Summer 2014 Anime Previewganza (Part 3/2)

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All right, fine. Have a summary slide. Season highlights, season 2 previews, best ofs, etc. Enjoy.

Summer 2014 Summary Slide

Best boy: Kirito

Best girl: Kirito

Best anime: Sword Art Online Season 2

2nd best anime: Sword Art Online Season 2


Just watch SAO s2. Have some reasons:

SAO GGO - Kirito - Machi Fuka SAO GGO - Kirito - Yukityasoba SAO GGO - Kirito - Makio (Husutoreizi730) SAO GGO - Kirito - Tsukimori Usako SAO GGO - Kirito - 3266650 SAO GGO - Kirito - Alice 1218 SAO GGO - Kirito - Kame^^ SAO GGO - Kirito - Tsukimori Usako pic4 SAO GGO - Kirito - Rateratte pic2 SAO GGO - Kirito - Kurocchi SAO GGO - Kirito - Alice 1218 pic2 SAO GGO - Kirito - 10mo SAO GGO - Kirito - Kirushi (Killcy) SAO GGO - Kirito - Shizumi Satou SAO GGO - Kirito - Tsukimori Usako pic6 SAO GGO - Kirito - Rateratte SAO GGO - Kirito - Fumi (Saber x23s) SAO GGO - Kirito - Jianmo SL SAO GGO - Kirito - Tsukimori Usako pic3 SAO GGO - Kirito - Shino (Eefy) SAO GGO - Kirito - Rateratte pic3 sao4_cover‚à‚Æ SAO GGO - Kirito - Hanarashi SAO GGO - Kirito - Suzusawa Aki SAO GGO - Kirito - Tsukimori Usako pic5 SAO GGO - Kirito - Yashiro (Silver Will) SAO GGO - Kirito - Tsukimori Usako pic2 SAO GGO - Kirito - Kirito (Tundereyuina) SAO GGO - Kirito - Pasta (Suzukov) SAO GGO - Kirito - Yasumoli SAO GGO - Kirito - Kazeoto Kirito


You are absolutely welcome.

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raest says:

I’m pretty sure this is literally the greatest post in the history of the internet.

Dark_Sage says:

I’m pretty sure you’re right.

Uichan says:

I second that opinion.

Johan says:

I agree.
SAO2 is all about Kiri-trap

NexXKinn says:

finally accepted taste (¬‿¬)

Dium says:

thanks dark sage for the best thing i have looked at all day

Jark says:

According to statistics, 5 out of every 4 people struggle with fractions.

k says:

Looks like you’ve easing into the mainstream anime blogger route. What’s that ratio, 4 pics per line of words?

Xythar says:

Looking forward to per-episode impressions

Dark_Sage says:

I snagged some of the mercury supplements they’ve been taking over at randomc. I think they’re starting to take effect. Hello, 90,000 daily hits.

Justinnnnnn says:

ACTUALLY, Randomc is recruiting a new writer!

->Create a false account
->Become the new guy
->Once you’ve earned their trust, backstab and start shitposting and revealing your true identity in full glory.
->Drama ensues. Fans get to read drama at its finest, Crymore gets more views and thus your ego increases.

pls D_S make it happen

inb4 “dude I have a life”

Random Guy says:

Highly related:

xikarra says:

SAO would have been a so much better series if Kirito actually was a girl.

elenrod says:

but still have her harem, yes.

Akatsukin says:

You’ve done it again. Everything except for GGO dropped. I will now proceed to shitpost every other anime for all time.

not dark_sage says:

shittaste again confirmed ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Li says:

Whoa! that’s all I can say about Kirito, damn he’s cute! Need more GGO Kirito! ♥

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