Anime North 2013 Cosplay Pictures – Part 2

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Turns out IrieNaoki (one of my bros I hung out with at Anime North) did want to spend his entire weekend in a fucking Canadian parking lot. So here are the pics he took. (Slightly more than I grabbed.)

Maybe we should stop relying on me to take pics.


Angel_Beats_-_Group_[Anime_North_2013_Cosplay] Chuunibyou_-_Rikka_Takanashi_[Anime_North_2013_Cosplay] Code_Geass_-_Lelouch_vi_Britannia_[Anime_North_2013_Cosplay] Durarara_-_Shizuo_Heiwajima_[Anime_North_2013_Cosplay] Fate-Zero_-_Rider_[Anime_North_2013_Cosplay] GJ-Bu_-_Sumeragi_Shion_[Anime_North_2013_Cosplay] Inu_x_Boku_SS_-_Ririchiyo_[Anime_North_2013_Cosplay] Kore_wa_Zombie_Desu_Ka_-_Group_[Anime_North_2013_Cosplay] Luigi's_Mansion_-_Princess_Zelda_[Anime_North_2013_Cosplay] Persona_4_vs_Metroid_-_Teddy_vs_Godzilla_[Anime_North_2013_Cosplay] Shingeki_no_Kyojin_-_Group_[Anime_North_2013_Cosplay] Steins;Gate_-_Shiina_Mayuri_[Anime_North_2013_Cosplay] Sword_Art_Online_-_Kirito_[Anime_North_2013_Cosplay] Sword_Art_Online_-_Sachi_[Anime_North_2013_Cosplay] World_of_Warcraft_-_Arthas_[Anime_North_2013_Cosplay]




A_Fucking_Snake Accel_World_-Kuroyukihime_[Anime_North_2013_Cosplay] Chuunibyou_-_Rikka_Takanashi_[Anime_North_2013_Cosplay]_2 Fate-Zero_-_Alter_Saber_[Anime_North_2013_Cosplay] Fate-Zero_-_Group_[Anime_North_2013_Cosplay] Fate-Zero_-_Group_[Anime_North_2013_Cosplay]_2 I_Don't_Know_It_Doesnt_Appear_to_be_Anything_Specific_Maybe_Romance_of_the_3_Kingdoms_[Anime_North_2013_Cosplay] I_Don't_Know_Maybe_Beatmania_[Anime_North_2013_Cosplay] Maoyuu_Maou_Yuusha_-_Maou-sama_[Anime_North_2013_Cosplay]_2 Mondaiji-tachi_ga Isekai_kara_Kuru_Sou_Desu_yo_-_Kurousagi_[Anime_North_2013_Cosplay] Mondaiji-tachi_ga Isekai_kara_Kuru_Sou_Desu_yo_-_Kurousagi_[Anime_North_2013_Cosplay]_2 One_Piece_-_Naruto_[Bleach_Mode]_[Anime_North_2013_Cosplay] Shingeki_no_Kyojin_-_Group_[Anime_North_2013_Cosplay]_2 Star_Driver_-_Some_Guy_[Anime_North_2013_Cosplay] Sword_Art_Online_-_Ayane_Keiko_[Anime_North_2013_Cosplay]_2

There is a snake because Irie went to a petting zoo. I don’t know why.




AKB0048_-_Group_[Anime_North_2013_Cosplay] Chrono_Trigger_-_Lucca_[Anime_North_2013_Cosplay] Clannad_-_Group_[Anime_North_2013_Cosplay] League_of_Legends_-_Group_[Anime_North_2013_Cosplay] Magi_-_Morgiana_[Anime_North_2013_Cosplay] Mahou_Shoujo_Magicka_Madoka_-_Group_[Anime_North_2013_Cosplay]Working_-_Group_[Anime_North_2013_Cosplay]  Mirai_Nikki_-_Yuno_Gasai_[Anime_North_2013_Cosplay]

Oh god she did the fucking face HNGH

plz marry me, Canadian goddess





Bonus 2:


Holy shit, is that a Bonus 3 I see? You’re goddamn right it is:


More vids on the Youtube channel, I guess. Figured you didn’t need five fucking Youtube videos here, though.

And yeah, that’s about it. I think Irie had a slightly better impression of the con than I did.

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Irie Naoki says:

Well it was my first convention, ofc I’m gonna love it.
Also who wouldn’t hold and pet a live snake?

Beckett says:

Snakes are rad, I totally back your decision.

Kamica says:

What’s with all the Asians?

Justinnnnnn says:

Exactly my thought – surprised to see so many asian-looking people there.

Blah says:

It’s Toronto. If you go to Vancouver, you’ll see the same amount if not more.

Switches says:

Isn’t Vancouver a province mostly populated by Japanese Canadians? Toronto is mostly… Chinese and Middle Eastern.

xviruz says:

Vancouver is a city. It’s right next to Richmond, a China-city. There are far less asians out in the east (Toronto, etc.)

shane says:

Vancouver is a city and Japanese people account for roughly 1.5% of its population. You’re definitely right about Toronto though.

Justinnnnnn says:

The best cosplay I’ve ever seen was someone who dressed as the Ninetails (Naruto) in a very, very well-made suit. The person (can’t remember if it was him/her) actually makes a living doing those awesome, awesome fursuits. I read in one of his/her blogposts that he/she actually went to work on Halloween day with that suit…Everyone (also took the train to go to work) was like OMGWTF!

Actually, it’s so awesome I had to go and look for a video of it…


Marow says:

I don’t care if the cosplay was bad. That’s a GJ-bu Shion cosplay I see.

Con justified.

Irie Naoki says:

There was also Kuroki Rei from Vividbutt Operation

puddi says:

I like you.

Beckett says:

I’m just glad someone else recognizes the greatness of Shion-sama.

Irie Naoki says:

You’re welcome

Marow says:

I like you guys.

Jeffrey-sama says:

The cosplayers at the AKB0048 cafe were so out of character… except for Takamina. .___.
It was a good first cafe experience though.

TouToTheHouYo says:

Snake-san for best cosplay of the year all years.

YumA`tron says:

i went last year, and this was def the best “cosplay” i saw.

Hellenaa says:

OMG I found another photo of me!so many months after the con hurray~ and thanks for the wonderful comment :3 *is the Yuno*

Dark_Sage says:

My marriage offer still stands.

Irie Naoki says:

Excuse me, who was the one that took the image, and who was the one that was NOT having fun at the con?? ;)

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