CryCon 2014: You Asked, I Deliver

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Fine. Let’s do an anime con.



Dark_Sage’s place. This Saturday. I’m south of the Twin Cities, and if you don’t know what that means, it’d probably cost too much for you to come here anyway.


Who’s Invited:


Yes, you.

Yes, you.

No, legitimately. I’m not really gonna make it easy to get my address, but if you wanna play my game, you can come.





Free. You all get Special Guest badges.


Featured Guests:

The Strongest




(Yeah, we all live within like an hour of each other.)



Madoka so good

Fansubbing: Why it sucks

Fansubbers: Why they suck

Fansubs: Why they’re all cancer

Fandubs: Why they need to happen more often



Manga reorganization. Because Dark_Sage can’t alphabet and Caly’s OCD.

“Hey we should really sub something together sometime.”//”Yeah, let’s do that.”//*20 years pass, Hyobu episode 8 is released.*

Autographs. If you’re a cute girl, I’d be willing to sign your tongue with mine. Crossplaying guys also count depending on how drunk I get.

This is why I like FateZero

I don’t need to be proud of it after. Just during.




Featuring the stylings of DJ Dark_Sage.

Expect a playlist consisting solely of Mindless Self Indulgence and The Birthday Massacre.

Click play. It’s good. Promise desu.


DealerDark_Sage’s Room:

Dive through boxes of extra manga/anime and take anything that costs less than 25 cents on the open market.

oh gee wow thanks

How generous, Dark_Sage.


Handy Dandy Website:

Computer Musume

(I may actually do something with this in the future. We’ll see.)

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SquidTheSid says:

Dammit, Crycon is so far away from where I live. If I could make it, I would.

Minachi says:

Sounds fun.

Uichan says:

I have a feeling this would be markedly preferable compared to the huge congregations of probably LoL cosplayers by now.

SquidTheSid says:

I can’t escape that damn game. Even my anime club is having a tournament for it.

Uichan says:

I feel all old and style-cramping for saying this, but LoL pretty much took over my little brother’s life. He’s on the verge of repeating a year, practically. A year ago he was calling it gay, and now he’s married to it. It’s a cancer, man.

SquidTheSid says:

Oh, I used to play League a lot, then I switched to Dota 2 because too many of League’s design decisions pissed me off.

dutchah says:

Fuck, it’s a continent over. No CryCon for me.

Uichan says:

Also, count me in for Crycon 2015. I’ll be 21 by then (although you can mysteriously drink at 19 in Ontario…).

fohfuu says:

Are the Twin Cities near Glasgow

FalseDawn says:

Considering D_S is American, surprisingly not :)

fohfuu says:

Me wa shock

Hunta says:

I’m down.

And I’ve got evidence for why fandubs shouldn’t exist, maybe in the form they do now.

Calyrica says:

I am SO excited you guys have NO idea aaaaahhhhh best weekend EVAR.

Beckett says:

hey guyz ill be their dressed (i looked it up on the internet and its called COSPLAY) as pikachu i luv pokemons and i hope their will b other pokemons fans theyre.

Love the idea. Too bad I live on the other side of the planet but I will patiently wait for a summary of what happened during CryCon 2014.

Now we just need a video of Dark_Sage, kokujin-kun and Calyrica singing anime songs ( preferably in a drunken state ).

Dark_Sage says:

About the only song I know is the Wolf Whistling Song. Caly/koku, for practice:

A solid choice. But I was hoping for something more crazy.

Dark_Sage says:

Dude, I can’t do Nip songs. There’s like too much foreign in them.

We got this covered. Believe it! But besides the mandatory american versions of Naruto songs you should also focus on more accessible and harmless works for a wider range of anime fans.

Dark_Sage says:

I can do the One Piece rap by heart.

All versions of it, ofc.

kokujin-kun says:

Cool! All I have to do is explain to the rest of the guys why I can’t TL Ippo this Saturday, lol

XiaYixuan says:

Fansubban > RL

kokujin-kun says:

Coincidentally, I just learned that a fellow fansubber was forced by his girlfriend to quit being online so much. So yeah, rl sucks.

XiaYixuan says:

As for me, the editor’s girlfriend demanded him to watch Kobato with her immediately. Happened a few hours after the new ep aired. So ikr.

XiaYixuan says:

(New ep referring to the show we were subbing. It means that he couldn’t edit that day due to his gf.)

kokujin-kun says:

See? Girlfriends get in the way.

Hunta says:

Obvious solution: find a girl who’s willing to edit your TL.

kokujin-kun says:

It’s actually better for the editors if they don’t know me personally, since I typically jump down their throats.

Hunta says:

True, true.

konnakude says:

I was also wondering when you were going to tell me (oh, noes! your disgusting editor for Ippo)about your field trip. Though, even I am able to understand that it must be cold to sleep in a bed ALONE, and that by going out you’ll be increasing your chances to get laid.

I almost wrote “to shag”, but then I remembered you were from the US, so I must express myself clearer. :P

Dark_Sage says:

Unless Caly stops being a lesbian and Dark_Sage stops being straight, the odds of that are pretty low. I guess we could hit the bars though.

FalseDawn says:

But wait! Caly x D_S was a thing for a while, so one of those statements must be false ;)

Dark_Sage says:

Nothing I said was false.

Calyrica says:

Nope, falsedawn. He was just very understanding of my gayness. It was also very strange and I would not recommend getting into such a relationship.

FalseDawn says:

Yes, that does sound rather complicated :X

Dark_Sage says:

Just TL at the con. It’ll take like 30 mins, tops. I’ll give advice on all the complicated words to speed the process up. It’ll be great.

kokujin-kun says:

Haha, it takes me a minimum of five hours to TL an episode.

I wish I was kidding.

puddi says:



kokujin-kun says:

You know what it is. I’m not a translator, I’m an artiste.

Ryuk says:

No, you’re just a slow translator…

TBH I often take longer depending on how much I care about the show. Slowpokes unite… eventually…

Chrouya says:

Almost there…

Fuwaa says:

Great idea! You can do Hyoubu while you’re there too.

Jark says:

A fifteen hour drive to a vague location in Minnesota?

Count me in!

begna112 says:

Jark has the Crossplay role filled. Remember Jark, to play the part, it’s rape even though you want it.

Dark_Sage says:

Sweet. Toss me an email and I’ll give you the deets. See you there, man.

No take-backs.

Anonymous says:

Where are the Doctor Who and MLP panels? I thought this was an anime con.

Dark_Sage says:

Oh, I combined those into one panel, just forgot to list it.

Aru says:

Cosplay pics pls.

Dark_Sage says:

We’ll see if I can find any cosplay worth taking pics of. No promises, though. It looks like this’ll be a smaller con than most of the ones I’ve been to.

begna112 says:

I’m glad you picked the map from FFT. It just proves you are a man of class and impeccable taste. If you picked that map on accident, however…

Dark_Sage says:

Let’s just say I’d crossplay Meliadoul at cons if I thought anyone was quality enough to recognize me.

begna112 says:

I’ve been craving an anime in the art style of FFT for years. For now i’ll have to settle for the FFT doujins.

And honestly, some of the gamers might recognize that crossplay. Though Ramza is probably the most recognizable.

flipr says:

D_S are you actually worthy of the worship I throw your way? Because that’s only like 4 hours from here (maybe closer to 2 if I think I can take the Lotus out of storage). Work this week sucked and I need a distraction.

I think what I’m trying ask is if I manage to track you down, will you marry me?

Dark_Sage says:

Mm, you know Faribault? You can use that as a rough distance estimator.

Honestly, it’s not worth any lengthy trip. Reason being, my town sucks ass and there’s nothing to do even when it’s July, let alone February. The reason why I like to meet people at cons is because there’s always something new to do in case something isn’t working out. But a four-person house party in the Minnesota winter is… well, you’re gonna be stuck in a house. In Minnesota. In winter.

You’re totes welcome to come (seriously, the door’s open), but you might wanna temper your expectations.

Brw says:

In fucking February

Even where I am its a never ending, icy wasteland. I don’t want to even think about spending 6 hours to drive even further into this frozen hell. Why cant you live in fucking Miami or something?

Dark_Sage says:

Miami’s too Miami. Please understand.

puddi says:

can i attend the convention via skype

Dark_Sage says:

Uhh… sure?

begna112 says:

On a sidenote, how quickly do u think the licensing studios would be contacting their lawyers is fansubbers really tried to start an anime con? >_>

Dark_Sage says:

Why would they contact their lawyers?

Hunta says:

The joys of living in a (relatively) free country.

t4w says:

I need to see Dark_Sage doing the Haruhi ED dance like those fat landwhales on YouTube.

I need that in my life.

Dark_Sage says:

I never actually learned the thing, though I really wanted to. :(

t4w says:

Try to learn it now, you have tonight and tomorrow.

I expect video.

Dark_Sage says:

No way, man. I have anime to fall asleep to.

Beckett says:

Is THAT what the kids are calling it these days?

Calyrica says:

It’s all right. I know it by heart. You’ll get your video one way or another.

CXTKRS1 says:

Holy hell seeing “Mindless Self Indulgence” typed out help bring back a flood of memories from years past…really enjoying this “The Birthday Massacre” too.

shcboomer says:

Google tells me if I drive starting now. I could possibly make it in time.

sangofe says:

I’d go if I didnt’ live in Norway. Especially to tell Dark how much his taste in anime stink.

V2Blast says:

I approve of this primarily because of the Takarada image.

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