Banners Winner Contests 2014-1

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Man, I should outsource effort to y’all more often.

Crymore Banner 05 Crymore Banner 07 Crymore Banner 11 Crymore Banner 12 Crymore Banner 13 Crymore Banner 14 Crymore Banner 15 Crymore Banner 16 Crymore Banner 17

And there ya have it. Winners (in order):

  • Mass/snowblossom/anona
  • meta(mal)content
  • MegaPear
  • Humanity
  • Minami Chi
  • nina
  • aVF
  • Prinzessin
  • AzureHakua

You guys have won my eternal love temporarily. Cherish it.

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Dark_Sage says:

Oh, and aVF, switch yours up so that only the “m” is red, onegaishimasu. I like consistency.

aVF says:

As soon as I get home

aVF says:

It seems that I deleted that .psd file so I had to make the banner again. Don’t know if you’ll like it though:

aVF says:

There is a color difference between “Cry” and “ore” part, though it’s not such a problem

AzureHakua says:

I temporarily love you too for eternity.

AzureHakua says:

Also, mine’s the last one not the penultimate one.

Dark_Sage says:


ah says:

You owe me lunch now.

I wasn’t even sure if it was Sasuke or not, it just came up when I searched “Naruto tears blood”.

Dark_Sage says:

You got it. A Sage always keeps his word. …Unless it involves doing things on time.

fohfuu says:

I like how they’re ordered by position of focal point. That somehow satisfies me.

nina says:

visual hierarchy ftw

nina says:

You should crowdsource more often. People love your whiny ass. Thanks for picking my banner. I’ll make another/more as soon as I feel like it <3 (next year, probably)

Kurt says:

Congrats to all the winners! I especially liked aVF’s work, which looks pretty damn good.

dutchah says:

One of the banners has best ST couple.

D_S confirmed (again) to have impeccable taste.

MegaPear says:

Happy to see that mine was chosen
Ragyo is truly the best klk girl.

Humanity says:

Glad to see one of mine made it to the winners again. I like contributing where I can.

Humanity says:

So I don’t know if it’s imgur compression, or I messed up with the initial image, but I noticed some slight artifacting on the banner.
But it’s okay! I went back and found the original image and made a slightly SLIGHTLY cleaner looking version.
If you want it:

Dark_Sage says:

Added to the rotation <3

Prinzessin says:

Thanks for choosing mine, I’ve just discovered this blog a few weeks ago and I’ve been browsing ever since,lol

meta(mal)content says:

I was glad to see mine was chosen again. Thank you!

Dark_Sage says:

You’re on a roll~

Kawwmoi says:

Damn. I lost. Guess I’ll go start building my bridge now.

Period says:

Almost a week without a Crymore post, I need my fix D_S. D:

Dark_Sage says:

Oh shit. Okay, posts tonight then.

jabashque says:

The way you say that makes it seem as if you forgot about this website…

Dark_Sage says:

Crymore is the only thing makes me wake up in the morning.

Also, liquor. And caffeine. And the eyepatch chick from Sekai Seifuku. Goddamn is she delicious.

Ash says:

Do a post on how using arbitrary coincidences is better writing than actually having a properly structured narrative. You can use the latest episode of Wizard Barristers for 6000 examples.

Dark_Sage says:

Goddamn I hate that show. Now I’m looking even less forward to the next episode, if that’s even possible.

Dark_Sage says:

Okay, let’s pretend that Wednesday is Tuesday, so this doesn’t turn out to be a lie.

Everybody on board? Cool.

Dark_Sage says:

tl;dr: You can expect posts when sobriety.

puddi says:

translation: posts never

Period says:

translation: I’m leaving the site to kokujin-kun, bye everyone!

aVF says:

I bet kokujin’s not wanting it though

NexXKinn says:

How about review Underwater’s original translation on some KLS episodes?

jenny says:

Liar! 。:゜(;´∩`;)゜:。

Dark_Sage says:

Not on purpose. My job isn’t exactly something I can schedule things around. Sometimes I can get posts done on weekdays, sometimes I’m in the office 12+ hours for days in a row.

Today, for example, I didn’t get back to my hotel room until 8:30. Now, 3 hours later, when I finally figure out what to post (I had planned to do a couple cop-out posts, but decided against that when I figured it’d be too cliche), my expected time for completion is 2+ hours. And I have to get up early for a meeting, so I have to choose between passing out right now or passing out while at work/on the road.

I’m pulling for getting shit done Thursday night now, but I just want you guys to see where I’m coming from on this shit, cuz it ain’t something I can easily help.

jenny says:

I’m sorry. Ganbatte >.<

Dark_Sage says:

I’ll gabarremashousandesu.

aVF says:

Btw, when is your next almighty review?

Dark_Sage says:

Friday or Saturday.

Fuwaa says:

Dark_Sage’s cop-out posts are better than most sites’ official reviews.

Just saiyan.

ZZZ says:

Aniblog when

Mass says:

All good ones

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