Fansub Review: [IchigoHaatsu] Brothers Conflict (Episode 02)

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This is how a language dies. Not with a bang, but with a fansub.

Table of Contents

Release Information

Visual Quality

Script Quality


Release Information

Episode details.

Release format: MKV (268 MB, 8-bit)

Japanesiness: Yes.

English style: IchigoHaatsu-style English.

Encoding details:

Speed: Quick (<48 hours)

Note: IchigoHaatsu is name of the person who translated this (and did everything but the timing/encoding). She also decided to name her group after herself. Fansubber humility.


External links.

Group website:

IRC channel: N/A screenshot comparisons: N/A

Subbusu screenshot comparisons: N/A


Visual Review


[IchigoHaatsu] Brothers Conflict - 02 [88F97AFE].mkv_snapshot_01.12_[2013.07.10_12.18.45]

Opening. She just used her main episode dialogue font here. It works with a similar degree of effectiveness: none at all.

Rating: Terrible.

[IchigoHaatsu] Brothers Conflict - 02 [88F97AFE].mkv_snapshot_22.32_[2013.07.10_13.14.42]

Ending. See above.

Rating: Terrible.




[IchigoHaatsu] Brothers Conflict - 02 [88F97AFE].mkv_snapshot_16.01_[2013.07.10_13.02.47]

The RNG gods weren’t kind to Ichigo when she rolled her INT stat.




[IchigoHaatsu] Brothers Conflict - 02 [88F97AFE].mkv_snapshot_00.00_[2013.07.10_11.58.53]

The entire release is watermarked. You can disable it by skipping to any part of the episode, since the watermark is only softsubbed. But if you start the episode up and don’t skip around any, yeah, it’s gonna stick there throughout the show.

I think the only reason the watermark is softsubbed is because Ichigo doesn’t know how to hardsub shit. Come on, girl

And with credits that garish… Goddamn, you have to be really fucking full of yourself to think that’s acceptable to shove on the screen for 10 goddamn seconds.

[IchigoHaatsu] Brothers Conflict - 02 [88F97AFE].mkv_snapshot_20.47_[2013.07.10_13.12.38]

The main script font is terrible and the same color is used for every line, regardless of any confusion this will result in (and it resulted in a LOT of confusion in Ichigo’s episode 1 release).



Script Review

How dough I spel?

[IchigoHaatsu] Brothers Conflict - 02 [88F97AFE].mkv_snapshot_00.44_[2013.07.10_12.18.09]


[IchigoHaatsu] Brothers Conflict - 02 [88F97AFE].mkv_snapshot_08.09_[2013.07.10_23.50.10]


[IchigoHaatsu] Brothers Conflict - 02 [88F97AFE].mkv_snapshot_11.36_[2013.07.10_12.56.27]

Also no.



What’s an grammerz

[IchigoHaatsu] Brothers Conflict - 02 [88F97AFE].mkv_snapshot_10.46_[2013.07.10_12.55.25]

capitaLization is Consistently incorrect. (Protip: you’d capitalize “sis” whenever it substitutes for her name in this release.)

[IchigoHaatsu] Brothers Conflict - 02 [88F97AFE].mkv_snapshot_13.28_[2013.07.10_12.59.34]

“If I use both ‘a’ and ‘an’, I can’t be wrong!”

Nice try, IchigoHaatsu, but it doesn’t quite work that way.



Punctuation, is hard.?

[IchigoHaatsu] Brothers Conflict - 02 [88F97AFE].mkv_snapshot_05.00_[2013.07.10_12.41.49]

But my dear, you already have.

[IchigoHaatsu] Brothers Conflict - 02 [88F97AFE].mkv_snapshot_05.59_[2013.07.10_12.43.24] [IchigoHaatsu] Brothers Conflict - 02 [88F97AFE].mkv_snapshot_06.02_[2013.07.10_12.43.30]

I can’t even begin to comprehend the logic behind this. Does IchigoHaatsu think commas function the same as periods? This is what happens when people learn English from fansubs.

Do note that this specific issue happens very often throughout the release.

[IchigoHaatsu] Brothers Conflict - 02 [88F97AFE].mkv_snapshot_06.54_[2013.07.10_12.44.30]

Oh, you thought the header for this section was a humorous exaggeration? Joke’s on you.

[IchigoHaatsu] Brothers Conflict - 02 [88F97AFE].mkv_snapshot_10.35_[2013.07.10_12.55.06]

If I had a dollar for every comma this release misused, I’d have enough roofies to make sure this translator never woke up again.



General What

[IchigoHaatsu] Brothers Conflict - 02 [88F97AFE].mkv_snapshot_00.26_[2013.07.10_11.59.50]


[IchigoHaatsu] Brothers Conflict - 02 [88F97AFE].mkv_snapshot_02.45_[2013.07.10_12.20.43]

It’s difficult to determine which is the most egregious mistake here. Is it the dull language that pervades this line (and the entire release)? The ridiculous hodgepodge of three sentences into one line? The improper word repetition? Or is it the “high spec wolves” ‘translation’?

Goddamn, Ichigo, I don’t fucking know. You’ve dumbed down your release to the point that any analysis of it will invariably make jello of the reviewer’s brain. (I’m halfway to lemon-lime right now.)

[IchigoHaatsu] Brothers Conflict - 02 [88F97AFE].mkv_snapshot_09.23_[2013.07.10_12.47.33]

Please stop.

[IchigoHaatsu] Brothers Conflict - 02 [88F97AFE].mkv_snapshot_11.48_[2013.07.10_12.57.11]

No, actually she made it for Subaru.

[IchigoHaatsu] Brothers Conflict - 02 [88F97AFE].mkv_snapshot_12.58_[2013.07.10_12.58.59] [IchigoHaatsu] Brothers Conflict - 02 [88F97AFE].mkv_snapshot_13.03_[2013.07.10_12.58.33]

It would be “Or would you prefer to be the one who’s fed?”

Tenses and general language use are broken throughout this release.

[IchigoHaatsu] Brothers Conflict - 02 [88F97AFE].mkv_snapshot_16.12_[2013.07.10_13.03.10]

With writing skills like these, Ichigo could work for Blood on the Dance Floor.

[IchigoHaatsu] Brothers Conflict - 02 [88F97AFE].mkv_snapshot_17.26_[2013.07.10_13.04.33]

I’m beginning to run out of tears.

[IchigoHaatsu] Brothers Conflict - 02 [88F97AFE].mkv_snapshot_21.37_[2013.07.10_13.13.36]

I think we both know the only way out of this is the right side of a barrel.





Watchability: Watch it raw instead.

Visual grade: F

Script grade: F

Overall grade: F

This release is a failure by any metric of success you wish to use. Unless your metric of success is “fails miserably”. Then IchigoHaatsu’s release may be considered the most successful fansub of the season (so far).

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Solaristics says:

And it’s the only group doing it too, go figure.

stgmefly says:

gg fansubbing

Ashes says:

whhut? you mean GG’s doing one? or are you implying that this is a gg-ish fansub?

fohfuu says:

HorribleSubs is doing it. Pretty good typesetting, too (for them, anyway).

stgmefly says:

This isn’t at all relevant to the post but how do I get in the kawaii irc-chan D_S-sensei ;-;

rarely_upset says:

1) install hexchat
2) open hexchat and pick nick/username/real name, which can be just about anything
3) scroll down the network list to rizon or just click the irc:// link up top.
4) type in ‘/join #whine-subs’ or already be there if you clicked the link

Justaway says:

Is it really episode 1? These screens looks new to me(
By the way, better choice here – watch raws or instant drop.
Also, there is some “new” fansub group… But I’m too scared to download it.

kokujin-kun says:

Yeah, it’s the second episode, I just checked the script at Animetosho. And even if the subs are perfect, this is the worst fucking show of the season, trust me.

Wind says:

+1 Just like amnesia all over again, but with more guys

Dark_Sage says:

Woulda been easier to check what I named the screenshots. :s

Justaway says:

Yep, I saw other animes in this show. Amnesia, Karneval and probably other otome shit that I didn’t watched. This show just combine all of them into some shit.

Kiraly says:

Karneval was primarily action/adventure, and Amnesia looked like it ought to have been some sort Higurashi-esque mystery.

Brothers Coflict… isn’t. Either.

Solaristics says:

Karneval was actually fine.

corocoro says:

Worse than RKB SS? That can’t be!

Dark_Sage says:

Yeah, my bad. This is episode 2.

denpa says:

I didn’t know you made mistakes, Dark_Sage. I’m disappointed. Now I wonder how many mistakes you miss when you review.

Ryuk says:

Knowing you made a error in the title, you still didn’t change it. :effort: :lazy:

Dark_Sage says:

Updating posts on my phone is risky. Saved it for when I got back to my place.

Nyangoro says:

Requesting proper jello order from least jello to most jello.

Also requesting that jello be part of the rating.

mahay says:

It’s been a while since I’ve got my Hadena-tier review fix. My sincerest thanks, D_S.

AnimeNOW says:

I had to time it without a script ( ¬‿¬)

FalseDawn says:

I’m gonna call this now: This looks like a scanlating tl who’s tried to make the jump to fansubbing – maybe just for Brothers Conflict. Either that, or from the drama scene – those are the only two areas of subbing I can think of that’d allow stupid things like watermarks, etc. without a massive backlash from people who know better.

Kiraly says:

Or foreign language subs, though the scanlation tl sounds more likely.

AnimeNOW says:

If I’m correct this is why there is a watermark:
This release was originally only suppose to be released on Ichigo’s livejournal where she/he (I’ve been running into a lot of transgenders lately) would share the script only (hardsubbed encode later on the week.) Someone made a torrent on Nyaa muxing the script and RAW which Ichigo had no idea about it till finding out in the livejournal comment section.

It’s a livejournal thing(?)

FalseDawn says:

So wait, someone muxed in the script but didn’t think to take out the watermark? -___-

If anything, that’s worse.

Kiraly says:

Livejournal communities still exist? Oh man that brings back memories. I thought everyone had long moved to that confounding maze of gifs and illegal porn called tumblr.

Anon says:

But you’re their timer, so you should have known about it?

that guy says:

You should be ashamed to have been the timer for this James, this was terrible, just as bad as your usual stuff but now with all the responsibility absolved.

Ryuk says:

What’s your problem… Why do you always pick on AnimeNOW? I don’t see anything he did wrong.

Anonymous says:

I don’t see anything you grammared right.

Torn says:

I find it hilarious that he’s still chewing AN out like this.

stgmefly says:

It’s even more hilarious when you have no idea why… Wait no it isn’t

Anon says:
Oh look, now they’re hardsubbing because someone was kind enough to remove the annoying watermark:
They seem rather butthurt.

Anon says:

In addition, it seem that the DDL links posted on that LJ are all adfly links. Apparently they’re trying to make money off of this!

teclas says:

Damn, I wish I had a LJ account to comment. I love flame wars.

zanon says:

The RNG gods weren’t kind to Ichigo

Nah D_S, seems just as likely she decided that Barbarian was the right class for fansubbing and used INT as the dump stat.

FalseDawn says:

It must be hard to type translations with those big muscly hands…

Ashes says:

I do think I would need a subtitle editor to fix the lines as well as add those chinese texts missing from episode 1… I just need D_S’s help for proper translation though..

Ashes says:

Wait a minute, I didn’t see that, another fansub group is doing it? D_S how was the new fansub group doing? Is it just a rip of Ichigo?

dark_sage_has_pretty_eyes_desu says:

D2K says:

So, can we say that this series deserves these subtitles?.

Dark_Sage says:

No series deserves these subtitles.

D2K says:

Your previous answer was way better.

Dark_Sage says:

You’ve seen too much.

D2K says:

I hate when I type twice the same -_-

Dark_Sage says:

Fix’d :3

(For future typos, just do the standard “*” kinda fix notation and I’ll fix it and delete the “*” post.)

D2K says:

Thank you, almighty sir.

jimmy says:

Oh shit, reading this review makes suffering through the episode worthwhile. Thank you, Dark_Sage.

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