I just ate an entire bag of Doritos for lunch (v.Spicy Nacho)

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I’ll be at Ohayocon from Thursday-Sunday. Posts will be spotty, so if you want me to write something *today* let me know.


Today: Mikakunin TL Party

Tomorrow: Some review (Sakura Trick, I’m thinking)

Friday: Episodic blogging bullshit

Saturday/Sunday: No fucking idea


The gist is I don’t wanna leave y’all with absolutely nothing for days on end (we have the end of the season for that). So give me some ideas and I’ll write them on the rest of my lunch break/after work and schedule them for later.


May the muse of literacy inspire me

Aniblog posts take about 5 hours minimum. Reviews/TL Parties can take me 2-3 hours, depending on how much stupid I have to parse. And articles take an hour or so. So with this one-day time limit in mind, articles are what I’m going for.


tl;dr: Article ideas please.



kayserlein says:

An introduction to everything Type-Moon. Try to finish THAT within an hour.

Dark_Sage says:

Challenge accepted.

kayserlein says:

Where the hell is that from?

Isaac says:

Newest Gintama movie.

Bneundh says:

Yes review the newest gintama movie plz.

Dark_Sage says:

Last time I reviewed an anime I had to deal with a release where all the punctuation was missing. Shit took two years off my life. I can’t risk losing any more.

Dark_Sage says:

Oh, my guess was wrong.

Anon says:

Well, both of them get the idea from this Japanese anti-piracy ad. Not a terrible guess, but yeah, I don’t remember Sasami-san’s looking quite like that.

shcboomer says:

So much worth!

Dark_Sage says:

All right, that one’s written and scheduled for Friday.

What else you got?

kayserlein says:

An article about the influence of anime on Western Media and how it is usually ignored (e.g.: Hunger Games & Battle Royale or Black Swan & Perfect Blue).

Dark_Sage says:

That would require me to have seen any western media other than Drive in the past few years.

I had actually started writing an article about Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim being a total ripoff of Eva, but then I realized Eva was actually good, so the two franchises had no similarity.

kayserlein says:

OK, then one about how certain changes in dubs are sometimes awful (4kids) and sometimes can actually add something to an anime or game like the localized memes in the Steins;Gate dub or Teddie’s bear puns in Persona 4.

kayserlein says:

Ghost Stories would also be a good one. Forgot to mention that one.

dude says:

Replacing Japanese memes with English memes and Japanese bear puns with English bear puns isn’t “making changes in the dub”, it’s non-retarded translation.

Dark_Sage says:

I get the sneaking suspicion you want me to write boring posts.

Lucky for me, I don’t have enough time to write anything more. Well, at least I got one article out of the way. Enjoy the Introductory Guide to Type-Moon.

kayserlein says:

Well, “boring” is kind of subjective. But I do realize that I’m kinda ‘uncommon’ when it comes to my personal interests. (Fuck Damimakuras!)

Dark_Sage says:

Well I meant it would be boring to write. I’m sure some people would like the post, but I fear I’d just be repeating what everyone knows.

My general goal for this site is to give y’all something you’re not gonna get elsewhere, and I’m not confident in my ability to approach a “bad dubs can be bad” topic in an interesting manner so soon after my Buddyfight dub post.

YYZ says:

You still going to call out on Funi’s Bullshit with No-rin 2 if they have a panel?

Dark_Sage says:

But of course. We always have in the past.

Anon says:

And you will film it so we can laugh at the corporate shills and their attempt at damage control, right?

Dark_Sage says:

Have you seen my filming skills?

Of course I will!

shcboomer says:

D_S pls

Jark says:

Never thought I’d hear someone sing worse than I do.

Calyrica says:

What a coincidence; I ate a packet of hot chocolate mix as a snack!

Pear says:

Write an article about all types of -dere and include examples.

Dark_Sage says:

That’s… actually not a bad idea. But for the post I want from that subject, it’ll take two hours and I’m 30 minutes from sleeptime.

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