Anime Review: Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou

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I’ve heard you can sometimes judge a show based on its fandom…

…and that is most definitely the case here.

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The show’s budget is lower than its fans’ standards

Inu to Hasami Fan Reviews







And there you have it.

Rating: 0/10.

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The show is pure, unadulterated cancer. Avoid.

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furidummesheen says:

i finished to it in the end, so everything’s fine

Nyangoro says:

After I watched the first episode, I contracted dysentery.

Until now, I didn’t believe it was possible.

mahay says:

I’m sure you can’t judge a show based on only one episode. It might get better.

Dark_Sage says:

But it won’t get better.

Madao says:

It’s probably going to get worse.

Fred C Dobbs says:

I got rabies just reading the preview synopsis at myanimelist…

I binned this one mentally, just as I had with the two recent Hair Fetish animus and any crap about people magically turning tranny.

(But I’ll bet that they’re all still better than ‘Amnesia’ and ‘Hiiro no Kakera’ were.)

UrethraPerformer says:

>about people magically turning tranny

Like what?

Fred C Dobbs says:

Since I pay them not the slightest attention once I hit that element in a capsule description, I couldn’t begin to list specific titles. However, the descriptions which turn me off usually go something like this:

“Sasuke is a perfectly normal high school boy. Imagine his surprise when he meets a [djinn / alien / catgirl / yokai / miko] who/which curses him so that he turns into a magical girl every time he hears the word ‘baka’ – and he remains stuck as a splittail with tits until someone yells ‘urusai’!”

That sort of thing.

UrethraPerformer says:

You must have a pretty good memory then. I can’t remember anything like that in the last 5 years or something.

Fred C Dobbs says:

Yeah, my memory (like the rest of my brain functions) is pretty good, I must say…

Why, I can even remember things I’ve seen, heard, read, or experienced more than 50 years ago. Imagine that.

So – um, yeah.

Fred C Dobbs says:

Oh, lookie here: all I had to do was Google ‘gender bender anime’, and here’s a list claiming what looks to be dozens of titles – many within the last 5 years. Or something.

I can’t be arsed to check them all out for you to be sure that it’s an accurate list, mind you. You younguns have to have *something* to do for yourselves, after all…

Dark_Sage says:

Most of those deal with cross-dressing/gender identity rather than physical transformations of people played for ecchi/laughs.

Fred C Dobbs says:

Yeah. And when I say “tranny” I’m including the meanings for Transvestite, Transgender, and Transsexual – just as Wikipedia (for one example) does:

I’m not troubled by the fact in human society (hell, I lived in San Francisco for thirty years and never had a problem with it there); I just don’t care for anime where it’s a Main Plot Point. (Unlike, say, where the main character is occasionally cross-dressed for some [heavily contrived] reason or another.)

On a similar note, I don’t go for anime where they are _obviously_ catering to a particular Niche Fetish – *hair*, for example… Or loss of bladder control, as several series have done.

I’m not saying that anyone else has to share my [dis]tastes, of course. I wonder why anyone would get their knickers in a twist over it?

Oh, there’s another one: Pantsu Fetish!!! :oD

Vagoo says:

That list has a lot of shows listed twice, and includes direct sequels. Also, some of those shows are pretty questionable about whether they should be considered gender bending (Birdy). Not really contributing anything, just wanted to point out the actual number of shows on that list is around 20.

Fred C Dobbs says:

And oh – lookie *there*:

Yet another thing I found with Google just in a matter of seconds. It appears to be a whole CLUB for fans of the type – complete with Discussions, Lists, etc. Knock yourself out.

UrethraPerformer says:

Oh wow. There’s been a whole lot of “magically turning tranny” anime in the last 30 years. They really are an unbearable quantity judging by those lists.

Anyway, they even list Maria Holic where there’s no gender swap or what you’re bullshittin about.

Brw says:

That quality. So glad you came back from the dead, Gonzo.

Cant wait to see how they maul Kimi no Rage.

Arran says:

What is wrong with gender bender anime/manga Pretty Face was quite a good manga and one of the best gender benders i have read.

Side note i wish the author of it could get a reboot on his Mx0 manga that was a good one.

Fred C Dobbs says:

What’s “wrong” with putting mayonnaise in your Tea?

You do it, so why shouldn’t I? Hell, I must a be goddamned fucking *idiot* for not liking mayonnaise in my tea the way you – and every other right-thinking person on this wunnerful, wunnerful planet – must do, in order to be able to even think themselves human!

Sheesh! I never expected the Trannyphile Inquisition!

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