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This post was written by kokujin-kun. He is not Dark_Sage.

Let’s see how well they’ve unfucked their first effort.

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Release Information

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Release format: MKV (745MB(!), 10-bit)

Wap Level: Full wap

English style: American English.

Speed: Slow (waited for non-shitty raw) (>48 hours)


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[EveTaku] Coppelion - 01v2 [720p-Hi10P][1396C2E3].mkv_snapshot_22.01_[2013.10.07_21.07.20]

Only had the ED for this episode. I thought overall they did a yeoman’s work, although I disagree with a few lyrics. For example, here I thought I heard (with my admittedly tin ears)  “aitsu wa tada hibi (She spends her days)”.

Main Script.

[EveTaku] Coppelion - 01v2 [720p-Hi10P][1396C2E3].mkv_snapshot_01.26_[2013.10.07_17.50.40]

Literal translation is literal.

[EveTaku] Coppelion - 01v2 [720p-Hi10P][1396C2E3].mkv_snapshot_01.39_[2013.10.07_17.51.32]

All she said was banzai. Not that I mind it that much, but in the next line it seems like megane girl is parroting the other kouhai’s assertion that they’ve arrived to their destination.

[EveTaku] Coppelion - 01v2 [720p-Hi10P][1396C2E3].mkv_snapshot_01.52_[2013.10.07_17.52.57]

Missed the hora hora.

[EveTaku] Coppelion - 01v2 [720p-Hi10P][1396C2E3].mkv_snapshot_02.04_[2013.10.07_17.53.28]

I actually didn’t mind the first version of this line, “We just arrived in Tokyo.” Maybe they could have gone with “Tokyo proper” since that’s the closest equivalent of what the 23 Wards seem to be.

[EveTaku] Coppelion - 01v2 [720p-Hi10P][1396C2E3].mkv_snapshot_02.13_[2013.10.07_17.58.40]

That thing behind her is the tower (tettou), and if you were paying attention to that scene, you’d see that there are clearly more than one (electrical) towers.

[EveTaku] Coppelion - 01v2 [720p-Hi10P][1396C2E3].mkv_snapshot_04.51_[2013.10.07_18.16.42]

I wish they could have gone with “a head instructor” (kyoukan)  in this line instead of having him say “vice principal” twice in this scene.

[EveTaku] Coppelion - 01v2 [720p-Hi10P][1396C2E3].mkv_snapshot_07.23_[2013.10.07_18.22.37]

The full line is “And he’s… the source of it,” but she actually says bougofuku (“protective suit”). I say this is a good adaptation.

[EveTaku] Coppelion - 01v2 [720p-Hi10P][1396C2E3].mkv_snapshot_08.13_[2013.10.07_18.25.08]

They could have added “special gun” (tokushu kenjuu)  in there. Would have made it sound more ominous.

[EveTaku] Coppelion - 01v2 [720p-Hi10P][1396C2E3].mkv_snapshot_09.40_[2013.10.07_18.28.08]

It wasn’t the same guy saying this line.

[EveTaku] Coppelion - 01v2 [720p-Hi10P][1396C2E3].mkv_snapshot_09.50_[2013.10.07_18.29.46]

Yes, technically this line is right, but “prophylactic” makes me think of condoms.

[EveTaku] Coppelion - 01v2 [720p-Hi10P][1396C2E3].mkv_snapshot_10.01_[2013.10.07_18.39.24]

Not sure what they were going for in this line, I’m pretty sure she is saying yappari.

[EveTaku] Coppelion - 01v2 [720p-Hi10P][1396C2E3].mkv_snapshot_11.47_[2013.10.07_18.45.11]

Well, I heard 旧首都の朝か which would mean “So this is what a morning in the old capital is like?” though I would shorten it somehow.

[EveTaku] Coppelion - 01v2 [720p-Hi10P][1396C2E3].mkv_snapshot_13.57_[2013.10.07_20.36.40]

That’s “Colonel (rikusa) Mishima Onihei” to you, bub.

[EveTaku] Coppelion - 01v2 [720p-Hi10P][1396C2E3].mkv_snapshot_15.53_[2013.10.07_20.46.43]

Actually housou jiko would be a “broadcasting accident.” Well, I guess this works too.

[EveTaku] Coppelion - 01v2 [720p-Hi10P][1396C2E3].mkv_snapshot_16.24_[2013.10.07_20.51.50]

Supposed to be: “Unless you’re a robot or a doll [or, I guess, ‘coppelion’], you won’t be able to explore the area.”

[EveTaku] Coppelion - 01v2 [720p-Hi10P][1396C2E3].mkv_snapshot_21.35_[2013.10.07_21.01.38]

More like, “This is no place for humans to step foot in!”


Other Observations

[EveTaku] Coppelion - 01v2 [720p-Hi10P][1396C2E3].mkv_snapshot_04.31_[2013.10.07_18.11.55]

Nothing important here, just a sign telling people to take refuge and a notice saying that somebody’s all right.


Final Grade: B+

That grade is the result of four mistakes I counted against them. But compared to the original script (which had at least 12 more major mistakes), it is a huge improvement. They would have been hovering around a C/D range without the fixes.


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Mass says:

Also, ‘ether’ is wrong, because there does exist a drug called ether (, and that’s not what it does. Ether is an anesthetic among other things, but it’s not a ‘miracle drug’ that’s unknown to our times.

Should have gone with ‘aether’ like everyone else.

SomeLoser says:

‘Ether’ can refer to any compound that has two hydrocarbons linked by an oxygen atom.

Mass says:

Yeah. Diethyl ether is commonly called just ‘ether’, because it’s an ether and it’s commonly used.

Neither meaning is appropriate in this case.

kokujin-kun says:

Yes, maybe they should have went with “aether” to clearly distinguish it from that other known chemical, but I’m not going to count it against them since the other mythical “ether” can be spelled either or.

fohfuu says:

no that was terrible.

> Yes, technically this line is right, but “prophylactic” makes me think of condoms.

Almost exactly what I told cykia when I got to that line.

Will try to pay more attention next week. Also, where the hell is my copy of the first volume of the manga, Amazon?

Tempest13 says:

Amazon failing to deliver :/

kokujin-kun says:

Your mistake was buying from not :p

I did buy from, I just haven’t figured out how the postal service here works yet. They left me a note saying I wasn’t home when they tried to deliver the package, and I think I have to call the post office or some shit? idk. Last time they just tried again the next day when I was home.

jimmy says:

“Not sure what they were going for in this line, I’m pretty sure she is saying yappari.”
“In the end”?

More like, “This is no place for humans to step foot in!”
Not “set foot”?

kokujin-kun says:

>”In the end?”

Maybe, but I wouldn’t bet the farm on it.

>Not “set foot”?


fnord says:

And 7560 times as many results for “set foot”.

Anon says:

I’ve always heard “set foot in”.
Who the fuck says “step foot in”?

kokujin-kun says:

We’re really going to have this argument, guys?

Seriously, this is the hill you choose to die on?

duplex says:

For all intensive purposes, you’re wrong.

duplex says:

You can’t just have free reign when it comes to spelling.

FalseDawn says:

Intents and purposes, you mean.

Or are you purposes really intense? :O

Margaan says:

I believe that Duplex was giving sarcasm free rein (which is another phrase that has passed beyond correctability). Or perhaps you knew this, and were sarcastically sabotaging sarcasm itself?

Online conversations are so confusing.

FalseDawn says:

I feel you’re giving him too much credit :)

Anonymous says:

I dunno, “intensive purposes” is such an obvious mistake that you’d have to be retarded to get it wrong.

Progeusz says:

Anon, that isn’t nice. What if duplex was hurt by your words?

fohfuu says:

People still say “irregardless” and “I could care less”, so yeah, it’s really, really possible.

dëšú says:

Irregardless what you say, I could care less.

kokujin-kun says:

For all intensive purposes, we’re talking about a ditzy high school girl, not an armchair English perfesser.

nil says:

Bad fansubbers make that same excuse.. Please don’t be them.

Margaan says:

No argument is too paltry for the Internet. But maybe I can stop this one.

Although a quick Google suggests that the English Guardians are all strongly against “step foot” (see here and here), according to several dictionaries “step” can be used as a transitive verb in this sense (see for example transitive verb definition 2a at Merriam-Webster). Kokujin-kun’s usage is defensible.

So yes, “step foot” may look incredibly wrong to me, but it’s not in that tiny category of English language terms that can actually be considered “incorrect.” Let’s save the fireworks for the next time someone misuses “to beg the question.”

Anon says:

Thanks Mr Eotena, you’ve opened my eyes to the wonders of the English language.

Rem says:

And by the grace of God, English was saved by someone who doesn’t speak it.

returnity says:

duplex wins for best replies.

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