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Conventions — By on May 16, 2013 11:38 pm

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I got really fucking blitzed since Thursday nights at anime cons suck, so forgive the lack of info.

If you’re going to Acen this weekend and are cool enough to hang out with SoupRKnowva and me, toss me an email and we can work something out during a panel or something.


Obligatory “I’m not as big an asshole IRL as I am online.” comment. (Apparently I’m pretty intimidating.)


So yeah, no posts until after the con. I’ll be too busy doing awesome stuff here. (Like visiting useless panels and taking pics of cute girls.) Shinegki Kyojin reviews will have to come when I have more free time.

Everything will be okay, just calm down

Everything will be okay, just calm down


tl;dr: No new posts this weekend due to an anime con. Please don’t kill yourself.

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kani says:

damn it, now i can’t kill myself

yo says:


Dammit x2

SkyDewa says:

Lol, good luck sage :*

Humanity says:

Can’t wait to hear about the crazy hijinks that are going to ensue.

Dark_Sage says:

Boring hijinks more like. This con sucks.

Fred C Dobbs says:

> Please don’t kill yourself.

Can we still kill other people?

raingod says:

Yes, yes we can.

raingod says:

Intimidating?!!!!!!!! Hahahahahahaha

AzureHakua says:

Less of an asshole IRL for sure.

Adoxo says:

You must be living that friendzoned life.

Dark_Sage says:

Yeah, I’m def friendzoned. Soup won’t put out. He’s saving himself for marriage.

Adoxo says:

Apply pressure, he’s bound to give in…. eventually.

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