Official Subs Review: [Sentai] Inu x Boku SS (Episode 10)

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Welcome ghouls and ghosts… to a parallel dimension where people actually watch subs like these. It is a terrifying and cautionary tale for what would happen if fansubbers ever took the professionals seriously. (And yes, this is the spookiest blu-ray I have. Deal with it.)

Sentai Filmworks Presents: Inu x Boku SS


And what a presentation it is.


Kooky Karaoke.

INU X BOKU SS 10 - Sentai Filmworks.mkv_snapshot_01.16_[2013.10.30_01.34.50] INU X BOKU SS 10 - Sentai Filmworks.mkv_snapshot_01.33_[2013.10.30_01.35.25]

This doesn’t help anyone.


Silly Scary Standards.

INU X BOKU SS 10 - Sentai Filmworks.mkv_snapshot_20.26_[2013.10.30_09.01.12] INU X BOKU SS 10 - Sentai Filmworks.mkv_snapshot_21.03_[2013.10.30_09.01.54]

English and Japanese? Someone should have told whoever did the OP how to do this.


Frankenfail Font.

INU X BOKU SS 10 - Sentai Filmworks.mkv_snapshot_17.44_[2013.10.30_08.56.09]

Sorry, but no.

I asked a Sentai rep about this before and they said all their subs were yellow by popular demand. Sentai: Cornering the market on the outspoken and colorblind.


Terrible Typesetting.

INU X BOKU SS 10 - Sentai Filmworks.mkv_snapshot_03.06_[2013.10.30_01.39.16] INU X BOKU SS 10 - Sentai Filmworks.mkv_snapshot_04.16_[2013.10.30_01.40.56] INU X BOKU SS 10 - Sentai Filmworks.mkv_snapshot_11.36_[2013.10.30_08.35.02] INU X BOKU SS 10 - Sentai Filmworks.mkv_snapshot_24.12_[2013.10.30_09.05.10]

Because fuck the Japanese text and viewers’ eyes, amirite?


Dubious Dubtitles.

INU X BOKU SS 10 - Sentai Filmworks.mkv_snapshot_11.01_[2013.10.30_08.34.11]

This was actually a thing someone said in English.


Gruesome Grammar.

INU X BOKU SS 10 - Sentai Filmworks.mkv_snapshot_08.37_[2013.10.30_01.58.58]

– != —

They’re completely fucking different.

I suppose it’s better than Funi’s use of double-dashes, though (which by the way, Funi, you’ll only ever see in fansubs as a temporary placeholder for an em-dash — you really shouldn’t have adopted it as your official standard).


Crazy Credits

INU X BOKU SS 10 - Sentai Filmworks.mkv_snapshot_24.50_[2013.10.30_09.05.59] INU X BOKU SS 10 - Sentai Filmworks.mkv_snapshot_24.57_[2013.10.30_09.06.13]

Not even fansubbers are bold enough to add two minutes to the end of every release where they thank themselves for localizing a show.

Fun takeaways: The translation team doesn’t even get the slightest acknowledgment and it took two people to get the subtitles to the visual QUALITY they were at in this review.




Final rating: Visual fail.

There’s a reason there aren’t any Sentai BD rips for this show. If fansubbing’s dead, then the home video market is halfway decomposed.


And that’s scary to think about.

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random says:

I’m guessing Sentai’s primary audience is dub fans so they probably don’t really care if the subs are retro yellow and terrible.

Humanity says:

Except they release quite a few sub only releases. Those subs are also yellow.

BakaProxy says:

Well i haven’t seen any localized BDs yet with proper typesetting.

I don’t really know if it was the right choice to put the english and romaji lyrics at the same time, usually they put 1 episode English lyrics and next episode romaji lyrics.

anon-tan says:

That’s probably the way the lyrics are for the OP. But for this show, the ED changes with each episode, so it wouldn’t work.

Fancy typesetting would be nice, but it’s not supported by the format. At least it’s there… I guess.

BakaProxy says:

even though the build in subs from BDs and DVDs don’t support anything fancy for typesetting, they could just hardsub it with afx or make a little plugin of some sort.

anon-tan says:

Hardsubbing it would suck. Don’t know how a plugin would work, but it could be neat.

Anon says:

Suck as in it’d be hard to do for some reason, or just because of the lack of clean video? I don’t know how much space is left on the average anime BD release, but they may be able to just include two versions of video, one hardsubbed and one not.

BakaProxy says:

Dual layer BDs can hold up to 50GB, they probably get the lossless video from the creators because they paid for license and hardsubbing (the signs that need to be typeset atleast) probably wouldn’t suck unless you want to see it in japanese without subs, which is actually stupid because you would be better of buying the japanese version because the video quality is usually better in the japanese version (lolstrong banding in localized versions).

And if done right afx typesetting doesn’t need to lower video quality.

AnimeNOW says:

>would be better of buying the japanese version
No. I’m pretty sure only cunts would pay $60 for 2 episodes just to get a little quality upgrade. Maybe if you were going to encode it or someshit but just for watching? no way.

BakaProxy says:

Yeah in a scenario where a japanese person living outside japan, you would be right.

But still those expensive BDs and DVDs still sell to non-encoders, just take a look at those ‘Weekly BD and dvd rankings’ on MAL.(

AnimeNOW says:

But like you said that’s Japanese nerds they’ll buy anything with a tit in it.

anon-tan says:

The lack of clean video would suck. I don’t need someone’s failed attempt at fancy typesetting permanently stuck on the screen. And there would be failed attempts. Many of them.

@BakaProxy & AnimeNOW: Maybe some people just like to support the series that they like. Not everything gets a localized release. And some Japanese BDs do come with English subtitles.

Solaristics says:

Since you’re doing “Sentai” reviews, want to go over Sentai Angel Beats release?

Ash says:

Y’know what the spookiest thing of all is? It’s that Seraphim Digital continues to put out horrible dubs even after ADV went out of business.

Passerby says:

>2012 show
>Yellow shitty font

Zalis says:

The blackscreen credit scrolls in Sentai’s releases are definitely not “adding two minutes to the end of every release where they thank themselves for localizing a show.” They also include credits for the Japanese staff, VAs, directors, production companies, etc. And as the ones who actually paid money to license and distribute the series, surely they have the original producers’ approval to credit themselves.

Plus, using the blackscreen method is better for viewers, since it allows Sentai to preserve the original Japanese OP/ED credits and avoid the framerate/cadence fails that often plagued ADV releases that substituted an English credits scroll into the ED video. (And for a while, Funimation was completely mangling ED videos whenever they didn’t have clean versions available — blackscreen scrolls would’ve been an improvement.) Fans can skip these credits without missing out on any music or visuals, and Sentai saves time/money on encoding new credits sequences — it’s a win-win situation, mostly.

Kotone says:

I know right? I am as of now never buying anything else from the awful excuse for a company again. The yellow subtitles are so distracting, can’t they just have a white option too? Eng sub 1 (awful yellow for the color blind) Eng sub 2 (white for everyone else). I’m watching my Blu ray in Japanese with the subs off I hate them so much.

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