.” ou “ta traduction était merdique.”

FalseDawn says:

My bad. The English are obviously much better at swearing than the French. Check “fuck” as the most versatile word in the English language for reference.

FalseDawn says:

And anyway, my French was still better than his English, so overall, a net win for me.

Ace971 says:

tu ne sais pas parler francais sale con :)
Je parle anglais bien mieux que tu ne parleras jamais francais de ta vie, et ce pour la simple raison que le Francais est une langue bien plus complexe que votre ramassis de mots argotiques. Alors ta phrase entière est de la merde mon petit :)

Think you still have some way to go before speaking french dude…
But unlike me , you think you do!

Nevreen says:

Je suis bilingue et, de ce que j’ai vu, ton anglais est pire que son français. À vrai dire, ton français n’est pas particulièrement bon.

Ce site critique les fansubs avec un ton moqueur. L’auteur n’a pas réellement quoi que ce soit contre toi, mais tes sous-titres sont extrêmement mauvais, donc il les ridicule. Ça arrive assez fréquemment. Mais toi, jeune con que tu es, tu t’es senti obligé de venir ici essayer de défendre ton travail avec des arguments pitoyables comme “j’aimerais bien vous voir faire mieux” et en insultant tout le monde en vue.

Je ne sais pas ce que tu essaies d’accomplir, mais tout ce que tu as réussis, c’est de te faire passer pour un autiste.

FalseDawn says:

Quoi? Vous pensez que vous ne parlez pas le français? C’est vous qui m’avez demandé de parler en français. Alors, si vous voulez, je peux arrêter, mais il est inconcevable que vous vous croyez capable de parler l’anglais. C’est une langue très complexe, en comparaison avec la langue française. Les escargots ont copié notre langue en grande partie (soixante pour cent de vos mots sont pareil qu’en anglais!).

(I might stop trolling you in French now because having the character map open to c-cedilla and circumflex is irritating)

Ace971 says:

Just a quick example :
You in english compared to french tu or vous which makes a difference between plural and singular for the second person form.
That’s only a quick one…
and for you who think that French is recycled (it was a good one!) from english or whatever
Maybe you’ll learn a bit about your own language.

“It is estimated that 12% (4,200) of common French words found in a typical dictionary such as the Petit Larousse or Micro-Robert Plus (35,000 words) are of foreign origin (where Greek and Latin learned words are not seen as foreign). About 25% (1,054) of these foreign words come from English and are fairly recent borrowings. The others are some 707 words from Italian, 550 from ancient Germanic languages, 481 from other Gallo-Romance languages, 215 from Arabic, 164 from German, 160 from Celtic languages, 159 from Spanish, 153 from Dutch, 112 from Persian and Sanskrit, 101 from Native American languages, 89 from other Asian languages, 56 from other Afro-Asiatic languages, 55 from Slavic languages and Baltic languages, 10 from Basque and 144 (about 3%) from other languages.” from wikipedia, but you can find the same information everywhere.

P32L says:

Maybe if you learnt a bit about ours, your sentences wouldn’t be complete gibberish.

FalseDawn says:

Look, just because you can say “you” a whole loada ways and you’ve got lots of extra tenses including a seemingly useless one you use for writing stories/novels, that’s not going to impress me. The thing about English is that there’s a whole *wealth* of synonyms we can use that other languages just don’t have. Trust me, I’ve studied poetry, I know all about it. And that’s English and French poetry (spoilers: French poetry is weird).

Mahjong says:

>I’d love to hear you talk in my language

Hey I thinking that I am the only person to have been able to spoken that language. :) I’m very glad to have been met that someone else am able to speak it. ;) It are similar to being like founded long lost brother! xD

rarely_upset says:

Ah, I’ve been put into my place.

csb says:

Took you long enough to get here, eh? Now have fun without embarrassing yourself so much!

Progeusz says:

What a fitting occasion to use this image!

Ace971 says:

“Yeah, okay, I’m back to the subs. But don’t get me wrong! I can totally speak Japanese like a native, but I put the subs on just so I can enjoy the show without worrying too much about translating everything!”

Waiting for your subs, you lazy “native” japanese speaker XD

zanon says:

Along with spelling, basic grammar, and sentence structure, you should add reading comprehension vis-a-vis sarcasm to the lengthy list of English concepts you may wish to pursue a study of in the future.

rarely_upset says:

Give the guy a break. English clearly is not a language he’s mastered yet.

jdp says:

Then he should have kept this release to himself.

Ace971 says:

then you should have done one yourself

Xythar says:

We’re working on it. It took a while for the BDMV to be uploaded, and we wanted to have a good quality release ready the first time instead of wasting the leechers’ bandwidth by tricking them into downloading unwatchable shit.

TheFallen says:

Ace, stop feeding the trolls man. I personally thank you for YOUR effort and TIME.
Yeah, I wish you or someone could make 100% perfect/correct subs for it but ATLEAST you TRIED unlike all those aholes posting in the comments.

And yes, Sage was a bit bashful but the Subs was indeed shitty. Better than NOTHING but still shitty.
That does not mean you are a bad or untalented person.

All I know is that you tried atleast. Sage was just criticizing your work. Not in a good manner, but hey,
you put it online, others will criticize. So thank you.

Xythar says:

>implying other people aren’t trying right now

rarely_upset says:

Reluctant to draw attention to oneself; shy.
shy – timid – shamefaced – coy – sheepish – diffident

We’re allowed to criticize as much as anyone who says a movie is bad or a show wasn’t that great. You don’t have to make something better to know his release was bad.

Ace971 says:

criticizing is ok , but if you wanna be sarcastic guys, it would imply you all can do better then.
As far as I’m concerned, the main goal was to sub it perfectly in french, which is done now.
As advertised firstly, and if ShitSage was honest , he would have mentioned I never pretended this release to be a perfect one, just to help some guys who would be able to make a perfect release out of it, which is easier this way.
But I won’t waste any longer my time with this shithole, it’s useless :)
Bonne journée bande de trous du cul (celle ci était facile à traduire pour des mongols qui se serviront sans doute de google trad)

P32L says:

If the goal was to create a French fansub, why the fuck was it released in pidgin English? Your English is too poorly phrased to discern any real meaning out of your comments, but if you were even semi-literate you would see this release has worse English than an arashi script. It’s utterly indefensible— there’s no way an editor could at all turn this into grammatical English. In some parts I’d expect better out of motherfucking Google Translate. But keep up the free = above criticism defence— we all know how absolute that is.

Ace971 says:

Sure pal…
At the meantime except for criticizing, and if it is so bad, why don’t any of you guys do it?
It’ll be my pleasure to use those instead.
Keep the crappy comments up ;) i’m sure you’d all together already the movie 3 times by now if only you’d put yourselves together.
and man the goal was to create a french one, but I don’t live in France, therefore I needed an english one too. That’s the difference between being selfish and not I guess.

P32L says:

I don’t see why you think that the petulant retort “I’d like to see you do better!” is particularly clever, especially considering many of these sites readers are fansubbers, some of whom are working on subbing this show to a standard I have faith will far surpass yours. I still fail to see why you had cause to sub this in English when you clearly aren’t fluent enough to so much as touch the script. But no, keep up your haughty, misguided comments.

Ace971 says:

so man if you’re not happy, let me tell you this, don’t download! That’s this simple. Furthermore, the subs can be disabled so wtf’s wrong with you guys?
Are you all so retarded you can’t understand a shit?
I NEVER had the arrogance saying those would be perfectly accurate or whatever.
Guys if you’re not happy with it fine, now why complaining? I didn’t forced anyone to download it, i’m not doing any money out of it.
Guess you’re too stupid to get that…

sangofe says:

You wasted people’s bandwidth, man. If you can’t do a decent job, don’t do it.

P32L says:

So… your defence is that it’s the leechers’ fault for downloading your shit, and that the subs can be disabled? Truly comical. Thing is, people are complaining because your release was “a shit”. Anyone who downloaded the movie downloaded did so with the expectation that they would be provided with subtitles to translate the spoken Japanese into written English. This release completely fails at this purpose. No meaning can be discerned from the subtitles, rendering them useless. For this reason, your release has generated anger for deceiving people into downloading a completely substandard product. If you do not comprehend this, then you have serious cognitive issues.

Ace971 says:

lol , you have serious disorders by just not reading what I told you.
I never released it saying it would be completely accurate, and advertised of it where I released it.
You should then use your so called brain to understand that. If you’re too stupid to even admit that, then man you’re the one f’ed up!

ethicks says:

The sub actually isn’t terrible. The timing is perfect and most of the writing is almost correct. All he really needed was an editor to change some of his syntax and spelling. I could probably fix this up in 20 – 30 minutes (assuming his Japanese to English translations were correct) with proper grammatical sentence structure.

Mahjong says:

>assuming his Japanese to English translations were correct

I think you mean his French from Google translated Portuguese to English.

njd09 says:

You don’t live in France, so you had to create this abomination of English? No, no. Leave my language alone. If you’re trying to learn by yourself, that’s one thing, but wasting everyone’s time and bandwidth with an unwatchable, undecipherable release is just that – a waste. I COULD do better – provided I had a TL that could produce something comprehensible for me to edit. Fuck, I could guesslate a more logical script than this shit. But I don’t have to; maybe you’re not understanding this, but Commie (that’s an English fansub group, just so you know) is subbing this in actual English. Some of their members have even responded to you. So yeah, they can do better, and they’re going to. I would get a better understanding of this movie by watching it raw anyway than by using your subs. How would you like it if I subbed your anime in French and wasted your time? It defies common sense. Just stick to what you know.

Ace971 says:

I had a good laugh reading so much hatred from a useless scumbag. :)

njd09 says:

Yes, dismiss my comment as “hatred” and insult me, that’s a great way to respond to criticism. As someone who actually edits English fansubs, I have done it and can do it. No, not this movie, but for anime nonetheless. Provided you know English (which you don’t), it’s not that hard.

And no, it is not better to have inaccurate subs. I can understand the gist of what’s going on by observing the characters and their expressions. Obviously, I won’t get much out of that, but I’ll get more than what your subs would give me. They’d only serve to distract me as I tried to decipher what in God’s name you were trying to say. Pausing the video every two seconds to mentally edit your “English” is not better than watching raw.

I’ll try saying this in a language you can understand though. The lesson here is that if you produce shitsubs, prepare toi get criticized.

Ace971 says:

I’m pretty sure i’d be able to sub any anime you’d translate in French, by not complaining and getting the work done.
It’s better to have subs even if inaccurate, than some google translated stuff i’ve seen, be it for french or any other language.
I’d be really pleased to find a proper sub, so if YOU could do better…Why not making it a truth? You all here talks a lot for sure!

P32L says:

Sorry to say this, man, but I seriously think Google Translate would do a better job than you at French-English translation. I mean, “Prepare toi”? I haven’t heard of a machine translator that has trouble translating pronouns.

Ace971 says:

that’s because if you weren’t lazy, you’d know that should indicate maybe I skipped this one, as simple as that.
That’s far more complicate than doing a copy/paste on a translater.
One line out of about 800 which I skept tranlating. Bull’s eye really

Nevreen says:

Oh, so you mean the French track is almost as bad as the English track?

“Prépare-toi!” would be how you actually write French.

Ace971 says:

Tu parles francais comme moi lorsque je suis bourré. J’ai le droit de dire ca tu es non natif. Alors je suis désolé mais les subs francais sont faits par des natifs, donc tes arguments sont fallacieux.

Le coup du prépare toi , t’es gentil j’ai oublié un tiret merci beaaauuuucoup :)
Eternel insatisfait hein?
Ce qui m’a fait bien rire, c’est de voir des gens critiquer quelque chose en n’ayant absolument rien produit de mieux. Je ne demande que ca , avoir des subs qui tombent dans le creux de la main tout frais, malheureusement personne ne semblait s’y interesser. Tout du moins pour la France.

Alors si tu veux me servir de correcteur orthographique, ce sera avec grand plaisir, sinon je me passerais volontiers de tes piques à deux balles.

Amuses toi à me corriger, il doit y avoir quelques fautes pour toi à ronger :)

Ace971 says:

“Ce site critique les fansubs avec un ton moqueur. L’auteur n’a pas réellement quoi que ce soit contre toi, mais tes sous-titres sont extrêmement mauvais, donc il les ridicule”

Tiens tiens Monsieur “j’use du language soutenu” pour me la jouer, te serait il possible de te relire également ? :) à bon entendeur Monsieur le bilingue qui fait des fautes que meme un gosse de 5 ans ne ferait pas :)

P32L says:

Baiser maintenant. J’ai passé votre accueil.
Courtesy of English->Portuguese->Japanese->French Google Translate.

Depuis que j’ai un sentiment de grâce, ne vous plaignez pas! ;)

By the way, man, picking on people’s French isn’t going to make your English any less horrendous.

Nevreen says:

Bien joué! J’ai fait une faute (j’aurais dû dire “ridiculise”) et tu l’as repérée. Entre temps, ta réplique est à peine lisible tellement elle est pleine de fautes.

Je n’essayais pas particulièrement d’utiliser du langage soutenu, donc je m’excuse si j’utilisais des mots trop compliqués pour toi. J’essaierai de m’ajuster.

En ce qui concerne mes origines francophones, tu peux les douter si ça te fait plaisir, mais ton argument n’a aucun appui et je peux te guarantir que tu as tort. J’ai le “droit” (curieux terme à utiliser dans ce contexte) de dire que ton français est atroce.

This is the last I’ll post in French because this /is/ an English website and you obviously have nothing of value to say in either language. Continue thinking we’re all just “haters” or trolls with no credibility to back up our contempt if that makes you feel better. It certainly doesn’t make your subs any more bearable.

FalseDawn says:


His French does suck if he thinks missing out a hyphen is acceptable. Not to mention the fact that he didn’t even notice he’d missed the accent.

Ace971 says:

Mon francais est atroce? Laisse moi rire encore une fois.
Je vois pas pourquoi je parlerai comme toi avec une facon somme toute très protocolaire.
Apres si tu t’exprimes comme ca dans la vrai vie, libre à toi.
Ce que j’ai soulevé dans ta réponse, c’est qu’il est très facile de se montrer critique, mais ca en devient risible dès lors que l’on est pas capable de conjuguer un verbe.
Mon francais te convient il mieux ou faut il encore que je dusse faire quelques efforts supplémentaires?
Bien à toi manant.

Ceci dit , comme beaucoup d’autres ici, tu as une forte propension à provoquer le sourire, c’est un don précieux :) oooups j’ai failli oublier mon point .
Voila qui est fait .

Ace971 says:

Arh mon dieu si tu parles vraiment comme ca dans la vie réelle, tu doit etre sacrément perdu, ou dans un autre espace-temps…

“En ce qui concerne mes origines francophones, tu peux les douter si ça te fait plaisir, mais ton argument n’a aucun appui et je peux te guarantir que tu as tort. J’ai le “droit” (curieux terme à utiliser dans ce contexte) de dire que ton français est atroce.”

Celle la, comment te dire ca pour que tu comprennes… elle était vraiment XXL. Je vais la noter dans mon best of des plus grosses vannes de l’année. Tu pourrais meme peut etre décrocher un guinness avec ca.
Et sinon tu sors de ton chateau parfois?

Ace971 says:

omg j’ai écrit “tu doit” nooooon! ;)
A te lire j’en perds mon francais…

Nevreen says:

I’m not even sure what you’re trying to argue anymore. My French is “too proper”, so I can’t tell you how bad your spelling and grammar is? Neither of those things even have anything to do with being a native speaker. If you can’t spell or use proper, elementary school grammar, then your subs are going to be pretty fucking terrible. In any language.

P.S. “tu doit” est loin d’être la seule faute que tu as faite dans ta réplique.

FalseDawn says:

Love the irony of you calling someone lazy for not picking up on the fact that you were being lazy and not translating every line.

Ace971 says:

lazy for not tranlating every line? for 1 line? from someone who didn’t do shit? At least you know the meaning of humility :)

Xythar says:

I’m pretty sure FalseDawn has subbed a lot more anime than you.

I’m also pretty sure he’s done a much better job of it, but has enough sense not to try translating a show from a language he doesn’t know to a language he barely knows.

FalseDawn says:

To be honest, even if I did decide to tl it, Xythar, at least I know the target language.

And yes, I’ve been subbing since you were in diapers, young man, so kindly respect your elders.

FalseDawn says:

*Knowing target language being one up on the case at hand – I’m not taking leave of my senses and suggesting I’d actually even dream of taking up translation duties. Though, humourously, Vincent of SHS fame did once mistake me for a translator…

FalseDawn says:

I don’t think Monsieur Ace971 (well, I’m guessing – it could be Madame, but possibly not with that filthy language above. Honestly!) quite understands the purpose of this website, does he/she?

Ace971 says:

Yes I do, I’m thinking about creating a website on my own, and as a main subject I’ll write articles about useless people, starting with you guys :)
Just to review what you’re doing here :)
Yes my language was filthy, but still, why wasting time explaining things to so retarded people who think they got it right before even listening to arguments?
So yeah a well placed fuck off was , to my mind, more appropriate.

P32L says:

The irony of your comments is simply overwhelming. Really, I’ll spell it out to you: YOU CANNOT SPEAK ENGLISH WELL. You do not understand spelling, grammar or syntax well enough to communicate properly to fluent speakers. Granted, you have a reasonable vocabulary, understand basic sentence structure and seemingly have some level of literacy, but you cannot reliably produce comprehensible English. I’m sure “…how the enemy?” makes sense to you, but we English speakers have no idea what the fuck you mean by that. I’m sure you think the English in the release is acceptable, but it’s not. It’s all but gibberish. Please, improve your English a bit (okay, more than a bit) before displaying it so conspicuously. By the way, I know for a fact that the French also have punctuation. We use full stops too, you know!

Ace971 says:

Where did you see me “displaying my english so conspicuously”?
Moreover, I did the subs in one day, just that if someone wanted to sub it, it’ll have been easier.
And to let you know all of it, I found the subs in portuguese first, which I know nothing about.
Easiest way was to google trad, and then with the manga beside, to adapt everything to the best in French. Why no one here can do the same?
For a good willing person, it’ll have taken like one day or two translating it perfectly in proper english so what are you still waiting for?

If you can’t understand with the movie on, I mean guys go get a brain!

You can’t get everything you want for free , sometimes you got to involve yourself. Don’t know if that makes sense to people here. But hey , don’t worry about my english, I have no issues talking with people. The fact I did that as fast as I could to help somehow made you guys mad, fair enough XD .
Now enjoy whatever you didn’t made, or watch it raw if you don’t want to use the subs. That’s fine by me.
Actually, I don’t even know why I’m wasting my time talking to people who obviously, will never ever try to sub anything even in their own language…
No matter how I say it, you’ll all have kind of arguments, and just won’t listen. I never said I was writing english like a native, but still , you guys should seriously open your minds.

FalseDawn says:


No one here does the same because that’s retarded, plain and simple. What’s the point in playing Chinese whispers through different languages to arrive at a translation that’s not only impossible to read but probably has little bearing on what was actually said in the original Japanese?

Mahjong says:

Not to mention his transition from Portuguese to French was with Google Translate.

Mahjong says:

Wait, if I’m getting this right, you don’t know Japanese at all?

You know what this reminds me of? That JNE-Fauxsubs Maken-Ki release.

sangofe says:

Easiest way was to google trad, and then with the manga beside, to adapt everything to the best in French. Why no one here can do the same?

-We don’t do it because it’s extremely inaccurate.

If you can’t understand with the movie on, I mean guys go get a brain
– We want accurate, detailed translations that contain correct grammar. Go get a brain if you can’t understand this. And please, please stop subbing in english.

You can’t get everything you want for free , sometimes you got to involve yourself.
-Do you realize how many people here are English fansubbers? Including me.

Actually, I don’t even know why I’m wasting my time talking to people who obviously, will never ever try to sub anything even in their own language…
– I don’t know why you wasted your time subbing in English either. Actually, you didn’t sub, you just threw some letters together and tried to make words, but failed miserably.

No matter how I say it, you’ll all have kind of arguments, and just won’t listen. I never said I was writing english like a native, but still , you guys should seriously open your minds.
– Same back at you, little boy.

Ace971 says:

as I said, no use talking to you.
never threatened you with a knife to download the sub.
What do you complain about then? Go get a life man

Xythar says:

So you google translated it from Portugese to French, and then translated it yourself into pidgin English, and you expect anyone to actually be grateful for that?

Not translating it would have been better. Then you wouldn’t be wasting people’s time with Google TL’d bullshit.

I’m sorry, I was previously operating under the assumption that you actually knew Japanese and were just terrible at English. If you’re not even qualified to translate, kindly fuck off.

FalseDawn says:

What gets me is, why google translate from portuguese at all? Why not just do that with the Japanese if that’s what you’re gonna do? :S

Ace971 says:

Mais bien sur le francais est calqué de l’anglais c’est bien connu.
Ne dit on pas chez nous aussi que la marmotte met le chocolat dans le papier d’alu?
Arrete donc de me faire mal aux yeux (et aux tiens par la meme) , et aux abdo à force de me faire rire.

Ace971 says:

fuck off yourself man, as I said, never sent anything to you guys, and never said it’ll be perfect either , so knowing that, you could just shut the fuck up and start doing things on your own dumbass.

Hopefully this place is just representative of assholes who can just make complaints.

FalseDawn says:

>this place is just representative of assholes

Welcome to fansubbing. You must be new here.

Xythar says:


Don’t sub something if nobody working on the subs knows the original language.

The only thing that differentiates you from all the other leechers out there is that you were stupid enough to try.

ganon-sama says:

>”just shut the fuck up and start doing things on your own dumbass.”
>implying that I have a dumbass to “do things on”


^Here’s a supply of commas. Do use them wisely.

Icec0ld says:

Translation of Ace: It’s free therefore it can be shit without repercussion or reprimand. Lol!

Brought to you by Google translate. Don’t complain it’s shit. Where’s your translation of Ace? I don’t speak idiot but I’m entitled to do this and feel privileged.

Ace971 says:

try again, your translation of what I said sucks

Mahjong says:

So what if the Portuguese subs he got were actually translated into Portuguese from like Dutch subs using Google? And if those Dutch subs were google translated from Russian? Someone’s gotta look into this, we may have a giant clusterfuck of translations here.

FalseDawn says:

Dark_Sage may have uncovered a multi-national ring of failed fansubbing.

Nevreen says:

:inception gong:

Mahjong says:

He’s French and an American is criticizing him; that’s more than enough reason for him to flip his shit!

Kamica says:

>Ctrl+F “January 2”
>40 results found

Om my lord. What happened here?

Xythar says:

If only this page kept a record of all past comments so that one could simply scroll up and see what was discussed.

rarely_upset says:

>Everyone’s face when ace971 was the troll that got fed the most.

erreburst says:

“the only wine available is corked and vinegary, I’m not gonna drink it just because it’s the only one available”
jamais vu un anglais d’aussi mauvaise foi
j’en rigole encore

TheFallen says:

So guys it would be a great if someone or a few of you took a break from crucifying Ace971 and answer me this:

Are there any PROPER ENGLISH subtitles available released or available or whatever? Thank you.

Dark_Sage says:


Xythar says:

We are translating the movie this very moment at Commie. It’ll be out when it’s done.

TheFallen says:

Thank you Sage and especially Xythar.
And as for my previous post, not I did not imply in any way other subbers aren’t doing nothing about Berserk.

I’m really thankful to all those that are trying/subbing. You got my respect. As for Berserk,
I downloaded it in Greek as is my native language.

Also the Subs seems pretty good and very different from Ace’s. So I believe they must be correct. How correct I don’t know since I don’t speak Japanese.

But the grammar and sentences make much more sense in Greek than all the English subs I found. So if I had found it before I could, had translated it in an estimated 95-99% perfect subs, assuming the Greek subs were correctly translated in first place.

But as you already stated, they are on their way.. ;)

erreburst says:

excusez moi pour l’intrusion inopinée,
je me permets d’intervenir, non pas pour défendre le travail d’ace971 (puisque d’une part, je ne maîtrise pas suffisamment la langue de Shakespeare, et d’autre part, comme je suis à l’origine de l’adaptation française, je ne peux pas être objectif), mais pour défendre mon travail à moi.
d’abord, si j’ai décidé de faire cette adaptation, c’est parce que la licence acquise par “dybex” empêche les teams françaises de publier leurs fansubs. donc, à ce jour, il n’y a toujours pas d’autre sous-titres français disponibles.
en visionnant le raw je me suis rendu compte, grâce à ma connaissance pointue de l’anime de 1997, que les dialogues étaient les mêmes au mot près (parfois, seul l’interlocuteur change) et que donc, en m’aidant de celui-ci ainsi que du manga, il était possible de faire une adaptation plus que correcte malgré mes lacunes en japonais.
je n’ai jamais revendiqué une quelconque appellation de “fansub”, je suis allé jusqu’à signaler mon incompétence au public à la place du “résumé de l’épisode précédent” après tout qui peut s’en soucier?

à ce jour, je n’ai reçu que des commentaires positifs sur mon travail.
il ne tient qu’à vous de vérifier

et par honnêteté intellectuelle, cessez de qualifier mon travail de “googletrad” ou de “fakesub” ou dieu sait quoi.

la mauvaise foi c’est le propre de la médiocratie.

FalseDawn says:

Using the manga to “translate” something is still pretty bad, especially as anime shows are notorious for changing things from the manga (they’d probably call it “enhancing” the dialogue or whatnot). Think of it like this: when you see a movie adaptation of a novel, they don’t do everything word for word. They add lines or leave lots of lines out, and sometimes adjust lines for flow in order to emphasise something that the director wants emphasising. Using a book to then “translate” the movie would be a gross injustice to the movie itself – not to mention that you’re relying on the manga translation to be accurate as well, which sometimes isn’t the case, especially when they have a go at localising things.

erreburst says:

ah, mais je ne me suis pas contenté de simplement replacer les phrases du manga dans le film, bien entendu! je me suis aidé de celui-ci, ainsi que du fameux “googletrad portugais”, du chinois aussi, et de l’anime. je t’assure que j’ai véritablement travaillé dur pendant 5 jours, pour reformuler les phrases, afin d’avoir le même nombre de syllabes que la version audio japonaise, afin de conserver un maximum la rythmique pour que la lecture soit le pus agréable possible (ce que les teams françaises ne font pas suffisamment, je trouve)
j’ai voulu être sûr de comprendre la stratégie de Griffith, pour éviter les contresens comme celui que les portugais ont fait entre les cavalerie respectives lourde et légères de Boscorn et des Faucons.
ace971 a parfois volontairement baissé (selon moi) la qualité de mon adaptation pour la rendre plus accessible voire plus “populaire” (par exemple il a remplacé le terme militaire de “centurie” par “100 hommes” ou par “bataillon” cela ne m’a pas dérangé, dans un sens bien au contraire mais j’y reviendrai, là où, par contre cela a nuit à la qualité, c’est que Gatsu devait être affublé d’un surnom en rapport avec la “boucherie” et donc là où je l’avais qualifié de “hachoir à centurie” lui s’est contenté “tueur des 100” mais bon, pour moi, c’était un compromis, dans le but de rendre l’adaptation accessible au plus grand nombre).
je suis resté quelquefois bloqué plus de 15 min sur une phrase parce que je n’arrivait pas à trancher entre coller au texte original (japonais) et utiliser une phrase plus usuelle en français (“prépare toi” en est un exemple, je ne sais plus ce que c’étais en VO, une réplique du genre “je t’attaque” je crois… bref un truc improbable en français)
et aussi, en français, la répétition d’un même nom ou d’une même expression dans plusieurs phrases consécutives est à éviter autant que possible alors que cela ne semble pas déranger en japonais. et c’est donc volontairement que par exemple, je n’ai pas utilisé deux fois la même traduction pour “kisama” que les portugais ont systématiquement remplacé par leur équivalent de “son of a bitch” que je trouve presque anachronique…
j’aurais tellement à défendre encore… je vous assure, c’était tout sauf du copier-coller. 5 jours intenses.

l’erreur d’ace971, selon moi, est qu’il n’a pas soumis son travail à un premier avis extérieur et objectif, alors que lui même a pu apprécier l’importance de cette formalité en effectuant une première correction (parfois arbitraire) de mon adaptation.

FalseDawn says:


You syllable-matched with the Japanese audio? Man, I didn’t think anyone was even masochistic enough to try that. But here’s a suggestion for your next project – why not find a Japanese->French tl and then you can just edit their work? I’m led to believe there’s a lot of French fansub groups out there, so I’m sure it wouldn’t have been too hard to find one to help you out. That way, you wouldn’t have to resort to Google Translate via Portuguese, which is questionable at best.

erreburst says:

ah… en fait, en france la licence est acquise depuis longtemps, du coup, aucune team de fansub n’a eu pour projet de le traduire… au départ, j’ai proposé de faire une adaptation (et non une traduction) pour une petite communauté surtout parce que je connais bien l’œuvre de Miura (ça aurait été impossible avec n’importe quel autre anime) et que depuis plus de 20 ans que je regarde de l’anime (et non, pas 20 animes)en vostf/vosta, je commence à comprendre certaines expressions récurrentes. et c’est ce qui m’a permis de comprendre la VO, et surtout de me rendre compte que les dialogues sont souvent les mêmes au mot près que dans la série de 1997 et ça personne ne va le nier.
je ne suis pas masochiste, j’ai même voulu abandonner le projet (justement car j’avais des doutes quand à la qualité du résultat final) et j’ai reçu tellement de messages d’encouragement, voire de supplications, que je suis allé au bout.
mais, tu veux savoir, je pensais qu’au pire, on attendrait un mois avant la sortie du DVD ou bien une meilleure traduction, le fait est qu’aujourd’hui, le 03-02-2013, ma version (vostfr) est toujours la seule disponible. et j’en suis le premier surpris. mais pour ma part, le public à donné son verdict.
et je ne sais pas si tu a vu ma vostfr, mais au début, à la place du résumé de l’épisode précédent (que je n’ai pas voulu traduire au grand malheur de dark sage, qui doit être atteint d’alzheimer pour s’en soucier)je fais tout pour rebuter les éventuels critiques zélés en annonçant d’emblée que je ne comprend rien au japonais (vérifie). une petite épreuve imposée au spectateur pour compenser le coté masochiste (au fait, j’ai travaillé avec deux ordinateurs simultanément) juste histoire qu’il aie un peu de mérite.
écoute, tu as l’air de comprendre le français, jette un œil sur ma version, et donne moi ton avis. attention, je ne prétends pas que c’est parfait, mais je sais que ça n’est pas si mauvais

Ps, ça veux dire quoi tl;dr?

erreburst says:

oups, pardon, ça fait si longtemps… je viens de me relire et merde je commence à radoter comme un vieux…
en même temps… ben faut vraiment que je me sois shooté à la coke pour perdre mon temps à répondre à cet article qui ne me concerne même pas. surtout qu’il ne reflète qu’un opinion, et pas même l’ombre d’une pensée (et il n’y a rien de plus stérile que de discuter d’un opinion)… oui… euh… ça explique aussi la longueur de mes réponses.
s’il vous plaît, veuillez accepter mes excuses pour la gêne occasionnée.

Ladies & gentlemen, je vous prie d’agréer l’expression sincère de mes sentiment les plus freudiens.

rarely_upset says:

tl;dr is short for “too long; didn’t read.” It means that the post was too long and they only read a small part, if at all.

Dieter Dorsch says:

for such a quick release i think it’s ok. thank you, ace. besides, i would never release such thing, but on the other side, i really wanted to watch the movie right now, so it’s ok.

Joost says:

I thought this website was kinda funny but damn, the amount of kids in here (including Dark_Sage). Its pretty easy to find out who subbed it, so if you *wasted* bandwidth on it then thats your fault alone. Besides, you can turn them off so if you love raws so much, whats stopping you?

Bad English?
Sure, but I’m not retarded so i can make out whats happening.
Some of us don’t speak Japanese so at least Ace helps us out. unlike you guys. Sure you may be subbing it right now… a month after the original release? Well done.

Dark_Sage says:

You know as much Japanese as Ace does. He just used Google Translate on someone else’s translation and threw it on a shitty raw. If you want to help others out with Google Translations, I can give you a crash-course on googletranslate-subbing. #[email protected] if you’re interested.

FalseDawn says:

Does it really matter how long it takes? I’d rather wait months/years for something of serviceable quality rather than let sub-par releases ruin my enjoyment of a series.

Qrius says:

But man, waiting a MONTH for something? Must be hard when it’s 1/120 or at best 1/144 of the guy’s life…

Joost says:

Its kind of ironic that you guys do nothing but call people names and make fun of them, followed by implying they are kids.
Whats wrong with someone eagerly waiting for something?

You don’t answer any of my questions, simple because I use simple logic and you really have nothing to complain about.

Why am I even on here discussing this? All you guys are doing is trolling and its kind of sad.

FalseDawn says:

Fail troll is fail.

You’ll probably notice that the only person implying anyone’s a kid was you, as all we’ve done here is complain about the questionable quality of a release that went through 4 different languages (none of the people subbing this actually knew any of them either) before arriving at a release that claims to be English but the screenshots say otherwise.

If our “trolling” is “sad”, what does that make your trolling? It’s more pathetic that no one’s even bothered to take your bait, don’t you think? :D

aoihakurei says:

Really? That’s the best you can do? It’s been said many times why this release shouldn’t be watched, and your failure to understand that is a clear representation of your English skills.

Joost says:

As someone who can read, I was able to understand them.
So… qq more.

FalseDawn says:

Ha, your trolling leaves much to be desired.

Joost says:

You would know.

FalseDawn says:

Yes, I am a very good judge of trolls. An international expert, you might say. Thanks for noticing.

Qrius says:

Well I see that the main focus of the discussion went elsewhere, but…

“What’s wrong with someone eagerly WAITING for something?”
That’s kinda what I wanted to ask you – why not WAIT a bit for something immeasurably better?.

Joost says:

Simply because I rather watch it sooner then later(hens me saying I was eager). The terribly done subs didn’t take much away from the actual anime as its not particularly hard to follow. So there is little reason to wait. I will download a better version in the future.

Lazy-kun says:

(hens me saying I was eager)
HENS ME SAYING. I also like weirdly. Written sentences. Seriously man, this was a really bad release. I couldn’t even figure out what was happening in the release at all. Hey maybe I need to get less English to; understand it better.

erreburst says:

I think you wanted to say “1/1200”
oh, my…sorry, you have progeria didn’t you?

P32L says:

What, he’s 100? Must be the senility then.

rarely_upset says:

>Replying to Hadena leechers

jen says:

Should I wait for Taka? Or should I just get Commie’s version

Dark_Sage says:

Commie should suffice.

Humanity says:

I’m so glad we can finally put all this behind us.

Hans Moleman says:

Ace971, please never again attempt to make English subtitles for newer Berserk films, or any Japanese medium for that matter.

Shane says:

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